Where to Eat When Visiting San Diego

I am often getting queries for recommendations of where to eat when visiting San Diego. For more than a year, I’ve had a goal of putting together a San Diego Dining Guide for visitors, and now, with the help of Expedia...more

Nutella Lava Chocolate Cookies

These chocolate cookies stay moist and fudgy with a layer of melted Nutella stuffed in the middle. I hope everyone had a good weekend! I spent most of my Sunday baking massive amounts of cookies for the holidays and performing some major house cleaning ....more

The Refrigerator

Something Mr. P does that drives me nuts is opening the fridge door for long periods of time. It’s such a waste of electricity ....more

Salt & Straw (Los Angeles)

Salt & Straw is a very well known ice creamery, originally from Portland, which recently opened a location in Los Angeles. Given my adoration for ice cream, I was quite excited to try it out on my last road trip to Los Angeles. Ice cream is made in small batches, with seasonal and local ingredients ....more

Table No. 10

We had a very good meal at Table No. 10 earlier this year and I’ve been wanting to return again. So last weekend, we had a dinner there and also did some catching up with some...more

Red Velvet Mug Cake

Red velvet cake is one of my favorite cake flavors and I’m so happy I was able to create a mug cake version which looks so red and cheery, matching the holiday season. The flavor of red velvet is so hard to describe–I’ve heard everything from red colored chocolate cake to cherry flavored cake. For my cookbook, I researched red velvet extensively, from its origins to the essential ingredients and what each one does to help create that magical red velvet flavor ....more

Trader Joe’s December Edition

Trader Joe’s December Fearless Flyer came out recently and of course I had to make my way over to try out their newest featured items. Here is what I ended up getting: Triple Ginger Brew If you enjoy your ginger ale with an extra ginger kick, this is for you. I loved how much ginger flavor is packed in here ....more

No Bake Double Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake

Today I’m sharing with you this decadent, no-bake, double layer chocolate Oreo...more


Trinitea recently opened a location in Hillcrest. The boba tea cafe has another location in San Carlos, which I have not visited before. We randomly stumbled upon the new store when we saw their soft opening signs advertising 50% off all drinks (which ended 12/13) ....more

R Gang Eatery

Located in Hillcrest, R Gang Eatery is a restaurant owned by former Top Chef contestant Rich Sweeney. The...more