Conference weekend

And another weekend where I'll be eating every meal at someone else's mercy.Fortunately the hotel rooms have mini-fridges. I'm taking homemade Larabars and hard-cooked eggs, as I'm not sure what kind of breakfast options will be available. I think tomorrow's lunch will be on our own (not part of the conference) ....more

A fine, fine weekend

My life is so different now than it was just a few years ago. When I moved here to West Virginia, I didn't know anyone except my husband. He worked in various places throughout the state, and for several years was gone three or four days a week ....more

Workin' for the weekend

Hah!I don't have a "real" job, but my volunteer jobs sure take a lot of time and energy. So it's nice to have a little downtime in the schedule.Hershey and the dog sitter will be holding down the fort as my husband and I travel to her birthplace. We rescued her from a filthy barn on a Kentucky hillside 11 years ago as we attended the same event we're going to today.She's a lucky dog.And we're lucky owners, because Hershey is a super dog ....more

So, yeah, about yesterday

While I hadn't made a public commitment to return to posting daily, I'd hoped to. Yesterday kind of got away from me. I even had to reschedule a haircut because life got, um, rather complicated.As I got ready to run some errands and go to a meeting in town yesterday morning, I remembered there was no gas for the mower ....more

One foot in front of the other

Success breeds success.Who's heard that one before?But who remembers it when faced with a bowl of free chocolate candy? THAT WOULD BE ME! Went to a fairly long meeting last night, and there's always...more

A great perspective

And one I needed. So thank you, Debi.In case you missed it, a reader left a comment...more

The dawn breaks

I am an early, early riser. Definitely a morning person. It's...more

Staying on track is better than getting back on track

Yes, it is.I was tempted by a tiny little piece of [insert food porn here] yesterday, but I resisted. I wasn't hungry. I just wanted the taste of it ....more

One day down … done and DUSTED!

Yesterday was perfect!Four-mile walk? Check.Three clean meals? Check.No snacking? ...more

Climbing out of the abyss

Not only have I not been writing and posting here, I've not been reading or commenting on others' blogs, unless I've chosen to subscribe to your blog via e-mail. Hi, Gingerzingi!For that, I apologize. I have excuses, plenty of excuses, but the main one, obviously, is that when obligations and responsibilities pile up, something's gotta go.One something has gone for good: I'm no longer following any kind of photo-a-day list ....more