The Last Photo

I once took what I thought was the last photo I would have of my son.  Here is how we got there and back again.Six years ago today was a good day. I woke up looking like this:...more

The Black Box, a Valentine’s Day Story

I’m going to tell you a little Valentine’s Day story.A long time ago, on a Valentine’s Day far far away I was presented with the most romantic gift I have ever received. I still have it.Here is it.Yes, it is a box. Inside the box…...more

When Child Stars Made Us Smile

Shirley Temple died. It’s hard to think of her and not picture that tap dancing 6-year old with the dimples and the curls.But she died after living a full life and “child star”, a label she may never have escaped, was merely one of the many things she did in her lifetime. She was one of the lucky ones....more

When A Feminist’s Son Starts Dating

 Image: Kelly O'Sullivan You know what you think when your son starts dating:“If you want to date my son you’ll have to go through me first.”I totally get the sentiment of that thought. There is nothing quite as powerful as the primal instincts and actions of a parent protecting their child. I know. I’ve been there....more
He's 18. I don't think that his love life is any of my business.more

Resolve to Be an Insignificant Writer

Happy New Year! May you be an insignificant writer!...more

My Thanksgiving Seizure Wake Up Call

Two years ago.Two years ago I woke up in an ambulance.Two years ago I scared the hell out of my husband and kids.Two years ago my life was altered in a way that is still difficult to explain to others because on the outside I still look like me....more

Sexist or Funny: Battle of the Holiday Underwear Commercials

Let the battle of the holiday underwear commercials begin....more

Holiday Chaos: I'm Going Away So I Can Stay Present

Staying present when life is chaotic is damn hard these days....more

A $5.00 Black Friday Toaster Is Not The Deal You Think It Is

Black Friday deals are an illusion perpetuated by a retail industry who believes they hold the reins when it comes to the American holiday shopper....more

To Protect Our Sons, We Must Destroy Their Innocence: Raising Sons in a Rape Culture World

Do you remember having ‘the talk’ with your parents? “When a mommy and daddy love each other very much they give each other a special kind of hug and….” We all know how the rest of that old tale goes. Families vary it -- some add detail, some get by on euphemisms, some tell the whole thing like an allegory leaving kids lost somewhere between terrified and befuddled -- but for the most part, all parents give the same sex talk to prepare their kids for what is to come. But that was before we understood we lived in a rape culture. ...more
If you are abusing your children, then your children should be taken from you as you are ...more