5 Ways We Bring Life To Our Marriage


Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins


Rustic Wood Banner Sign

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Saving Money in a Jar // Part 2

My next Jar-ing idea references back to my Grandmas Wisdom post about us ladies doing something for ourselves....so one way to maybe save up for a much needed pampering night/day out is.... ...more

Saving Money in a Jar // Part 1

I am terrible with money- budgeting, saving, spending...everything.  I'ts a difficult game for me to understand, because I am such a hands on learner its hard for me to grasp money going out and coming in when everything is automated and we use credit/debit cards all the time.  Mike and I are constantly re-evaluating our budget and how to stay on that budget...its so darn hard!  However, I came across a few ideas that I liked and work for me on a smaller scale.  The first is: ...more