Save the Mayo

Mr. P never helps me put away the groceries unless I specifically request him to. It’s frustrating to be trying to put away a week’s worth of produce and he’s literally just sitting there playing his phone games and doesn’t think to offer to help ....more

McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Menu

A few weeks ago, it was announced that McDonald’s would finally be answering many people’s wishes by testing out an all day breakfast menu. And to make it even more exciting, they chose San Diego as their testing city. I spent most of my college years wishing to be able to get my hash browns after 10:30 AM, so I stopped in earlier this week to check it out ....more

3 Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Cake

This 3 ingredient flourless peanut butter cake is...more

Avocado Mug Cake

This naturally green colored avocado mug cake is light, fluffy and delicious. Spring is here, which makes me so happy. I love seeing the progress in my garden ....more

Nomad Donuts

We recently revisited Nomad Donuts. We’ve been really interested in...more

Flourless Almond Butter Cookies

These flourless gluten-free cookies are ultra chewy and just five ingredients. Even though they are flourless, they taste just like regular, thin and chewy chocolate chip cookies with a hint of almond. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to make these ....more

Artisan Bento

Artisan Bento opened a few months ago in Banker’s Hill, specializing in healthy gourmet bento boxes using local and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant space is fairly small, with a few tables inside and a bar area, and a few more table options outside. The menu...more

French Toast Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This French toast grilled cheese sandwich makes a delicious breakfast: thick slices of French toast, melted cheese and crispy bacon. And some syrup to tie it all together. As you can tell, I’m on a French toast kick ....more

French Toast Pull Apart Muffins

These French toast muffins are so cute and make a fun breakfast or brunch. They are easier to cook than regular French toast since you let the oven do the cooking for you and you can pull them apart, piece by piece. I’ve got brunch on my mind ....more

Izakaya Hachi

During our recent Los Angeles trip, my friends took me to Izakaya Hachi, a popular...more