Thrive Moms: Genuine Community

Well, even though my kids went to school twice a week all summer, today is a big day because it’s the start of the new year and they’re moving up! They’re dressed in coordinating dresses (shorts and pants are unacceptable in Liv’s world right now, and whatever Liv says, goes in Eliza’s world) and I’m looking forward to the rhythms of the school year. What about you? ...more

Why Small Bloggers Should Go to the Influence Conference

So last year I wrote about how I ended up going to the Influence Conference, a blogging conference held in Indianapolis that calls attendees to...more

Extra, Extra {that time I was an…extra…}

Remember that time I was so nervous I almost threw up to talk to met Kristen Wiig? This is 100% “photoshopped” and by that I mean I didn’t even use photoshop, I used and laughed a great deal and wondered if this is borderline creepy. Original photo by Terry Richardson And remember how I left for vacation the day they started filming downtown, and I was super amazed that I got to lay eyes on her, let alone talk briefly to her before she wrapped her scenes? ...more

The Not-So-Tiny Dancer {An #ABDKStorytellers Linkup}

Welcome to the And Babies Don’t Keep Storytellers Linkup! My goal in starting this linkup is to encourage each other to embrace the heart of the lifestyle blog, which is sharing our experiences with one another. Here’s a bit from the intro to the linkup Ira Glass says that “Good stories happen to those who can tell them.” Whether you’re one of those people who always has a story to tell or not, watching for those story moments helps us stay present and fully engaged, and often helps us really drink life in ....more

Mom’s Night Out: A Review

Sometime last spring, a friend invited me to a girls’ night out. I went back and forth but at the last minute, Duff encouraged me to go, even though it meant he’d feed the kids and put them to bed by himself. (Which he does regularly because he’s legit.) So I went ....more

Tips for Styling Straight, Fine Hair

When I was in middle school, I would often wake up on Sunday mornings and lay very still in my bed, so as not to disturb anyone else, with the hopes that we all might accidentally sleep too late to be able to go to church. Almost every week, my mom would burst into my room and look at me like, “Are you kidding me? We’re leaving in 20 minutes ....more

#howtodad and that time I was fitted for a movie?

1. I love this commercial by Peanut Butter Cheerios! It’s like Old Spice’s “I’m on a horse” commercial but…dad-ish ....more

Dear Piper: 6 Months

Dearest Pipes, I’m writing this letter having been away from you for five days, which feels like an eternity considering you’re still a nursling. Grandma and Claire have sent me a few pictures and your dad and I immediately gush “she’s so stinking cute” because although we’ve known you from the beginning, it catches us off guard every time. Same goes for your adorable sisters ....more

#ABDKstorytellers Feature Story: Welcome Mary Virginia!

Hey friends! Duff and I are away on vacation and I assure you, we’re having an excellent time. We just came in from the beach where I saw my first real shooting star ....more

How I Met Kristen Wiig

Okay. I met Kristen Wiig. This is HUGE for me ....more