5 Things That Happened This Summer

The other day I was at the pool with the girls for the last time this season. It was a chillier day and Piper finished swimming before the other two. She sat on my lap, snuggled in a Cinderella towel, and munched on a PopTart ....more

5 Tips for a Waste-Free School Lunch #bts2016

Our middle baby, Eliza, turned 5 last week and one of my favorite gifts was the Hanna Andersson backpack and lunchbox my mom got her for KINDERGARTEN. HOLD ME. One thing we’ve done for a few years now is use almost entirely reusable products in our kids’ lunchboxes ....more

My Top 5 Grove Collaborative Products and a FREE Caldrea Kit!

Last week I visited my friend Jaci in Lexington, Kentucky. She and her husband just finished a GORGEOUS kitchen renovation on their home, and I was so excited to see the result! It’s BEAUTIFUL ....more

5 Ways We’re Talking to Our Kids – For Every Mom

Just popping in to share – I had a post over on For Every Mom last week! They picked up my piece on talking to our kids in light of the gorilla incident in Cincinnati. If you have kids these are really practical, easily understood conversations you can start to make sure your little ones.. ....more

Sabbath and Caring for the Body and Soul

I don’t know about you, but if June were a battle between me and…June, my stomach ulcer says...more

When You’re Waiting for the Dream Job

Back in February, a friend of mine text me with a job opening. I looked at the description and the company, and had to work really hard to NOT drop everything I was doing to go work on an application. (In this case, dropping everything included a baby in the bathtub so staying put was.. ....more

Wood Watches for Father’s Day with JORD

Remember my wood watch from JORD I shared about last month? When I showed Duff the first time, he immediately said he wanted one too. And I said what my baby wants, my baby gets ....more

5 Ways We’re Talking to Our Kids After the Gorilla Disaster

If you’ve been on social media at all in the last few weeks, you’ve no doubt heard about THE GORILLA. The internet went...more

Summer Stitch Fix Review and a HUGE GIVEAWAY ($700 Stitch Fix Gift Card!)

I always love writing Stitch Fix reviews but this one has a little extra UMPH. Like, $700 worth of umph. That’s right, I’m joining with other Stitch Fix lovers to bring one of YOU a $700 Stitch Fix gift card ....more

The Migraine Experience with Excedrin

It always seems to happen on Sundays. As a pastor's wife with three young kids, EVERYTHING seems to happen on Sundays. Someone gets a stomach bug an hour before church starts; or someone spikes a fever; or in the case of this past week: someone wakes up with a black eye. What??...more