After the #SCFlood: How You Can Help

Remember that whole post about not being able to drive my own car down for the girls’ weekend we had planned? A lot ended up changing about that weekend. ...more

For Reflection October 12

It’s Monday, not Sunday, but I just got home from a weekend trip and I can’t skip this week’s quotes. If you’re new, the For Reflection series is where I share the thoughts Duff puts on the inside cover of our worship guide for church. Usually the quotes are themed and they go along with.. ....more

I can’t drive my own car.

It’s Monday, it’s Fall, and I turn 33 on Friday. Guys, it’s going to be a great week. I have to tell you a little story about a trip I’m supposed to be taking ....more

For Reflection – October 3

To return evil for good is devilish; to return good for good is human; to return good for evil is divine. To love as God loves is moral perfection. Alfred Plummer ...more

September Stitch Fix Review

Happy Fall, guys! I hope you’ve either had your fill of pumpkin spice lattes or had your fill of mocking them. Maybe both ....more

To What End Should We Push Ourselves?

I was a cheerleader in middle and high school. There was a time in my life when people were really surprised to hear that. They pegged me for a soccer player ....more

For Reflection: September 27

To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will be wrung and possibly broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact you must give it up to no one, not even an animal ....more

The After-Conference High

The after-conference high is a real thing, guys. And it’s no wonder – you leave your regular life, head somewhere else, and sit in a conference center learning and being trained and speaking the same language for several days. (And this time, I had my own bed!) Yes, you’re glad to head home after but.. ....more

The Influence Conference, Take 3

Last year when I went to the Influence Conference in Indianapolis, I swore that if I went again, I’d fly. I wouldn’t pack my kids up and drive them to my parents’ house on the north side of town. I’d save money, I’d buy a plane ticket, and I’d make it happen ....more

Don’t Be A Hero – Thrive Moms

My latest post is up over at Thrive Moms! We write these ahead of time and it’s always amazing for me see the post go up and realize what’s going on in my own life when it actually goes live versus when I wrote it a few weeks before. It’s like writing to future me,.. ....more