Easy Vegan Avocado Pesto Pasta

I love whipping up fresh pesto pasta sauces for an easy meal. And this raw sauce has a rich, silky avocado base. The flavors are bold, the texture dreamy and you can have your meal on the table in about twenty minutes ....more

Free Recipe E-Book: Vegan Breakfast Recipes. Plus a Super Fruit 'n Veggie Giveaway!

Vegan breakfast time is probably my favorite part of the day. Colorful smoothies that pop in colors of pink, orange, green or purple. Lively fresh cut fruit in big beautiful bowls ....more

Sweet Potato Hummus Shiitake Bacon Avocado Quesadillas, Jalapeños Optional

In yesterday's post, I promised a yummy recipe to go along with my shiitake bacon. Well here it is! Sweet Potato Hummus Shiitake Bacon Avocado 'Dillas ....more

Vegan Shiitake Bacon

Here is what you can do with those beautiful, fluffy shiitakes sitting in your fridge. And next time you pass the mushroom section in the store you will really want to slow down and stock up! (Note: this recipe could actually be used with any type of mushroom...) This super easy vegan Shiitake Bacon is sassy and smoky with a hint of sweet ....more

Vegan Chocolate Mousse! + My Two-Step Valentine's Day. (Giveaway too!)

My recipe for Silky Chocolate Avocado Mousse is the perfect Valentine's Day dessert plan. And I know just what to pair it with! Find out my wellness date night idea, get a special offer and enter a giveaway. ....more

Peanut Caramel Apple Popcorn Snack Bowls

Today I am bringing some BOOMCHICKAPOP to Game Day.. Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is the second highest event in America for most food consumption — following Thanksgiving? Yup, it's a fact guys ....more

Broccoli-Potato White Bean Soup

This time of year I think we can all agree a wimpy soup just will not do. Hearty, satisfying and warming are all musts when it comes to January soup recipes. Especially with the winter my east coast friends have been having this year! ...more

Vegan Lunch Sandwich with Sizzling Skillet Tofu, Avocado and Sprouts

This Vegan Lunch Sandwich with Sizzling Skillet Tofu is a favorite of mine. The tofu cooks up fluffy and caramelized on the edges with spices like smoky paprika, chipotle and black pepper. I add some maple syrup and sea salt too ....more

Chunky Nutty Chocolate Banana Oat Bars

Imagine the best banana bread ever and the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet had a baby. A vegan, dessert bar, baby. OK, so desserts don't have babies ....more

Sweet Curry Edamame Rice

I am sitting here with a big bowl of this beautiful golden rice in my lap. Pulled straight from the fridge. All cool and flavorful ....more