A Lord of the Rings Quiet Book for the Littlest LOTR Fans!

The fourth book in my geeky installment of quiet books for kids, your tiny Lord Of The Rings fans don't have to wait any longer. What better way to keep your kids busy and quiet then to let them take a tour through one of the greatest fantasy series of all time. Travel through the shire, opening doors to find hidden images. Journey to Rivendell to meet the finger puppet members of the fellowship of the ring. Help Gollum find his precious, and even try the ring on your self! This 10 page felt book is guaranteed to keep your kids quietly busy and happy for hours!...more
I love you. LOVE you.more

Harry Potter And The Quiet Book

For my third installment in my nerdy quiet book series, I decided to step out of the sci-fi universe and take a step towards fantasy. What better fantasy book to start with then Harry Potter. Right?...more
Big Harry Potter fan! I am also making a quiet book, although it won't be as intricate as yours!more

Star Trek Quiet Book

When I was younger, my mom made us a quiet book. You know, a really fun fabric book with buttons, zippers, velcro all geniously designed to keep kids busy and quiet in appropriate places.. i.e church, appointments, meetings. Well, now grown up my self and getting ready for my first baby, I decided I should try my hand at a quiet book. But not just any quiet book, I wanted to do a themed one - because everything is more fun to make when it's themed...and what's more fun than sci-fi themes....and what's the greatest sci-fi show ever created?Star Trek....more
I wish it were TOS. My 2/12 year old daughter would flip out....  more