No Name Taco Stand

On my ...more

Waffle Topping Ideas and a Giveaway

I recently worked with Van’s to develop waffle toppings for their new line of Love Your Heart Waffles. I came up with three fun and easy ideas that turn plain waffles into a complete meal. I hope you’ll be inspired to try some of them out! ...more

Grocery List

So this is what happens when you send Mr. P to the grocery store unsupervised. While I am grateful that he is willing to go at all, I never know what he is going to come home with ....more

Hasselback Pesto Cheese Bread

Last week, I came across this post for cheesy bacon bread and just knew I had to recreate it. The bread looked really cool, with its accordion shape and generous bacon spread. It’s actually really easy to make and is a nice party appetizer ....more

Fried Egg Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I’m totally in love with this sandwich. It’s a breakfast grilled cheese sandwich that starts with egg-in-the-hole toast, slices of melted...more

Waba Grill

Waba Grill is a chain of of quick service teriyaki grill restaurants. They offer grilled chicken, beef, salmon and vegetable bowls and plates which are made to order and don’t use any oil in the cooking process. We saw the sign for the coming soon of Waba Grill next to a Starbucks we frequent ....more

Din Tai Fung South Coast Plaza

We visited the Din Tin Fung that opened in South Coast Plaza when they first opened and have made a few return trips since then, including our most recent one where we did a post Lunar New Year’s dinner. For those unfamiliar, Din Tai Fung is a popular dumpling chain originally from Taiwan. They have locations all over Asia and a few in the US ....more

Brownie Covered Thin Mints

Thin mint cookies are covered in a...more

Trader Joe’s February Edition

Trader Joe’s released a new Fearless Flyer recently, and so off I went to go pick up some of the featured items as well as some other things that caught my attention. Coconut Creamer I love trying all the new coconut items that Trader Joe’s keeps producing. This coconut creamer is super creamy and white, and it’s dairy free ....more

Happy Lunar New Year: Celebrate With Culinary Traditions

For those who are celebrating, Happy Lunar New Year! Wishing happiness and prosperity to you all. This upcoming year is the year of the sheep (or goat or ram). Similar to Western astrology, the lunar calendar is represented by 12 different zodiac animal signs, though they are assigned years rather than months. ...more