Mother and Child Reunion

Lately, I've had cause to wonder...what does a healthy parent/child relationship look like? Why is it often elusive? How can something that usually starts so blissfully go so terribly awry? As anyone who follows this blog knows, my relationship with my mother was turbulent, my father nonexistent. ...more

Obamacare...on the Ground

 I've been a registered, and voting, Democrat since I turned 18. I'm now close to 50...52 is still close, right? I believe in social programs to aid the disenfranchised and vulnerable. I believe in providing opportunities to those who don't have any. I don't believe quality healthcare should only be available to the wealthy. I believe our healthcare system is broken. Obamacare sucks....more

The High Cost of Living

 We bought our granddaughter, Adelia, a new bicycle for her birthday today.I'd guess no one gasped after reading that sentence - hardly earth shattering news. Grandparents buy their grandkids stuff all the time. But, this bicycle came at what feels like an intolerable price, in a way that has nothing to do with money....more

The Man Who Almost Was

 I'm scattered....more

I'm Disabled. Feel Free to Grope Me

 I'm on crutches.Luckily, its temporary.I don't think I have the temperament to deal with all the jackasses that come out of the woodwork when you're impaired. I'd be dragged off to jail, hobbling.Take the TSA.Me on crutches: "I'm not sure how I'm supposed to go through security."...more

I Don't Want to Know You - A Daughter's Dilemna

 The head-on collision didn’t kill me.My cell phone wasn't so lucky.“…Sandy…Carol’s…she’s in…” I deleted the message. I’d had no messages until about 20 of them popped up all at once on my cracked cell. Hiding, no doubt, till safer terrain prevailed.Sandy. Not familiar. Carol…hmmm…oh right. Carol....more
Shellireads For some reason, I didn't get your comment in my email like I usually do. Anyway, ...more

Can You Find My Chic?

 I read recently that France has lost its chic. Its je ne sais quoi. Their President is out of control....more

It Can't be That Part II


No. It Can't be That Part I

 Sadly, we're back from Italy and back to real life. Which for me includes hip surgery, for the 2nd time. Actually, for the 3rd and 4th time since I had both hips operated on about three years ago. They won't do them at the same time so it was two separate go rounds, three months apart....more

A Feast for the Eyes

 I'm a wreck.Hair's on end, clothes on backwards, holes in pants (not the cool kind)….that's when I'm going out.I don't know what's happened to me. Old age? Bad hips? Don't give a shit? All of the above?...more