Scot or Not, Join the Burns' night Celebrations with my party Haggis Samosa's

It's here again, Burns' night.  Roll out the haggis.All over the world, Scots will be celebrating their national poet tonight with meals of haggis neeps 'n' tatties (haggis, turnip and potato).  His famous poems and songs will be sung and, for those of us Scots living outside the country a nostalgic tear or two will more than likely be shed....more

Roast Chicken 2.0: Chicken Stock

I feel I am on a mission.  After somebody telling me not to post about roast chicken - how dare they.   Well I posted my favourite 'how to' roast a chicken yesterday and I feel it is my duty to follow up.  What better way than with a recipe for chicken stock....more

Tell me not to write about roast chicken would you?

I was reading an article written by  a food blogger about what she had decided were the most annoying things that other food bloggers and recipe writers do.  One of the things she asked us all to do was to stop posting recipes for Roast Chicken.  She said that if your readers didn't know how to do that, then there's not much hope for them.  I didn't like the comment or the tone.  It wasn't so many years ago that I didn't know how to roast a chicken.  I didn't consider myself hopeless, but I was just lacking in knowledge.  I understand all to...more

10 Helpful Tips That Will Get You Eating Healthy

There was a lot I learned during my journey to change from being a fat, food-addicted, food-fearing, yo-yo dieter into a healthy-weighted, food-enjoying, former food junkie. And now, I pass these lessons along to you with the hope that these 10 tips will help you, too. ...more
HarleyLeBon TheCookingCoach Disagree wholeheartedly with this. Lose the carbs which are no ...more

Cous Cous with Roast Fennel and Mackerel

If I was one of those people, you know the ones, who bang on about superfoods and the like, I might say that this recipe was jam packed with them, but I won't.  I'll just say that this healthy combination of great tasting fresh food is fab, even if it does seem a bit weird.Preparation Time: 20 minutesCooking Time: 25 minutes...more

Recipe for a Light Chocolate Mousse

Even when you're being good, you have to be just a little bit bad....more

Sweet and Sour Braised Red Cabbage

Whether hot served with some seasonal game meat or cold with meats and cheeses, An essential recipe to get you through those Winter nights.Preparation Time: 10 minutesCooking Time: 2 Hours...more

Easy Recipe for Delicious Danish Pastries for New Year's Day Brunch

These pastries are great to make for brunch.  So, I'm often found putting them together around the holiday season whether it's Christmas, New Year or Easter - or just a lazy Sunday, they work at any time.  Don't worry, this is a very easy recipe, using shop bought pastry (why not?) and a simple filling....more

What's the 'X' factor in these popular recipes on my blog?

I was scrolling through my 2014 blog posts, not for any particular reason, and it jumped out at me.  There were a few posts that had been visited literally thousands of times.  I decided to pay attention.  There were quite a few that surprised me in those top posts, although thinking back, they were the ones I got the most comments, feedback and questions about, and were the most popular with clients in cooking lessons....more

The Perfect Cheese Board - Easy!

 So you want to serve cheese, but where do you start?  For many years I sold hundreds of varieties of cheese in my own delicatessen.  I know how daunting it can seem, but if you follow some simple guidelines it can be really easy to put together the perfect cheeseboard....more