Early adapter

Well, Apple updated its OS again. I wouldn't have known about it, probably, because I certainly wasn't looking. But since I saw the notice – somewhere, I don't even remember where – I OF COURSE immediately downloaded the update.Immediately, of course, being a relative term, since millions of us were all downloading it at the same time ....more

Still here …

Still busy.Still walking.Still on track with the eating plan.Still sleeping well (early to bed, early to rise).AND LOSING!Astonishingly, I've lost SIX pounds the last couple weeks. I reset my goal on my little weight monitor app and am starting anew. Again ....more

This soup is the BOMB

My husband's birthday was yesterday, and I usually make him the copycat version of Outback's Walkabout Soup. It's a cheesy onion soup and takes a lot of prep work (All. Those ....more


Looks like another all-day rain today, and I will definitely be hitting the rowing machine. There's enough water out there I could probably row through some of the ditches around here, if the ditch was wide enough. And if I had a rowboat.I cleaned the garage yesterday ....more

So how's that workin' for you?

My tea experiment is over. Done. Finished ....more

A little breathing room

Last night my husband and I and several friends hosted a reception and fundraiser for a House of Delegates candidate here in our district. I've spent a lot of time this week thinking, planning, preparing, and putting things together for it, and now that it's over I'm left with … ungodly amounts of crackers.It's a darned good thing I know...more

Doing WELL

I've missed one walk this week, when I really needed a down day. Burning the candle at both ends really takes it out of me and a recent rest day felt good. But I've MADE time to walk every other day and I know it's good for my body and my mind.And because we're having such a beautiful fall this year, it's good for my soul, as well.I'm still running behind on reading others' blogs and I apologize for that ....more

One down, mumble-mumble to go

I've spent the last couple weeks trying to get organized for a month of upcoming events. Yesterday afternoon I crossed the first event off the list. I'd love to feel confident about conducting meetings and making sure all my ducks are in a row, but I end up just feeling scattered and wishing I'd done things better/differently/over.But it's done ....more

Frost warning! Already!

I saw a weather alert on my phone when I woke up this morning. There's a chance of frost tonight. The temperature right now (7:30-ish) is 52 – and that's the predicted high for the day.You know what the first frost means, don't you?Horseradish!I still have some in the freezer from last year, and it doesn't hurt horseradish root to stay in the ground, so I'm not planning to process any tomorrow.But I could!I planted some in the herb bed – which will, next year, be a flower bed (I hope!) – and when I mowed everything down a couple weeks ago, the horseradish (and lemon balm and onions) popped right back up ....more

Twenty-one hours ago …

I pulled out of the garage yesterday morning at 9:30, headed to a meeting at which I put together an invitation to a reception/fundraiser for one of our House of Delegate candidates. Others there put together the guest list. At 6:30 this morning I stamped the hundredth post card ....more