The Hardest Peace – Kara Tippetts

I’m not sure how to write about this. But I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to admit that. I’m not sure how to do it, because it’s hard ....more

Sharing Christmas 2014

Welcome to Sharing Christmas! I’m so excited to read through the links and hear about how you do Christmas. It really is the best time of year, isn’t it? ...more

Handling Holiday Jealousy

One of my best friends texted me suggesting that I write a post on handing jealousy between young siblings during Christmas. She’s got kids that are right around the same age as mine, so we’re often going through VERY similar things at the same time. It’s great ....more

Get Out the Door Without Losing Your Mind: Helping Kids Know Which Shoe Is Which

I love almost everything about winter. I like wearing more clothes (less because modest is hottest and more because I’m so pale and also SCARVES!), I like the way the streetlights glow at night when it’s cold, I like having a fire in the fireplace, and I even like the way cool air seems to... Read more » ...more

How to Get That Shiny Sugar Cookie Icing

Some of you are probably making Christmas cookies today or this week, so I wanted to share a quick icing tip that my friend Anna Kate shared with me. (Anna Kate’s card company was just featured in Southern Living. No big deal.) So I’m talking about simple sugar cookie icing here; the kind that sets.. ....more

Big News: I’m Teaching an Influence Network Class!

Friends! I have a quick (exciting) announcement. I’ve already shared this with those on my email list (have you joined? ...more

Free Christmas Music Finds

I’m one of those people with a strict “no Christmas music before Thanksgiving” rule. I almost broke it this year but I just can’t. I have so many memories of my Dad pulling out the Christmas tapes and CD’s (yeah, those) as we piled into the car and drove home from wherever we’d spent Thanksgiving.. ....more

What Can I Say That Hasn’t Been Said?

I’ve been thinking about blogging and one of the questions that seems to come up a lot in blogging world is what do I have to say that hasn’t already been said? I think that train of thought keeps a lot of people from sharing valuable insight, and I totally get that. While I’m very.. ....more

BlesserHeart Art Giveaway Winner

Congratulations Hannah S.! You’ve won the calendar and affirmations poster from Emily at Blesserheart Art! I’ll email you with details ....more

Free Mason Jar Cozy Crochet Pattern

Last winter when I was pregnant with Piper, an Instagram buddy (are those a thing? OF COURSE THEY ARE!) of mine who was also pregnant with a little girl started posting photos of things she’d knit for her. Little jumpers (the cool kind, not the um…not cool kind), hats, and so on ....more