Eating Disorder Awareness Week: What You Don't Know About Me

I started long after I knew better, past the age when my decisions could be chalked up to that invincible feeling that fades away as we get older. Already a mother, I should have been setting a good example and following the very rules I was setting for my own child. I was embarrassed by my weakness. Life was too much. Single parenting and autism and a whirlwind of experience I couldn’t seem to grasp left me feeling undeserving of the most basic necessities and looking for something I might actually be able to control. ...more
Absolutely!!!!  this just drives home what I literally got done writing in my blog just moments ...more

The Loneliest Mother I've Seen

I see your eyes duck our way more times than I can count. Kids spilling off my lap, I steady myself against my husband’s leg and we laugh as the hay ride tosses us back and forth. As you tuck your bare left hand behind the bleach-blonde head in your lap, I read her shirt. Birthday Girl Your parents take pictures of the two of you but your eyes belie the smile on your face. I wonder if you have just finished high school or are heading to college this fall. Maybe you have put school on hold until you can afford daycare and tuition. ...more
Love!!!!  I was a single mom at 34 and went through my pregnancy by myself.  It was still lonely ...more

Laughing Even After a Loss

As much as I did not want to talk, as much as I wanted to crumble into a useless heap of grief in my hospital bed, in that same way that a mother is never allowed to call off sick, I was unable to call off devastated. I was at the center of my worst nightmare. I didn’t remember this chapter in my book on expecting multiples. If it was there, I flipped passed it of course, because that would never happen to me. ...more
I don't know you, but I do know that you've touched my heart in a way I can't put into words. ...more

Marriage: About Holding Hands

I remember, about a month or so after we got married, my husband and I went out to dinner with friends who had been married for years. When dinner was over we headed to the car hand in hand, and I asked him if he had noticed that they never held hands. I never want that to be us, I told him. I was head-over-heels in love and wanted him to hold my hand every moment it was empty for the rest of our lives. That was over five years ago and I think we held hands once this month, when we were by ourselves for twenty glorious minutes. ...more

I love that you can speak so open. It is a beautiful thing!

My hubby and I have been married ...more

Why We Should All Know Bruce

There is a homeless man in our city that is always perched on his bike somewhere on the main road running through our town.  (Yes one, we are in the burbs and he is the only one I have seen.)We see him every time we leave the house, he is either bundled up, hunched over his bags and blankets in the winter or riding up and down the street in the summer, I suspect trying to catch a little breeze in the heat. Whenever I see him I feel bad. I want to bring him a coffee or a water or a blanket or a fan but I never do....more

Dear Daddy

The Up Side of Autism

I have been around a few typical teenagers lately and have to say that I think there just might be a few things that could be considered perks to having a teen on the autism spectrum......more