Cheezy, Amazing Asparagus Lemon Pasta Bake

Perfect for spring, this spring pasta bake is filled with veggie ingredients like asparagus, spinach and shiitake mushrooms. Creamy pasta merges perfectly with a hint of vibrant lemon and hearty veggie flavors. This super cheezy vegan recipe is a delicious go-to dinner ....more

My Cookbook Blog Tour + HHVK Giveaway. $4,000+ in Prizes!

Well today is a fun day. An exciting day. For me and for you! ...more

Easy Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars

These bars are pure vegan deliciousness. A thick peanut butter oatmeal base is topped with a silky dark chocolate and coconut oil chocolate top. Nibble these bars for pure peanut butter bliss ....more

Cookbook Countdown Bowl: Rice + Roasted Carrots with Lentil Cakes

The final cookbook countdown beings. And I am celebrating with recipes like this.. This amazing savory dinner bowl is loaded with flavors and healthy ingredients ....more

On Mindfulness: My Phone Died, And it Was Awesome.

Today, while walking along Abbott Kinney in Venice, my phone died. You know the feeling, yes?Alone and chargerless, that tiny 1% battery icon had been staring me down for about twenty minutes and I knew the end was near. But as my phone clicked off, those white sideways dashes on my iPhone spinning and waving me a goodbye, something else clicked on in my brain ....more

Elvis Pancakes from Katie Higgins + Cookbook Giveaway

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! Since it is a Monday. And many of you are either on spring break or have kids who are on spring break, Monday-pancakes felt very perfect ....more

Healthy + Happy Finds for April: Link-spiration.

The internet is all about sharing. We do it on social networks and pretty much every website has a million "share tools" and stats. Well i the spirit of sharing I am reviving an old monthly series here on HHL, simply called, "Healthy + Happy Finds" aka link-spiration ....more

5 Ways Essential Oils Improved My Wellness + $250 WellScent Giveaway!

Hello April! I have so many exciting things going on this month that I will be sharing with you all in just about every post. Lots of updates for you guys ....more

Creamy Cashew Cream Pasta with Lemon, Spinach & Tempeh Bacon Bits

I love cashew cream pasta, aka Vegan Alfredo. But I wanted to lighten it up a bit, add the sauce to taste, add some greens and lemon and tons of flavorful crispy little bits. AND make it into a one bowl wonder meal ....more

Sunny Blues Breakfast Cookies

If you made my DIY sunflower butter, which I hope you did because it is super yummy, you might have a bit leftover in a tub in your fridge right now. Like I did. Well I decided to test out my sun butter for cookies ....more