Fatphobia: A Guide for the Disbeliever

First, a little bit about me. I'm an American who has lived on one coast or the other, who has spent extended time in Poland and in London....more

Paying For It: How Paypal Hurts Sex Workers

"In a sluggish economy, never, ever f*** with another man's livelihood." - Risky Business ...more

“Femininity is for Sissies”: or, the Queering of Forced Feminization

When I was working as a professional Domme, I got a fair number of requests from men who want to be “sissified”, “forced” into frilly girly undies and makeup and turned into an “objectified slut”. Sissification is one of those things I encounter often, both in the Femdom scene and the AB/DL scene, and while I love the dresses, I wonder about the intention behind this kink. I find it all kinds of problematic on multiple levels. ...more
Well said. Misogyny still permeates our culture, sometimes in hidden ways.  Come visit my site ...more

Making the Beast With Two Backs... with the Black Dog

I’m quite possibly crazy....more

Is There Such A Thing as "Ethical Porn"?

One question I hear a lot as someone in the adult industry who also identifies as a feminist is, "What *is* ethical porn? " And is it even possible?...more
I think that anyone who makes an “honest” living in the sex industry should be seen as someone ...more

Fat, Fit, and the Space In Between

I’m usually fairly secure in my fat body. Most days I love my round tummy, and my stretch-marked breasts, and my thick thighs, and even my jiggly upper arms. I perform in pornography, have modeled nude since I was 19, and I don’t feel awkward when taking my towel off at a hot tub establishment. I have a closet full of costumes and clothes that I’ve cultivated over multiple years that make me feel fierce and femme....more

Three To A Bed: A Girl’s Guide to Threesomes

as a male who isnt looking for braggin rights, the point of a threesome for me is to be with ...more

F*ck Me, I’m Fat: A Hot Guide to Fat Sex

Ever read the sex tips in Cosmo and thought “seriously, I am not a yoga master, how the hell am I supposed to do that position” or thought “wow, are the only people who have experimental sex skinny?” I know I’ve certainly scoffed at sex position cards that suggested acrobatics that would qualify me for the Olympics! It’s really sad when you look up “fat sex how to” or “bbw sex guide” it only takes about 5 entries before you get to either degrading porn or weight loss tips. Ugh....more