A Day at the Library in Ferguson, Missouri

Not long ago, my good friend Rana asked if she could do anything to help the Ferguson Municipal Public Library and I had followed the buzz around the social media campaign to get them books and resources while they remained opened during protests. Their library is one of the first things I began to monitor closely as students were showing up and volunteers were helping the people seeking a safe haven. Rana offered to immediately send 25 copies of one of the titles that Little Pickle Press publishes titled What Does it Mean to Be Safe?...more

5 Ways Schools Can Do a Better Job Teaching About Race After Ferguson

Twenty years after I got into education, not much has changed. But here's how we can have meaningful lessons about race in schools....more
This is a great post!  We are so ashamed of our country right now. What is happening to our ...more

Hatch & Project Sunlight #ShareAMeal

I tell some stories more than others because I know that they connect with people on a level that may not be expected from me. What I mean is that I don’t look like I’ve ever been hungry or living in poverty or have been homeless. Not now, anyway, and because life is very different for me some 20 years out I have to tell my stories of those difficult times ....more

Discussing Race with School Staff Post-Ferguson

The first year I worked in an American public school I found myself at odds instantly. It was, to be honest, in my student teaching days when I visited a number of different educational settings in order to get a grasp on the options we give students. I had traveled, for one full month, to an alternative school in Champaign, IL to do clinicals ....more

Jay Smooth on Ferguson

I share so many things in one place now that I dont' really have a curated list of smart and intellectual things to share (and Facebook isn't curated, it's just a noisy container where things get lost). I really wanted to share this here because Twitter isn't the place, either. Perhaps Tumblr is, but I'm not good with that ....more

13 Essays on Race

There's a lot of self-care going on for me right now. Instead of reading online information about Mike Brown and Ferguson, I'm looking to get involved in protests. Instead of sharing content of other writers, I'm sharing some of my own and putting them in one spot ....more

Family Dinner Non-negotiables

If I were more a more creative mom I would simply install a revolving door at my house because we have had so many children and guests live here at different times. My mother lived with us for a few years and then a lovely lesbian couple took over the basement for one summer. Another friend's son moved in for a while for a few weeks until his apartment was ready ....more

In a Lifetime of Conversations Being Responsible is Key

I make and have made so many mistakes with my own children that I probably do a disservice to myself to open a piece of writing with that because how are you going to take my word for it that I was, in actuality, a darn good mom. Except, that's my superpower right there: making mistakes and moving forward anyway. I wasn't big on reading parenting books when my children were younger and I had a far crunchier-granola approach to parenting ....more

Things I Said At Work Today: Picture Day Edition

It's been a long week at work with bizarre October temperatures, picture day shenanigans, and awful songs with ridiculous ranges. Today was Picture Day which meant that I made sure students didn't scowl at the camera so I tried making them laugh by dancing off to the side out of view of the camera. I ended up making the kids laugh who were standing in line to be next which meant I had to step up my dancing game ....more

EngenderHealth: WTFP?!

There are few things more important to me, as a woman and mother, than making decisions for myself about my health. This includes, but is not limited to, choosing my own contraception. Choosing when to get pregnant and making my own choices about having children are things that I have taken for granted at times ....more