Google+ is NOT the Big Bad Wolf, so don’t be afraid

When you really give Google+ an opportunity, you will see that there’s nothing to be afraid of from the social media network. I’ve been reading a number of articles and blog post by different people “explaining” how Google+ is a ghost town that you should not waste your time on. Critics further claim that Google+ is only for tech people on the website and there’s no one to connect with on Google+....more

Goodbye Milk: I’m Giving Up Dairy and Here’s Why

I've made the decision to join the ranks of those who have decided to give up dairy due to health reason. I know it sounds strange, yet with the research that I've done, it's one of the best decisions that I could make for myself and here's why. ...more
I actually have been trying almond milk lately after it was suggested that I try it. I'm loving ...more

The Best Fruit Smoothie Ever?

When I started this journey of finding the right combination of foods to make the perfect fruit smoothie, I tried many things and--yes--experienced some really bad smoothies. Yet, I'm so excited that I started this journey because I feel that I'm getting to the "perfect fruit smoothie" stage. Let’s set a basic foundation first. ...more
Laurend1985 Thanks and I actually have started using Almond milk for my smoothies and I love it. ...more

My Social Media Journey To Reconnect With My Followers on Twitter

After celebrating my 3 year anniversary on Google Plus, I decided to return to being active on Twitter. I've been semi-active on Twitter and occasionally participating in Twitter chats. Yet, it almost became a ghost town for me because I truly lost interest.Why did I lose interest in Twitter...more