Feminist TV Shows You Should be Watching

As much as feminism has accomplished in the last 50 years, there are still plenty of hallmarks in daily life of all the places we fall short in terms of gender equality. One obvious example falls to the media, where only 29 percent of major on-screen characters were women in 2014, and an even smaller 12 percent found themselves playing the role of a protagonist; and these numbers drop even further when you look for women of color or who are members of the LGBTQA community (here). It can be incredibly frustrating, especially for young women, to look to the screen for entertainment and find that you can hardly ever find yourself represented in major roles ....more

Top 4 Pinterest Boards Every Blogger Should Have

Whatever Pinterest started out as, it’s become somewhat of an image-based Google filled with Pinterest boards full of tips and tricks for anything you might need: recipes, how-to’s,...more

3 Crochet Patterns You’ll Want to Try This Summer

For all the yarn I have stashed away in three full duffle bags (an amount which my former roommate has deemed obscene and which my non-crafting friends have decided is proof of my destiny as a crazy cat lady), most of what I tend to make is scarves. This is partially because I’m a pretty bad crocheter and only know a few stitches, but also because whenever I go on a hunt for cute patterns on Ravelry and Pinterest I tend to find a lot of blankets, scarves, hats, and...more

Friday Favorites, vol. 36

Unsplash // We all know how much I love unexpected blog inspiration, so I loved...more

3 Things You Should Know About Introverts

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Celebrate Good Times with a Giveaway

This week marks the opening of Kelly’s design site and shop, filled with gorgeous pre-made...more

5 Guest Post Strategies to Help Grow Your Blog

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Friday Favorites, vol. 35

DeathToStock //...more

A Few Thoughts, vol. 3

Sometimes, I can’t seem to come up with a damn thing worth saying (and definitely not worth turning into a whole post). So I write a jumble of thoughts broken into paragraphs instead. DeathToStock // This week, I learned that I apparently don’t live in an area where I can expect things not to be stolen off of my porch ....more

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Use Instagram (and why you shouldn’t either)

You might have noticed (ie. probably didn’t have the slightest idea until you read this post) that I recently stopped using Instagram as a blogging-related social media outlet. I removed the link from my blog and changed my account’s profile name so that it no longer reflects...more