My passion for politics

My passion for politicsPrior to 2008, I probably would have said my vote – in any election – didn't matter. How could one vote possibly make a difference? And who cared about my opinion, anyway?Oh, I voted, don't get me wrong. My parents both voted (my mother stopped to vote on her way to the hospital to have my little brother), and believed it was important to vote and taught us that voting was not just a right, but a duty....more

My passion for politics

Prior to 2008, I probably would have said my vote – in any election – didn't matter. How could one vote possibly make a difference? And who cared about my opinion, anyway? ...more

In retrospect …

While giving up the 1500-mile goal for 2014 was necessary, due to a very cold and low-mileage winter plus a hip problem this summer, I haven't felt terribly motivated to take that daily walk that was once so very important to me.This is a recent development. The combination of a busy schedule and monsoon season are conspiring with my lack of motivation to make it perfectly okay to be a slug this month. I'm much more likely to walk every other day, and to only walk two or three miles, rather than my previous five miles daily, come hell or high water ....more

I suppose …

I should probably check in here, yes?So the weekend was wonderful, although it really was just a Friday evening-to-Sunday morning timespan. The littlest guest told her daddy she'd like to stay for a week! She's a city girl, but I think being in the country suits her just fine.And the rest of my life is pretty much the same: political stuff, health-and-fitness stuff, clean eating stuff.Weekend eating was, um, less than perfect, but I'm following the 80/20 rule – giving myself a day off every week to 10 days IF a situation arises which is, um, less than perfect for following the paleo plan ....more

Company's coming!

We have to have guests every once in a while, or the guest room would never get cleaned.It's my sewing room, it's where all the crafty projects get dumped mid-completion, it's where the printer (and paper and ink cartridges) live … in other words, I don't have a catchall drawer, I have a catchall ROOM!It's neat now, though, since our guests will be here tomorrow. Instead of a luggage rack we have a luggage table. I did a lot of inside tidying yesterday, and will mow the grass and sweep the front porch today ....more

Thank You, Facebook, for Keeping Me Connected from the Middle of Nowhere

I had a hard time making friends here. I just couldn't find women my age who weren't already plugged into their groups of friends. I didn't really try very hard. I stayed connected to old friends with email. I redecorated our house. I bought a lot of yarn. I started volunteering. And one day, I found Facebook. ...more
livingin4rooms Thanks for your comment. My best to you and your family, I'm thankful for your ...more

It figures …

So. The day I post about not posting as much, I get an e-mail announcing one of my previous posts is going to be featured on BlogHer.So if you're visiting from that link, welcome! I used to post every day but life has been getting in the way ....more

Some things are falling by the wayside

As Election Day approaches – 86 days and counting! – my extracurricular activities are increasing. I feel like I've just started a job, and some of the things I used to do regularly, religiously even, are on the back burner.I've abandoned photo-a-day ....more

Time to buckle down. Again.

My weight is creeping up again.Abandoning my 1500-mile goal made it So. Much. Easier ....more

A happy day

Happy anniversary to us! My husband and I celebrate eight years of marriage today. We're delaying the dinner out for a couple days, due to scheduling conflicts ....more