Cuppow Perk Me Up Gift Set Winner

Happy Friday! We’re waiting on the repairman for the washer AND air conditioner, so naturally we’re making pancakes and decorating them with leftover Christmas sprinkles. (Do those go bad, by the way? ...more

Finding Rest in the Trenches – Thrive Moms

Today I’m at Thrive Moms talking about finding rest in this difficult season. I want to go to there. Which is timely because last night I was awakened no less than SIX TIMES ....more

How to Put a GIF in Your Blog Post

If you’ve spent time around here, you know I love the power of a good GIF. GIFs are compressed files…er…something. Really they’re those animated photos you sometimes see ....more

Influence Conference Linkup

Somehow, someway, the Influence Conference is NEXT WEEKEND. That means next Wednesday, I’ll pack all three kids in the car and drive to Indianapolis again. I’ll drop them off with my parents and head downtown Thursday afternoon ....more

Baby-Led Weaning vs Babyfooding: Teddy and Piper

Remember my friend Jaci? She had her son Teddy 2 and a half weeks before Piper was born. It’s been fun to go through this first year with our babies together ....more

Embrace the Chaos

HAPPY FRIDAY! Gosh, I hope you rest well. I originally posted this at Thrive Moms ....more

Something for Nothing {An #ABDKstorytellers Linkup}

Happy Wednesday! I’m excited about today’s story…I’ve been wanting to tell it for a long time. Over 4 years, actually ....more

A Cuppow Giveaway (just in time for fall lattes)

I’ve talked about all the different types of moms. The food mom, the craft mom, the exerciser mom, and so on. I’ve had a hard time placing myself ....more

“we’re going streaking!” {an #ABDKrunstreak update}

So my brother is in seminary training to be a pastor at the same school Duff attended, which is pretty cool. I listened to his first sermon the other day, called “Famous Last Words.” It was from the book of Joshua, when Joshua knows he’s going to die and gives his final words of encouragement and instruction and worship. In the intro, Danny talked about how famous last words that come to mind are things like, “dude, hold my beer” or “watch this” or “I got this, I saw it on YouTube once.” If the past predicts the future, my famous last words will be something like, “nah, I didn’t check the radar, but we’ll be fine” or “looks clear to me!” Remember my story about getting caught in a downpour with my friend Katie? ...more

Dear Piper – 7 Months

Dear Piper, Last night, you fell asleep as you nursed. I sat there for a few minutes, listening to your older sisters jump and stomp around as they got ready for bed. We sat in the nursery, in the dark, sound machine pushing white noise in an attempt to drown out those goofballs, and we rocked ....more