Gluten-Free Conference and Expo in Pasadena, CA

Just a reminder that this weekend (June 7 & 8) is the Gluten-Free Conference and Expo in Pasadena, CA. They will have gf samples to try at the expo. The conference is a different cost than the expo portion of the event, so please make sure you register for the correct portion that you want. Or, you can attend both.A lot of people don't know about this event. I'm hoping enough people will attend this weekend for it to be bigger and better next year. For info, go to : Kimberly Robello - Writer, Artist, Mom...more

Face-a-Day Drawing, Verdant

Celiac Disease Conference & Gluten-Free Expo in Pasadena

I just heard that there is going to be a Celiac Disease Foundation Conference and Gluten-Free Expo in Pasadena, CA at the Pasadena Convention Center. It will take place on June 7-8. They aren't open very long, so check the hours if you are interested in attending. Maybe they will extend the hours as they get closer to the date. They are still accepting exhibitors.

Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli

I am in the middle of reading Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli. I really like this book. It takes place in Poland during World War II. I’ve always liked stories about WW2, Nazis, and the Holocaust. Maybe that’s why I like this book. So far, I’m guessing this boy who is the main character, is a Jew, but he doesn’t know he’s a Jew because he’s an orphan and doesn’t know who his parents are. In fact, he doesn’t even know what his real name is. ...more

Do you enjoy being alone? What do you do when you're by yourself?

I love being alone. I read, listen to podcasts, write novels, draw or paint, watch movies or TV, browse the internet, study languages, and look stuff up on YouTube. I’m like Burgess Meredith in The Twilight Zone where he’s the only survivor of an atomic blast and he’s ecstatic to finally have time to read all the books he wants. Part of the reason why I like zombie movies is the thought that after you've gotten away from the zombies, have enough food and drink, and have a safe place to sleep, you have all the time in the world to read without interruptions. ...more

Stray Dogs and Earthquakes

When I was out with my family today eating outside at a restaurant, we saw 3 stray dogs wandering around together. They looked well kept and at least one of them had a collar. I was worried about them because they kept crossing the street. Luckily they were at a 4-way intersection with stop signs so the cars were all driving slow. My next thought was, "Uh oh, we're going to have a big earthquake." According to Jim Berkland, animals know when earthquakes are coming and tend to run away from their homes. That's when you see a lot of "lost pet" signs. ...more
mischa999k I've already rescued 2 animals. I suffered for 3 months to save a cat until we found ...more

Earthquake March 28, 2014

So, we just had an earthquake and 2 aftershocks tonight. The one at 8:03pm was a 3 pointer and we didn’t feel it. Even though it was near my mom, she didn’t feel it but she remembers brushing her teeth at that time and thinking about an earthquake. At around 9:13pm I was in the kitchen with my son Kaleo teaching him how to make spam musubi when the cabinets and counter started shaking. I looked at him and said, “Oh, it’s an earthquake.” He didn’t know what it was at first. He thought the sink was going to explode....more

Have you ever taken a trip by yourself? Do you prefer to travel with people or alone?

I moved to France on my own and surprisingly wasn’t afraid. Maybe I was just too stupid or naïve to be afraid. About 6 or 7 months into living there, I was jogging alone on an isolated dirt path that I ran on every day and it dawned on me that I was alone. My family was across the ocean and unable to help me if I needed it. That’s when I got scared. I don’t travel anymore, but if I did, I would prefer to travel with other people. There are just too many crazies out there and they all seem to gravitate toward me if I’m alone. ...more

How old were you when you started your first diary?

I was around 11 when I was given my first diary. It was a Little Twinstars diary and I loved it. It was so cool. I was in awe of it because it was cute and it came in a twin set. One was red and the other was blue. They fit nicely into their own casing. Then I had a Hello Kitty diary which I also loved....more

A to Z Challenge, Here I Come!

I’m going to be doing the A To Z Blog Challenge in April which is only a few days away! This will be the first time I am participating. I will be throwing in my two cents on topics starting with A on the first day and continuing to use each letter until I get to Z on the last day. Sundays are the exception. We get those days off. I recently found out that I’m not as prepared as other bloggers who are participating. Some people already have all of their posts written out! Wow! I don’t even have a theme. Well, I sort of have one....more