Twice as Ice : Why I Love the Ice Bucket Challenge

First of all, it’s silly. And second, it’s silly. And third, it made you look. Silly....more

We want a husband

Do you remember the feminist essay, “I Want a Wife” by Judy Syfers?  Ms. Magazine published it in their inaugural issue back in 1971, and it’s been required reading in Women’s Studies classes ever since. I read it in Sisterhood is Powerful and thought it was pretty funny in 1978. I thank the generation before me who did the heavy lifting for the privilege of finding humor in feminism....more

What happens when I'm not in charge (spoiler alert: it's a good thing)

Several years ago I took myself on a service trip to Costa Rica with  Global Volunteers. I was nearing 50 and looking to shake things up a bit, and a service trip seemed like a great first step. It was, and this experience kicked off a period of very rewarding international development work. But this is where it began. And it included the lesson of the green fence....more

Showing up at BlogHer14 and a DIY Poem

From the moment I registered, to this moment, BlogHer14 was about showing up as a real blogger. Blogging itself isn’t new to me, but my new venture, fifty|fifty vision, was my deep dive into the blogosphere of connectivity, monetization, and hopeful book deals.I had no idea where I fit, or where I even wanted to fit, and BlogHer14 was how I intended to figure it out....more

practicing flex(ability)

"Be infinitely flexable and constantly amazed." ~Jason KravitzIt started when I tried to put on my right sock. My toes were just out of my reach. Only by an inch, but enough that I had to shift once, then twice, before I could get the damn sock on. It may have been a sign that red and orange polka dots with purple stripes weren’t age appropriate. Or, even more alarming, a sign that I wasn’t … flexible. At all.Ouch. Literally, ouch....more

The Mileage Plan

She’s 20, and attending university in another state, 500 miles away. The same exact number of miles I traveled for my own college experience. Only half the miles her older sister traveled, but still, it’s far enough.Her sister Kate is now in grad school, 2000 miles away. My daughters are playing leapfrog, using my heart as their springboard. They claim I raised them to do this, to be curious and intrepid. I say that might be so, but clearly I didn’t know what I was doing....more

It's Our 12, 755-Day Anniversary

A good marriage is where both people feel like they’re getting the better end of the deal ―Anne Lamott, Joe JonesI married Steve on June 30, 1979. I was 21 and he was 23. It’s fair to say that we were children and that we didn’t know what we were doing, but we did it anyway. Is that lucky, or what?...more

Action Heroes R Us

Among other things (heart-shaped rocks, vintage globes, miniature chairs) I collect female action figures. It began, of course, with Wonder Woman, and I have several versions of her. I have Bat Girl, Spider Woman, She-Hulk, Elektra, Princess Leia, and about 20 more, including a few villainesses. Also, the more loosely defined action figures: Rosie the Riveter, Marge Simpson, Nico the Barista, The Librarian (with push button shushing action), Jane Austen and Marie Antoinette. My favorite, representing moms everywhere, is Mrs....more

The Quality At Bat

I have loved baseball every day of my life since 2011. Yes, that’s me on the bandwagon. You may scoff, I deserve it....more

It's About Time

Someone we love is dying right now. Not the abstract “we’re all going to die someday” kind of dying. The real right now kind. The kind that will leave us with broken and grateful hearts. Wishing we had a few more days, or months, and yes, years.It’s making me anxious, which is not what I expected. I expected sad, and I am. I didn’t expect to feel like my own clock was on speed dial and I would be racing to catch up....more