Positively Vegan is Moving

For over a year now I've been writing my blog on Blogger, and then self-syndicating my posts here on BlogHer, as well as on Tumblr. I've been trying to learn more about SEO lately, and have started to wonder if using the same content on 3 platforms might be hurting me more than it's helping. So... for a while at least, I'm only going to post on Blogger and see what happens. If you've been following me here, it's an easy hop over to my Blogger page....more

Happy Vegan Birthday to Me

I had the nicest birthday dinner with Rick and a few friends earlier this week, at one of the best restaurants in Taos. Getting a good vegan meal in a restaurant in New Mexico is no easy thing, but with a little planning it all worked out beautifully. There's a trick to dining out that vegans need to get comfortable with, and that's simply calling ahead and asking for what you want. More often than not a restaurant with a good chef will be more than willing to either modify an existing dish for you, or come up with something new....more

Spring Rolls are Easier Than Ever!

I've made a lot of spring rolls in the past year, ever since I learned the secrets of the spring roll universe from Mark Reinfeld in his fantastic Vegan Fusion 10 Day Immersion. Since then I've been fine-tuning and streamlining the process to suit my simplistic sensibilities, and to make it easier to demystify the technique for others. The way I make them now is so easy I really think anyone can do it. And you should!...more

How To Eat More Vegetables


Smokey Baked Tofu Sandwich

Happy July! It's my Birth Month, and I celebrate all month long, which of course calls for special food! This is my own personal Birthday Sandwich, and of course it comes with a story. When I was born, the first thing my Mom asked for after the delivery was a turkey sandwich. For years and years it was my tradition to have a turkey sandwich on my birthday in her honor....more

Eating in Portland - Sizzle Pie


Off to VidaVeganCon!

Rick and I are heading for Portland, OR, to attend VidaVeganCon. I've been looking forward to this for months! I'll be on the road for 2 weeks, going from Portland to Seattle to see my kids, and then to San Jose to see my family and run the See Jane Run 1/2 Marathon in Alameda on June 8th. ...more

Greek Salad with Creamy Dressing

 My daughter says that a Greek Salad should have at least as much "stuff" as lettuce. I agree....more

Power Bites - My Favorite Healthy Energy Snack

This is not a post about the evils of too much power... It's about food, of course! ...more