Why We All Have an Inner Mean Girl and How to Keep Her from Ruining your Relationships

Women are programmed to strive. Reach for the brass ring. Want what we want. And do what it takes to get it. Oftentimes that means letting your inner mean girl come out from the corner.  Regardless of whether it is done consciously or unconsciously the actions tend to make us feel we are propelling our desires forward. Unfortunately, there is little thought as to who and how these actions might affect those innocent by-standers in our path....more

3 Ways to Keep your New Years Resolutions Sticky - Yes in February!

Were you one of the 45% of American single moms who made losing weight and getting in shape your number one New Years resolution this last January? How’s it going for you? Did you know that by today’s date a full 88% of us will have already gone astray....more

Single Parents: Find love this February

February can be brutal for singles parents. All the hearts, red roses and sticky sweet romantic missives you hear on the radio and TV are consistent reminders of what you've "lost."  But this year, I am committed to turning the red-heart month into a true celebration for single moms and dads.  Some clever individuals had the smart idea of thumbing their noses at the rosy red couplings of Valentines and founded National Singles Awareness Day. We are embracing it....more

The Selfish Gift of Giving Back this Christmas

 Selfish and Giving Back in the same sentence. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?  But it’s not. Giving to others has enormous mental, emotional and physical health benefits. Don’t believe me? Science has proven it....more

3 Super Healthy Sack Lunches Made in Under 5 minutes

It's September and school is back in session.  It also means the early morning jam to get up and out the door is top priority as well. As a conscientious mom you want to make sure your children eat well, but you don't always have the time to prepare a healthy sack lunch. Well I have done some early bird homework for all of us....more

An Interview with Real Housewife of NYC - Amanda Sanders

 Last week I had the pleasure of speaking one-on-one with Amanda Sanders, one of the newest cast-wives on the Bravo series, The Housewives of NYC. She is a savvy single mom balancing a full plate of professional successes while raising two beautiful young daughters. We had a frank discussion about her unexpected journey to single motherhood. The good and the bad of her ex-husband’s key to her home, what it’s like being a Bravo housewife and the exciting launch of her new jewelry line. KZ: Are you a full-time single mom? In other words, do you have 100% custody?...more

This is Why Single Moms Need A Night Off!

The work of motherhood is never done. Not that I’m complaining. I love being a mom. It is my most important job. Nevertheless, it is non-stop and when you are a single mother the intensity of the task at hand rises exponentially. Married mom’s, who’s husband’s travel, or are workaholics, think they know what it’s like to be a single mother. But, until you actually experience the 24/7 juggling act, you can’t really understand....more

How to Make Mother's Day Special for Single Moms

Mother’s Day can be especially trying for newly single moms. Now that you are on your own it can seem just like any other day But it doesn’t have to be. Here are some fun ways to make it special.1. Do something you and your kids enjoy.When my children were younger we would each pick our favorite activity and write them on a slip of paper.  I made sure all the choices were something that was relaxing and fun for everyone. We’d put them in a grab bag. Then I got to draw the winning activity....more

Single Mom Tax Season Time Savers

When you are a child the month of April is all about the beautiful rain showers in anticipation of sprouting flowers. As an adult this month means tax filings and financial belt tightening. For single moms it can be stressful getting organized for your accountant and a nail biter anticipating whether you’ll be receiving or writing a check to Mr. I.R.S. To help ease the season I’ve come up with a few tips to allay the angst. ...more

Celebrating Single Parenthood

Being a single parent definitely has it's inherent challenges. There is also great joy and satisfaction. Plus today is a special day set aside just for us. March 21 is National Single Parents Day. So, for all the mom's and dad's out there that are making strides to raise great kids in single parent households here are 5 good reasons to celebrate!1. You don’t have to compromise rules...more