It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, and Sometimes It Takes One to Have a Child

The bones of my birth story and becoming a mother are like everyone else's: a woman in labor in the hospital; the hum of the equipment monitoring the woman and the baby; the nurses moving in and out; moans as the contractions intensified and soothing words. The details are different. I was not the woman in labor although the baby being born was my biological child. ...more
Good to hear your experiences as a mother. We adopted a kid an year back and now we say that its ...more

Angelina: Put Away the Leg!

Oh Angelina.  I'm going to call you "Angelina" and not "Angie" because I don't know you and it seems rude to co-opt a name close friends and family call you.  Besides, you also seem like someone who would take down anyone who violated your space without permission....more