Running With Scissors

Of all the things I set out to do with my writing, giving advice was never one of them. I fancy myself as more of a serial opiner rather than an advice giver. I am simply not built for the world of Dear Abby. I lack the compassion and I have a short attention span and, frankly, I’ve yet to come across any advice that can be universally applied to all people (even running with scissors can be justified under the right circumstances)....more

Giving Feels Good (Even in July)

Are you overwhelmed with "volunteer opportunities" this time of year? (These are the cards my 6yo made to hand out to the residents of an elder care home.)...more

This Daughter of a Police Officer Thinks We Can Do Better

I am the daughter and grand-daughter of police officers. The police were the good guys... but they are not above the law. ...more
allison.arnone Thank you, Allison. These stories have been painful for so many.more

Hold out your hand and you may find a friend

Just like many of you, the events of Ferguson, Missouri, stirred up some difficult feelings. I have such compassion for a community that has moved from being merely frayed to being fully ripped apart. And this tear has traveled from one end of the country to the other....more

All His Words

Twenty-four days ago I started this little NaBloPoMo  project in tandem with Nanowrimo. So basically I’m sick to death of words.But I’ll be damned if I’ll stop with just a week to go. I will blog every day of this damn month. I will continue to add words to my Nanowrimo word count even if what I’m writing resembles something more akin to a bad Jackson Pollock wannabee painting than a lovely and coherent still life that invites you into the story....more

#FeminismIn100Words – the whole shebang

Over the last week I have posted 100 words a day about feminism. Here they are all together. What can you say about feminism in 100 words? The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue…There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the words ‘feminism’ and‘feminist’ have lost their purpose....more

Middle Ground Women

Have you heard of middle ground women?Every so often someone from the fashion and beauty industry makes“groundbreaking history” and features a non-traditional model in their ads and campaigns. We’re all supposed to feel quite impressed by their willingness to reach out their hand to “real women”. Brava....more

“OMG, I love your boots!”

“I love your boots!”I can’t tell you how many times we have heard that around here lately. Over the last couple of months we have not been on a single errand where someone didn’t stop my son to tell him how great his cowboy boots are. At first he smiled and said thank you–he loves his boots, too–but you can see now that the novelty of the attention his boots are getting is wearing thin....more

Cap’n Crunch to the Rescue

This is what an election day and a late night trip to the emergency room will do to your grocery basket:...more