Technology. Clothes. My Closet. Why can’t they mix?

I like technology. I like clothes. I love my closet. Why can’t they mix? Let’s be honest, so far wearable tech has been mostly geared towards the “geeky male”. It is not pretty, it is not designer and it is still a little taboo. But alas there may be hope not too far off in the distance. There are some awesome advances coming out with the various types of wearable watches and arm band-esque type tech right now. ...more

Blogher please fix this glitch....

Dupe postings after edits..... ...more
Denise - Thank you so much for the feedback unfortunately that is exactly what I did, i.e. ...more

3 Tips for LinkedIn Posts That Share

Its called #socialenvey.We all get it and it happens every day. That moment when you see a post and you know instantly that it was better than your’s, you should have posted that two weeks ago or plain and simple, it just blew your's out of the water....more

10 Online Tools (you haven’t heard of yet)

This is an online tool list for tips on new tech to try out for total syncage across devices and maximum efficiency. ...more