All I Want for Christmas

By now, most people (read: not me) have finished their holiday...more

10 Blog Post Ideas to Beat Writer’s Block and Start a Conversation

Last night, after days of procrastinating the process of writing a blog post, I took to Twitter (and had a pretty fun conversation with Mary about abandoning our blogs to write about ponies and kittens instead), Pinterest, and Bloglovin‘ in search of some inspiration. ...more

Meet the Sponsors: Musings of a Creative Writer

“I started Musings of a Creative Writer in November 2010 for my creative pursuits. Earlier in 2010 I had a spiritual blog, but deleted it because it wasn’t my style and well, I moved in another direction and wanted to focus on that. When I created Musings of a Creative Writer, I was about to release my third self published book: In the Strawberry Patch, and wanted something to advertise my writing ....more

A Discussion of the CIA Report and Finding a Moral High Ground

Disclaimer: I know that this is going to be a controversial post, that there will people with more information than me, and people who do not agree with me. ...more

10 Blogging Lessons: A Collaboration with Living in Yellow

I’ve mentioned before how much I’ve learned from and about blogging in the five years since I started, like what SEO means (hint: not short emo ostrich, which is what my 17-year-old self would have guessed), how to make friends...more

6 Ways Blogging is Like Elementary School

All those years we spent in elementary school, one of the first questions we always asked was “when will I even...more

On Struggling to Understand: A Discussion on Michael Brown and Eric Garner

A couple weeks ago, when a Ferguson police officer was not charged in the death of a black teen who he had shot to death, I said nothing. ...more

Meet the Sponsors: The Chronicles of Chaos

“The Chronicles of Chaos is definitely a lifestyle blog where I talk about a little of everything. But, this past summer, I made a decision to narrow down my niche and focus on a few topics that I’m really passionate about, which are: reading, writing, inspiration/creativity, and clean eating. But there are still some random posts thrown in – the word “chaos” is in the title, after all! ...more

Friday Favorites, vol. 26

Unsplash // This gorgeous new blog layout that Elle designed for me! In a matter of a few days, she got this awesome site up and running and filled with my favorite color: yellow. Elle is gearing up to start designing other blogs, and if you’re looking for an affordable designer she’s perfect for the job! ...more

Sexist Media Beyond the Mad Men Era

Unsplash Elle and I talk a lot about feminism, sexism, and everything in between. ...more