30 Days to Healthy Living Challenge

I’ve got big news, and I’ve had it for a while. I always do that; hold onto the big stuff until THE PERFECT TIME and then I’m like ah, shoot, I think the perfect time was seven days ago. Maybe eight ....more

Parent or Cattle-herder?

Last week my mom took my kids, my sister, and myself to the beach for an impromptu trip. Like I mentioned, each year I head to the beach for the first time ready to see what it’ll be like this time. Will it be relaxing or a never-ending game of “keep the baby from crawling.. ....more

For Reflection – April 19

For a while now, I’ve wanted to share the weekly reflections from our church. When I read them, I always feel like someone has lovingly grabbed my shoulders, and pointed me home. This one is obviously from Easter Sunday, and is obviously applicable every single day ....more

When Your Kid Discovers Commercials

Our church started a new City Group (community group-type thing) last week and for the first time, we hired a babysitter for the meeting. As we sent the kids to go play, the rest of us sat across the table and actually made eye contact. Many of us parents commented on how nice it was.. ....more

How to Play With a Baby

Here’s the scene: You’re a new mom. You’ve brought your baby home and are working hard on things like sleep and feeding. You’re healing from delivery or reveling in the adoption and beginning to realize that despite your assumption of the contrary, the world continued to spin on your child’s birthday and the days after... ....more

Only One Person Says My Name Like That

Saturday night I read the Easter story to my kids. We used The Jesus Storybook Bible as usual, but they were actually listening really well which is, how do I say this, unusual. There’s a part in the story where Mary is looking for the gardener so she can ask him where Jesus went ....more

5 Great Ways to Use Plastic Eggs After Easter

If you’re like me, the week before Easter involves picking up little plastic eggs over and over again. With every egg hunt we attend we accumulate more. They seem to multiply like actual rabbits ....more

What My Kids Won’t Say About Easter

It’s Easter week. My husband is a pastor. We are church planting ....more

From Good to Grace: A Givewaway

At the beginning of the year, I realized that I have basically one thing to say. I will say it over and over in various ways, through various stories; sometimes funny, sometimes serious, often ridiculous. The thing I will tell you over and over is this: You were meant to be free ....more

March Stitch Fix Review

It’s Stitch Fix time again! The company has added a few new departments this month, including official maternity clothes and petite sizes! Neither of those are applicable to me right now, and likely won’t be hitherforth unto forever, but if you’re with child or particularly tiny and have been wondering if they’ve got what you.. ....more