You might be a Mommy-crite

I decided over this last week of Fall break that I am the biggest hypocrite around. ...more

Halloween Print

I made this Halloween print. ...more

If you can dodge a wrench

(source) So I didn't like throw a wrench at my son. ...more

Halloween craft idea: melted crayon pumpkins

Today we are thrilled to have Heather guest posting for us! ...more

8 tips for better iPhone pictures of your kids

So recently I have been using my iPhone a lot for picture taking. ...more

25 ways to get your child's attention

"Mom, which sticker do you want me to use for your picture? Which sticker now, Momma? Which sticker do you want me to put on your picture now? ...more

Sibling love (or something like that)

So at age what can you stop using the excuse, "She just doesn't know any better" The Spam, who is 4, just came barging into the room bawling. ...more

Sometimes you've just HAD IT

You know how sometimes you get to the point where you've just "HAD IT". You're done. ...more

It's chore time around here, plus some chore chart printables

After all the playing and running all summer long I was looking forward to some calm, easy days with the kids playing in our front yard (or front driveway, whatever.)B was getting restless with summer winding down and school still not starting for a whole month. I want to let you in on a little secret. B is my son, we are a lot a like; we're loud and crazy and full of energy ....more

Random things that make my day

So today the kids were watching TV. ...more