On Trolls, War, and Mean Girls: Trying to Understand Human Cruelty

In high-school, my best friend always used to say that she didn’t understand human cruelty. Not because of karma, or because it didn’t accomplish anything, and certainly not for any kind of religious reasons. She didn’t understand it because she simply believed there was no reason to ever treat another human being that way, no matter what the circumstances ....more

Friday Favorites, vol. 32

unsplash // Amy Poehler’s book...more

6 Things to Check When Editing Your Archives

Over the last couple of months, I’ve started working on editing old blog posts in order to liven up my archives. I want to be able to share old posts in order to bring them back to life and in order to do that, I need to make sure they meet the same standards I have for my more recent posts. It’s not a tried and true method and it’s...more

On #WomensLives and Why I’m Getting Involved

About a month ago, I received an email from BlogHer asking me if I’d be interested in participating in a project called #WomensLives with She Knows Media and Public Radio International. I remember being so excited because the project seemed absolutely perfect for me and my blog, as it was described as being a journalistic venture relating specifically to women and feminist issues. I’ve mentioned the project briefly before, and have been sharing it on Twitter and Facebook, but I’ve yet to introduce it in a specific blog post ....more

The Bookshelf: The Singer’s Gun

Unsplash A couple of weeks ago, as I was sitting on the bus furiously reading the last 50 or so pages of...more

4 Reasons War Isn’t Solving Anything You Think It Is

It’s easy to say you’re against war, and I have a couple of times. I think, for the most part, we can agree that war is inherently wrong and that we’d like to avoid it. The problem though is with seeing it as a necessity in certain situations; as something that can’t be avoided ....more

Friday Favorites, vol. 31

Unsplash // This satire Brita wrote for the F Work Link-Up this month (which is still open for submissions until Thursday by the way) is a hilarious take on women changing their names when they get married. If that’s something you want to do, then that’s wonderful. But I also seen nothing wrong with keeping your name – my mom did, and in fact she gave it to me as a middle name, and I’m fairly certain that I’ll keep my last name if and when I get married ....more

3 Reasons Why I Need Feminism (And Why You Do Too)

Last week, I wrote about why you should thank a feminist. I wrote about a few of the incredible things that feminism has accomplished that, more than likely, you and I don’t even think about on a regular basis; things like our right to vote and to an education. What I didn’t write about though are the things feminism still has to change, and why it’s still so important today even with everything we’ve already accomplished ....more

What I Read: January, 2015

Last month I introduced a new series (ish) for the books I’ve been working on reading lately. I’m still working on figuring out exactly how I want to go forward with this – whether I want to use it as a way to list the books I’m planning on reading, the books I’m currently reading, or the books I’ve read recently. Whatever I end up doing though, I do know I want to focus more blog posts on reading in 2015 so it’s a series that’s going to stick around in some form or another ....more

4 Tips for Stealing Inspiration Without Stealing Content

I’ve written before...more