This isn't really...more


I really didn't realize how much walking improved my mood until I couldn't walk any more.Here's the thing: I NEED to lose some weight before I have this hip surgery. The surgery will be less complicated and the recovery will go more smoothly if I weighed less.My excuses are all good ones: NO exercise – don't believe what you read about exercise not being a factor in weight loss. Along with that, those endorphins aren't getting released and I'm in a funky mood most of the time ....more


Nine thousand one hundred thirty-one days divided by 365 equals Today is a milestone in my sobriety – I've now been sober for as many years as I drank. (You can read my story here. I've been marking this occasion on this or my previous blog for nine years now, and it's easier for both of us to just point you to the first time I told it.) In meetings, when you announce a sobriety "birthday," you're often asked, "How'd you do it?" And my answer always has been, "One day at a time."...more

A not-surgery post

Anyone not comatose knows by now that right-wing nuts and fundamental Christians (which may be the same thing, but I'm not sure) are mad at Starbucks. A crazy preacher did a YouTube video suggesting we all tell our baristas our name is "Merry Christmas" so she or he would have...more

In preparation …

If you're following along, you know that after months of painful walking, I stopped in July, saw a doctor in August, and have finally made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to begin the process of fixing my right hip, which is currently cartilage-free. Sometime next year I'll be having a total hip replacement.In a previous post, I had set a date of November 1 to go back to primal eating. So far, I've only been able to eliminate sugar ....more

The surgery saga

You've been through the denture adventure with me, so how about hip surgery? Any takers? Yesterday was The Beginning ....more

The month I met two Presidents

So it's been quite a month for this Democrat.I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now that President Clinton came to West Virginia early in October and President Obama was here last Wednesday. I attended both events, and had "a moment" with each of them.And I still can't quite believe it.I want to record it here so I never forget it. You never know when Alzheimer's is going to hit ....more

Breakfast of Champions

A tiny serving of apple crispto start my morning off today. Okay, not really.I told myself (and you, I think) that I was going to get back on that primal horse and whip my nae-nae back into shape before the hip surgery.Well, that hasn't happened. Probably because I don't have an actual date for the hip surgery.I work better on deadline ....more

Time for a reset

I've announced the intention out loud and in writing to a few people that I need to do another Whole 30.Intending and doing aren't exactly the same thing.I have a big dinner to go to tomorrow night. I'm not sure what's on the menu – in fact, I'm not even sure I'll get to eat. As my county's Democrat of the Year, I'll be in a long line for a long time, waiting to be introduced ....more

The week that was

So it's been a week now, and I'm still vacillating between mad and sad. Progressive Organized Women PAC (POW-PAC) paperwork has been filed with the WV Secretary of State. The checking account is ready to accept donations ....more