Reporting on the Racism at Work

I spent a few hours with a reporter yesterday and I hadn’t planned on spending that much time but that’s just the way it worked out. We had been meaning to get together to discuss several things for stories she’s working on, both personal and professional, though the lines on that blurred because of the things that interest her personally and manage to cross over into the professional. ...more

Fire Prevention Week [a review & some resources]

This is post is sponsored by the National Fire Protection Association and Review and opinions are all mine. It probably doesn't seem very sexy to discuss fire prevention ....more

10 Things Schools Can Do for Black Students

We now have a Medium channel to spread the work of Being Black at School where this piece lives. I'm republishing it here as well as a resource for schools. ...more

HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

This post is made possible by support from the Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign. All opinions are my own. ...more

Thailand with The Exodus Road

"Long before I wrote stories, I listened for stories. Listening for them is something more acute than listening to them. I suppose it's an early form of participation in what goes on." - Eudora Welty Back in June I traveled with other storytellers to Thailand ....more

Writing Roundup for August

I'm doing a lot of either freelance writing or writing to fill in for other people in so many place that I wanted to pull them all together in one space. First, my friend and the founder of EduColor, José Luis Vilson, took a much needed vacation and let Rusul Alrubail and me take over for the week. I wrote about both microaggressions and macroaggressions of my experiences in the public school system ....more

Writing over at The Root

I'm over at The Root today, writing about the pushback against the NAACP's Anti-Charter School stance....more

The Edit

Every spring, just before summer vacation for the students start, I address students in a few formal situations. I've done this for graduation ceremonies, Senior recognitions, and nights on which we bestow awards to students. Every time I am tasked with this, I wonder about the words I'm going to say to them ....more

Working Black & White: A Brief History of Troublemaking

This is part II of a series. You can start with Part I here. 6. I am in my last year of college to get my degree in English Literature when I decide to take a detour and get my credentials so that I can teach ....more

A Storytelling Trip with Exodus Road

Of the many things at which I am not expert, planning ahead is one of them. When my friends in education tell me about where they're traveling for the summer in January...more