Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust with Chickpeas

Try something new for pizza night.. A veggie-based crust! Have a family fun, vegan + gluten-free pizza night with this Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust with pizza-y herbs and chickpeas ....more

Happy One Year to My Book! Photo Share! I am Sharing 48 of YOUR Memories!

Happy April 28th, aka the one year anniversary to the release of my cookbook Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen! I am celebrating with a few of YOUR memories over the past year, inspired by HHVK. Keep reading to see what I mean!..Read more » This is a summary, images and full post available on HHL website! ...more

Easy Baked Tater Tots, with Beans! Sweet Potato and Cheezy Spinach.

I have been wanting to make DIY tater tots for a while now, but was always hesitating thinking that it would take me a while to figure out the process and get them just right. Well boy was I wrong! These were so easy to make and literally took me just a few minutes to prep and then a few more minutes to bake ....more

8 "Not Coffee" Lattes. Fill Your Mug with These Coffee + Espresso Alternatives.

Read more » This is a summary, images and full post available on HHL website! ...more

Vegan Magic Chocolate Sauce (Two Ways!) with Vanilla Bean Nice Cream

Today I share my DIY magic chocolate sauce swirled over top vanilla bean nice cream. Vanilla meets chocolate. Ying and yang ....more

Vegan Lasagna Verde for Spring! Plus a One-Year HHVK Anniversary Giveaway

Today I am sharing one of my favorite recipes from my cookbook, Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen, which by the way, turns "one" in just a few weeks! This Lasagna Verde is one of my signature recipes, and I make it whenever I am craving some serious vegan comfort food. You can use either traditional or gluten-free pasta - or a grain-free version using zucchini or sweet potato strips in place of pasta noodles ....more

Double Coconut Maui Muffins. (GF + Vegan)

This week in Los Angeles, it has been so perfectly gloomy. There is a strange symphony of sounds outside my window. Birds happily chirping to the cloudy grey skies, as busy cars splash through puddles along the slick streets ....more

Dueling Avocado + Sweet Potato Kale Salad

My ultimate salad bowl duel. Avocado and sweet potato facing off on a bed of kale. Boom ....more

PB&J Vegan Cheesecake

PB&J everything please. This Swirled PB&J Vegan Cheesecake is made using a simple cashew and coconut cream vegan cheesecake base and adds nutty, rich peanut butter and ooey gooey jam swirled on top. The crust is a simple raw nut and dried fruit combo ....more

78 Vegan Spring Cleaning Healthy Living Tips and Recipes from Bloggers!

To usher in this springtime, spring-cleaning season of renewal and healthy changes I asked the blogger's of Finding Vegan to share some of their fave wellness tips and recipes. So here are 78 inspiring and delicious Vegan Spring Cleaning, Healthy Living Tips and Recipes from bloggers!..Read more » This is a summary, images and full post available on HHL website! ...more