Are Second Baby Showers Necessary or Just Greedy?

Last week, the gossip rags are lauding us with details of the magical, whimsical baby shower Christina Aguilera and her fiancé have just thrown, vagina cake and all. Again? Hasn’t she already had a kid? Hasn’t she already had baby showers? My guess is that even if she isn't recycling, that baby’s nursery is already completely stocked with ironically-sloganed organic cotton onesies, receiving blankets woven from the hair of mermaids, and gold-plated soothers. ...more
I am very glad I was raised better than this.  Thank you mom and dad for teaching me basic ...more

Following, Friending, and Fighting: The Rules of Friendships Online

Social media is supposed to be all about connections. So what happens when those connections fray? ...more
I struggle with this all the time.  I have a personal FB account, one for my blog and a Twitter ...more

Memories from the Holocaust: Where Were You in the Camps?

 "Only one bathroom?" The woman behind me looked ahead, at the half-dozen other passengers waiting for the tiny toilet to be available. I smiled and nodded, raising my eyebrows in a what can you do? kind of way....more

I'm sitting her at 9am in L.A. and I'm just so blown away by this I can't move. My father ...more