Solo Salads (or not)

There's a reason why I came up with these salads and a reason why they are called 'solo'.  Firstly, it always happens, I have people over to eat and I can't help myself, I buy too much food and I make too much food.   My friends always eat lots (I just can't be friends with picky eaters or people who eat tiny portions) and, I often give doggy bags, even so I still end up with lots of odds and ends in the fridge.  This poses a challenge, as I find it almost impossible to throw food away.  I see it as my duty to use it up....more

The Essential Salad Dressing Collection

 As I go along, creating recipes I keep a bit of a tag on my salad dressings by making a little document which includes my most used.  These dressings are the ones I come back to time and time again, they are flexible and tasty.  Once you have these under your belt you can transform endless salads!...more

Tangy Red Tomato Chutney

I'm not that daft, I know that tomatoes are supposed to be red!  The reason why I have been specific in the title is to differentiate them from green tomatoes which are often used to make chutney - so I am not as green as I am cabbage looking.  Anyway, enough of that.  I am a chutney/relish/pickle addict.  I just can't have a sandwich without a wee something to perk it up.  This recipe is based on a classic from the great Marguerite Patten.  It is really simple to make and gives a classic chutney flavour....more

One-Pan "Practical Pork Chops" in Half an Hour

So, what's so practical about this pork chop recipe? Well, it incorporates all my favorite flavors to combine with pork (apples, onions, mustard, honey) in one roasting tray. It's also easy, takes about half an hour to make, and there's only one pan to wash up—what could be more practical than that? ...more
Laurend1985 Karen Vivers So glad you both enjoyed it - yey!more

Greek Style Honey and Pistachio Cake

I've said it before, I'm not a natural baker, but I am a natural cake eater.  So, when the urge hits, I turn to those who can do it much better for my recipes and inspiration.  There are some criteria upon which I insist in my cakes.  For eating they need to be moist (this one is oozing with honey), with a hit of flavour (in this case citrus), and, if possible a bit of crunch (cue the pistachio nut).  For making, the only criteria is that it is easy.  I found this Jamie Oliver recipe and have only tweaked it a tiny bit to make it my own....more

Roast Cauliflower Salad with Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes

I always feel a little bit sorry for the old cauliflower.  We can be guilty of taking it for granted and maybe even think of it as being boring.  Smothering it in cheese sauces which seem to cover up it's flavour rather than bringing it out.  Maybe we are even trying to disguise it all together under a blanket of sauce?  Well, I'm not ashamed of using cauliflower, in fact I like to let it shine - even in summer.  My secret is roasting.  By roasting your cauli's something magical happens and somehow it takes on a deep nutty flavour as well as texture....more

Crespelle: A crazy combination of my favourite foods!

Imagine how excited I got when I realised that I could take my love pancakes and lasagne, combine them and take it to a whole new level!Crespelle are thin crêpe style pancakes.  In this traditional recipe, they are layered with tasty tomato sauce and then baked off in the oven for a crispy, melting finish....more

I went to Portugal to perfect my piri piri - Extreme?

Well, you tell me after you've tried it!...more