Asiago, Roasted Red Pepper, and Black Bean Quiche

For months now, I’ve been lauding the overlooked and under-appreciated goodness that is...more

What I’m Learning and A Prayer

Last Tuesday I ran around getting myself and the kids ready to leave town for my brother’s wedding in St. Louis. I voted early, so after school we packed, had dinner, played a round of Go Fish, and put the kids to bed ....more

So #blessed

The latest episode of Upside Down, our podcast featuring “unscripted conversations on life and faith” dropped yesterday! (Yeah, dropped. I said it ....more

Fighting Fear with Hope

Hey look, I said I probably wouldn’t be back over here this week but here I am! You know what’s brought me here? The election ....more

Wherein I Inquire about the Clerical Collar

Lately I’ve found myself wondering what the church planter’s wife equivalent of the clerical shirt and collar might be. A turtleneck? A dress with a neckline that looks like a doily? ...more

When it Rains, it Pours – Commercials, Movies, and a new Podcast!

There must be something magical about today, because the heavens are opening up and dumping all kinds of fun things this week. It’s like, raining sprinkles or something. For example, you may have seen on Facebook that...more

Dear Stay-at-Home Moms – Don’t Discount Your Value in the Workplace

A few years ago I was talking to a friend with kids about the same age. We both worked after college, both got married around the same time, and had our first kids just a year or so later. We both left our jobs to stay at home with our kids, and we both loved.. ....more

Set Your Kids Up for a Lifetime of Dental Health

The ProNamel® brand has compensated me in connection with statements made in this post. When my middle daughter was younger, I remember having a conversation with another friend about what it was like to brush a child’s teeth. They had a mouthful of teeth so we knew it was important to get it right, and.. ....more

5 Things That Happened This Summer

The other day I was at the pool with the girls for the last time this season. It was a chillier day and Piper finished swimming before the other two. She sat on my lap, snuggled in a Cinderella towel, and munched on a PopTart ....more

5 Tips for a Waste-Free School Lunch #bts2016

Our middle baby, Eliza, turned 5 last week and one of my favorite gifts was the Hanna Andersson backpack and lunchbox my mom got her for KINDERGARTEN. HOLD ME. One thing we’ve done for a few years now is use almost entirely reusable products in our kids’ lunchboxes ....more