Where to Find Me: Writing Elsewhere

Today, I'm over at TueNight whose tagline, Somehow, we're grownups, always leaves me laughing. It's a piece on the topic of Freedom. My piece, "Like Crickets to Fireworks: Blogging About Race", follows my journey as a writer since 2005 ....more

Institutional Racism in the Church

This is different for me, but I'm going to begin with other people's words who, this past week, have had some important things to say. These are a just a few messages I read this week from white, well-known Christians (all women) who seem to understand the role of the church in response to racism....more

Let's Get To The Work of Anti Racism

We haven't, historically, wanted to call this work what it was when it comes to racism in America. That is simply fact if we take into account our collective work. Today, of course, is one of those days when it's smack in our faces in a way we cannot ignore no matter how much ignorance accompanies that ....more

Here's What I Told My Kids

This isn't a post about my own children yet that doesn't negate the fact that, yes, this is what I've told them as well. It's what happens when your momma is prone to giving extemporaneous speeches and advice to her students. She practices on her own children first ....more

Virtual Field Trip: The Coral Reefs of Palau

*This is a sponsored through a partnership with WeAreTeachers and NatureWorksEverywhere.org, two organizations that I fully and professionally support....more

A Culture of Poor Baltimore

I tend towards not writing about places that aren't known to me and Baltimore fits that on multiple levels. I've never visited there, never had any conference to attend there, nor do I know its history very well. It must be like every other place with its eccentricities...more

Understanding & Analyzing Systemic Racism: A Seminar Recap

I often ask myself the question that seems to permeate every part of my pedagogy in American public education: who is this for? It's simple at the outset, but, when answering it, I find myself at an intersection of American pathology that is fraught with complications and, more importantly, American history. I'm native to a complicated membership of a working class that's known both desperate levels of poverty as well as upper education struggling within the middle class ....more

Virtual Field Trip: Wild Biomes

This is a sponsored post. However, my passion for education and global water concerns are, as always, my own. I am supremely disappointed in my inability to grow things in a sustainable manner ....more

Before the Good Guys Were Liked: Dr. King’s Untold Stories

This is part three of a sponsored post series with Wells Fargo. In my lifetime everyone has always referred to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr ....more

I Gotchu

Last night, Mason came over and, since he has the impeccable timing of a 23-year-old-about-to-live-on-his-own, he knew exactly when we were cooking dinner so that he could cop a free meal out of us. It's awesome and bizarre how his timing works, but he also knew that I baked cookies over the weekend so he went searching for them....more