My birthday lunch

It felt really good to me to eat normal food on my birthday. We stopped at Ruby Tuesday's, as we'd planned, and I ordered a burger and onion rings. We had cake for dessert ....more

So this happened while I was gone

But the BIG EVENT of the weekend was my oldest granddaughter's high-school graduation. Commencement was lovely, her party on Sunday was lots of fun (and it didn't rain!), and I spent my 64th birthday driving home.But I did get that burger at Ruby Tuesday, and I didn't know it but they also give you CUPCAKES!So pretty much an off-plan weekend as far as food went, but hey. I'll totally go with the "it only happens once a year" excuse, and for Miss M, it only happens once in a lifetime ....more

Graduation season

Thanks to my ginger friend, I added two more things to my to-do list, post-production, and crossed them off. I made a graduation card and gift for my granddaughter, who ends her high-school career Saturday.This gift project is a Pinterest fail on my part. Sort of ....more

Yesterday's gone

And I really didn't get to knock off much of that list.But that doesn't mean I didn't get a lot of stuff done. I should have added "go to recycling center" and "visit Pat" to the list. Then I could have crossed them off ....more

The green, green grass … and hay … and weeds

Side-of-the-road weeds, walking back home. Oh, my, are the weeds ever, um, weedy.I'm at a loss. Seriously ....more

Today? Maybe?

I've spent the past week being a lollygagger. That may not be exactly...more

Taking a zero

Thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail call it "taking a zero" when they take a day off. They don't make any progress on a day when they kick back at a hostel or a friend's place or a hotel to rest, recharge and get some laundry done. ZILCH. 0 ....more

The fringe benefit of having guests for dinner

LEFTOVERS!I'm one of those people who always overcooks when we have company. Therefore, I'm having part of the remainders for breakfast (a slice of pork tenderloin and a bowl of fruit salad), and my husband and I will have a repeat of last night's meal for dinner tonight.The mashed sweet potatoes will need reinforcing. Or maybe replacing ....more

12 into 40 equals

3.3333333. Ish.That's my daily average mileage this month, which would get me to 100 miles if I kept it up for the next 19 days. But I did 124 in April ....more


Not from me … I did next to nothing yesterday. Didn't even get out of my jammies. Barely logged 2000 steps ....more