Sugar-Free Blueberry Plum Jam. Plus, Five Things I Bring on a Summer Hike!

I am loving all the fitness-sharing comments on my most recent giveaway! I am super impressed! Some of you are hiking every day, dedicated to your early morning runs, trying out yoga classes, enjoying sunshine walks with your pups, bike riding, swimming and on and on ....more

Big Summer Fitness Giveaway!

This post is sponsored by Natural Delights Medjool Dates. Doesn't it feel like just about everyone is on vacation right now? The online world seems to be blissfully crowded with gorgeous beachy vistas, poolside parties and smiling sunglass-wearing faces ....more

Yummiest Vegan Mocha Almond Fudge Ice Cream. No Sugar Added! With Avocados!

Today I used an ice cream maker for the first time ever. And I think I'm in love. Here is the recipe creation. ....more

Vegan BBQ 'Chicken' Chopped Salad

Big, beautiful entree salads are one of my favorite meals for summertime. And this Vegan BBQ 'Chicken' Chopped Salad is the perfect combination of healthy meets delicious. 30 Min Meals - Or Less! ...more

Restaurant-Style Skillet Pasta with Veggies

Pasta always tastes amazing at restaurants. What is their secret? Well besides usually having amazing chefs in the kitchen, there is one trick you can easily do at home with just about any fave pasta recipe ....more

Sensitive Person Like Me? Here Are Five Tips!

*photo by Sabrina Hill "I have so much I want to say. But sometimes don't say it....more

Vegan Cherry Cheesecake

It is 9pm on June 30th. I have one more recipe to post before I reach my Summer15 Series goal and gosh darn it, I'm restraining myself from crashing on the couch to bring you this post. Goal accomplished ....more

Pesto Pasta with Black Olives

I am really into super simple meal ideas with flavor pairings. Today's recipe for Pesto Pasta with Black Olives is such a simple meal, but there is something so lovely about a creamy, nutty, fragrant fresh avocado pesto sauce combined with the sharp saltiness of black olives. I used a gluten free rice and potato based spiral pasta, that I purposefully overcooked a bit to make to pasta very soft and tender ....more

Rich and Creamy, Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream, No-Churn!

Hello fresh new week! Aka, Monday. Today I have a Peanut Butter Ice Cream recipe you are going to looooooooove ....more

Summer Salad: Chili-Lime Mango Avocado Quinoa Power Salad

Well I have to say my Summer 15 Challenge (15 new summer recipe posts in 30 days!) has been harder than I thought. Only because come summertime, posting gets harder and harder simply because there is so much more to enjoy outside, under the blue sky than in front of a computer. But hey, a girl has to eat, right? ...more