Middle Ground Women

Have you heard of middle ground women?Every so often someone from the fashion and beauty industry makes“groundbreaking history” and features a non-traditional model in their ads and campaigns. We’re all supposed to feel quite impressed by their willingness to reach out their hand to “real women”. Brava....more

“OMG, I love your boots!”

“I love your boots!”I can’t tell you how many times we have heard that around here lately. Over the last couple of months we have not been on a single errand where someone didn’t stop my son to tell him how great his cowboy boots are. At first he smiled and said thank you–he loves his boots, too–but you can see now that the novelty of the attention his boots are getting is wearing thin....more

Cap’n Crunch to the Rescue

This is what an election day and a late night trip to the emergency room will do to your grocery basket:...more

NOT a Political Ad


BREAKING NEWS: Nothing New to Report

 In case you didn’t already know, I am a bit of a TV news junky. Shocking! I know!...more

Embracing the Deadline: Writing and Driving

 I did not blog in the month of October. Not one post. Not one snarky one liner. Not one word....more

The Last Photo

I once took what I thought was the last photo I would have of my son.  Here is how we got there and back again.Six years ago today was a good day. I woke up looking like this:...more

The Black Box, a Valentine’s Day Story

I’m going to tell you a little Valentine’s Day story.A long time ago, on a Valentine’s Day far far away I was presented with the most romantic gift I have ever received. I still have it.Here is it.Yes, it is a box. Inside the box…...more

When Child Stars Made Us Smile

Shirley Temple died. It’s hard to think of her and not picture that tap dancing 6-year old with the dimples and the curls.But she died after living a full life and “child star”, a label she may never have escaped, was merely one of the many things she did in her lifetime. She was one of the lucky ones....more