Sometimes you've just HAD IT

You know how sometimes you get to the point where you've just "HAD IT". You're done. ...more

It's chore time around here, plus some chore chart printables

After all the playing and running all summer long I was looking forward to some calm, easy days with the kids playing in our front yard (or front driveway, whatever.)B was getting restless with summer winding down and school still not starting for a whole month. I want to let you in on a little secret. B is my son, we are a lot a like; we're loud and crazy and full of energy ....more

Random things that make my day

So today the kids were watching TV. ...more

How to take and edit sunset pictures like a pro, when you're not a pro

I took some sunset pictures when we went to the beach. ...more

If we knew what we had

We're just getting back from a week at the ocean. ...more

Beach and Bubbles

I love walking on the beach with the hot, white, gritty sand between my toes....more

Ducks and Pictures

In the neighborhood of beach houses we stayed in was a pond with ducks. ...more

Cold, Clear Pool Water and Adventure on a Pier

We thoroughly enjoyed the cold, clear blue pool! There was lots of jumping… ...lots of chasing (even though I know the kids were told to walk, walk a million times and stop running a million and one times!) ...lots of laughs ...more

Florida Florida we love you!

Right now Emily and I are probably sitting on a sand covered beach, soaking up the rays, sipping on a cold beverage without a care in the world. Well. ...more

You Know You Survived Your Flight With Kids If...

I have blocked the flight I took alone with my 3 kids in July to Kentucky until now.But as we prepare to jump onto another plane I thought I better unblock that time in my life and try to see what I can do to make this flight smoother…1. You didn't smack the fight attendant on the face after he told you to hold your 17 month old in the cradle position.Suggestion: ...more