Hi, Sexy

Hello, hello! Sorry we have not posted in so long! I’ve been busy trying to finish a really big project ....more

Baked Oreo Churros

Chocolate Oreo churros are baked until crunchy and then sandwiched with cream filling that tastes just like Oreo cookie filling. I’m pretty excited to share this recipe with you guys today! Last year, J&J Snack Foods released Oreo churros ....more

Trader Joe’s February Edition

The newest Fearless Flyer arrived in my mail just as I was about to make a Trader Joe’s run. This month highlights a lot of Valentine’s Day themed treats, but I also found a few other gems, like their take on Chinese soup dumplings! Sriracha Potato Chips Trader Joe’s has been expanding its sriracha flavored products lately ....more

Cauliflower Waffles

These crispy, cheesy waffles are made with cauliflower. They are fun and easy and can be eaten for any meal. Cauliflower prices have finally dropped so of course I went out and bought four big ones, allowing me to experiment with more creations, like these waffles! ...more

Myung In Dumplings revisit

We recently revisited Myung In Dumplings, a Korean Chinese dumpling chain originally from Los Angeles, which was once featured on one of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. Not much has changed since our first visit. The menu is almost the same, except for the addition of...more

Bottega Americano

We recently revisited Bottega Americano to check out their brunch menu. We’ve previously enjoyed our dinner visits as well as the desserts in their marketplace section. Brunch is such a big part of the San Diego lifestyle and it’s always fun to see the creative takes restaurants are offering ....more

Super Bowl and Lunar New Year Ideas

This Sunday is both Super Bowl Sunday and the Lunar New Year’s Eve. We plan on celebrating both and trying our best not to miss our favorite traditional foods for both occasions. For those looking for inspiration and ideas, I’m sharing some of my favorite Super Bowl and Lunar New Year recipes as well as what I plan on serving tomorrow ....more

Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream (Pacific Beach)

Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream recently opened a second location in Pacific Beach. I’ve been a fan of the original location, known for their ice cream flights and offerings from Tropical Dreams (manufacturer of super premium ice creams) in Hawaii. The Pacific Beach location is a little bit closer to us, so I was...more

Chinese Pineapple Cakes

Chinese pineapple cakes...more

Village Kitchen

Village Kitchen, a Hunan...more