Bing in the Classroom: An Administrative Perspective

This is a sponsored post for We Are Teachers in conjunction with Bing in the Classroom. All opinions and stories are my own. When I was approached about working in administration at the one and only technology magnet school here in Springfield, IL I wasn't even the least bit skeptical ....more

Back in the Day: Looking Back From Spring Valley High School

“Back in the day, students respected their teachers.” And so goes the mantra of police apologists in the wake of yet another cell phone video depicting abuse at the hands of this nation’s finest. This time, the perpetrator: a white Student Resource Officer (SRO) at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina. The victim: a Black teenage female student who is a ward of the state....more

Racial Taboo Movie: A Critique

As a citizen of my town and a community member, I'm deeply interested in things like education and race, politics and race, and economics and race. This is no secret to anyone who knows me or my writing for the past decade. Because of that, in the last year of my life I've been committed on a personal and community member to become more involved in things that would directly impact everyone who lives near me ....more

If The Black Lives Matter Movement Would Just Be Convenient

If the Black Lives Matter movement would just be convenient and not disruptive, we wouldn’t be in this turmoil. I believe it was Frederick Douglass who said that "without a struggle, there can be no progress." I'm seeing so many people ask for convenience in the struggle. ...more

Students and Race and Doing Better Than I Have Been

She was a teacher from Chicago and I never caught her name but that doesn't matter. Her group had come for a tour and I was chosen by my district to give them a tour of our Title 1 schools. Nothing about her demeanor was malicious or unkind ....more

An Unorthodox Bridal Party

I'm an older bride, I know. Everything about planning this wedding reminds me of that. The first time I tried on dresses I told the sweet young thing helping me out, "Please do not show me any dresses that make me look like a princess or a cupcake ....more

Real World Money Lessons

This is a sponsored post with a program through H&R Block. All opinions are mine. Without fail, I will describe my style of educating as Real World ....more

Where to Find Me: Writing Elsewhere

Today, I'm over at TueNight whose tagline, Somehow, we're grownups, always leaves me laughing. It's a piece on the topic of Freedom. My piece, "Like Crickets to Fireworks: Blogging About Race", follows my journey as a writer since 2005 ....more

Institutional Racism in the Church

This is different for me, but I'm going to begin with other people's words who, this past week, have had some important things to say. These are a just a few messages I read this week from white, well-known Christians (all women) who seem to understand the role of the church in response to racism....more

Let's Get To The Work of Anti Racism

We haven't, historically, wanted to call this work what it was when it comes to racism in America. That is simply fact if we take into account our collective work. Today, of course, is one of those days when it's smack in our faces in a way we cannot ignore no matter how much ignorance accompanies that ....more