Baja Crush

Baja Crush Do you remember your first crush?...more

Fanny Packing

Fanny Packing First Culottes now Fanny Packs.For some of you, these are styles that don't warrant a comeback but then there are the rest of us that embrace a good comeback.I am going back and forth between the Rag & Bone,( I will refrain from using the term Fanny Pack and use Belt Bag) Belt Bag, and the Gucci, ( yes I know, more Gucci!!)...more

Sliding into Spring

Sliding into Spring... A good slide is a essential part of any spring/summer wardrobe and after this ridiculously cold winter I know we are all ready to take off the Sorels and slip our feet into a chic pair of sandals. I know so many of you prefer a flat so here are a few of my favorites....more

Fringe Fest

Fringe Fest Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you know that fringe is a huge trend this season and going forward. Let me tell you, I am a big fan of the Fringe! From skirts to jackets, shoes and bags Fringe is in!Like I said the other day I have been scouring Ebay for great vintage pieces from the 70's and I happen to come across this AMAZING suede fringe skirt, got to love Ebay!...more

Never Lose Your Edge

Never Lose Your Edge My thirteen practically fourteen (ugh!!) year old son is tall, six feet tall, and thin, it is so hard for me to find clothes for him that do not swim on him....more

Culotte-Or Not

Culotte-or Not As you may have already heard Culottes are one of the biggest fashion trends going forward. I think for some it is going to take a lot  for them to sport a pair of culottes but i think before long we will all be wearing them. Isn't that how trends work?...more

The Elegant Jogger

The Elegant Jogger These Vince joggers...more

70's Revival

Tuesday, February 17, 201570's Revival I am so excited for the comeback of 70's fashion. The 70's is one of my all time favorite style decades....more

Neutral Territory

Neutral Territory A neutral shoe is such a staple in any wardrobe. The connotation of neutral has always implied a basic beige shoe to me. How boring does that sound? But these days there are no rules when it comes to fashion, so what does neutral mean to you? Is a style neutral or is a color only neutral? Is a pattern neutral?...more

Warby Parker

Warby Parker Do you all know Warby Parker? Well, let me introduce you then.......more