Cloth Diapering with Lily Jade

As I’ve said before, my Lily Jade diaper bag has 100% pulled me into the “invest in a bag you’ll want to carry” zone. I haven’t been a big diaper bag person until now. But with three kids, I don’t have hands to carry anything else! ...more

How God Met Me Last Year, Part 5

I left the meeting with my Barb and my pastor’s wife friends feeling hugely relieved and a little tired. I went home packed the car and the kids, with Duff’s help, and headed north to Kentucky to meet up with a couple of my college friends. To be honest, I felt a little trapped as.. ....more

Getting the Most Out of Stitch Fix

As promised, here are a few suggestions I’ve picked up on through my experience with Stitch Fix! I do want to point out that I’ve only had like, 5 fixes. There are people who have had way more ....more

For the Days When Parenting is Awkward

Last fall, the girls and I got into the habit of heading to the park every afternoon after rest time. I figured out which park worked best for us and we’d enjoy the last hour of sunshine together. It was SO nice, with the changing leaves decorating the mountains and those autumn rays of light.. ....more

Three Things I Want My Daughters to Know {A Guest Post}

Happy Friday! Today I’m guest posting for one of my very favorite bloggers – Mary Evelyn at What Do You Do, Dear. Last year she guest posted for me, on the topic of talking to kids about disability and I’m 99% sure it was the most viewed post on my site ....more

“What’s In My Bag” Linkup and Giveaway from Lily Jade

I’m excited to be teaming up with Lily Jade for a “What’s In the Bag” linkup and giveaway! Like, so excited. Like, this excited: ...more

Tips for Getting Started With Stitch Fix

Something’s happened to me, friends. I’ve stared into the swirly snake eyes and become a total Stitch Fix convert. ...more

What Happens When You Stop Breastfeeding

Piper and I weaned over Christmas this year. I say we weaned because it really was something we did together. We’d been slowing down for a few months, and the day she started showing me she was ready, and I followed her lead ....more

Don’t Wait Till The Doors Fall Off

If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw my post about pulling the door off my van yesterday. Yes, that happened. Yes I have superwoman strength ....more

Sippy Cups That DON’T LEAK! A Re-Play Giveaway

Let’s talk about third (or last) babies. They get so much attention from their siblings, so much adoration from their parents, and they get so, so cheated when it comes to Christmas presents. At least, mine did ....more