Baked Rotini with Broccoli Rabe

This is a one-dish pasta dinner that takes about a half an hour from start to finish. ...more

Parmesan Thyme Stuffed Potatoes

Pair this side dish with some grilled portobello steaks and a green salad and call it a night. ...more

Fast Deep Dish Spinach Tomato Pie

It’s officially fall and in honor of my declaration of comfort food season, I have made this...more

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Muffins

I had an event in New York City that I wore non-yoga pants for, which is totally unlike me. ...more

Buttermilk Biscuits

I wanted a recipe that was just as easy as a refrigerator can of dough, or at least worth the extra work it would take to make biscuits from scratch. ...more

Black Bean Taco Salad (Vegetarian)

There are only two days left of summer vacation before the beginning of third grade for Trey (including today). ...more

Seared Tofu With Green Beans

Seared Tofu with Green Beans

This is one of those weeknight dishes that can be presented as opulent and swanky but is actually as simple and humble as a Tuesday...more

Six Fresh Tomato Recipes To Make In August

It’s almost August and that means that tomato season has officially arrived. Here are six recipes to try before the season (and dare I say summer) officially comes to an end. 1) This first recipe is a simple appetizer that mixes grilled corn with avocado and citrus which is then stuffed into plum or cherry [...] ...more

French Toast Bread Pudding (AKA “Overnight French Toast Casserole”)

I’m not sure who started the concept of “Baked French Toast” and the not so distant relative of such a dish known as the “French Toast Casserole” but the last time I checked, these seemingly new dishes, (cultivated by massive amounts of online recipes) are all just bread pudding recipes. {Sorry, interwebz. ...more