Lounging Around.....

Lounging Around Today was our first really cold morning here in the Hamptons, 29 degrees when I drove my son to the bustop, fall is definitely in the air. On these kinds of mornings I just want to lounge around in something comfy warm & cozy, especially something cozy on my feet....more

Sweater Weather Under $40

Sweater Weather Under $40 This ...more


AthLeisure I love the term AthLeisure......more

It's All About The Boots....

It's all About the Boots... It's all about the boots for me right now and this Vince Bringham Bootie<...more

Bucket List

Friday, October 10, 2014Bucket List Fall Bucket List......more

Leather Weather:Vegan Edition

Leather Weather: Vegan Edition One of my Best Besties is Vegan and for many being Vegan also means that they will no longer wear or use anything made with animal products....more

Moto Boots

I'm obsessing over this Moto Boot from Rag & Bone. I love its more refined style they have, compared to some of the chunkier styles out there. ...more
Those boots are KILLER!! LOVE!more

Denim Junkie: Fall Organizing

Denim Junkie-Fall Organizing Somehow the change of seasons always prompts closet organization. My jeans needed to be sorted through desperately. As much as I try to purge my jeans regularly, my denim collection just seems to get bigger and bigger and my closet smaller and smaller....more

Sporty Chic

Thursday, September 11, 2014Sporty Chic We all do it, we all either stay in our workout clothes all day running errands and driving the kids around, or just automatically throw them on because we don't feel like shoving ...more

Distracted : Denim Junkie

Distracted: Denim Junkie Distracted for me right now has been an understatement. While trying to enjoy the summer in this amazing place that I am lucky enough to call home (The Hamptons) I have also been busy trying to throw together a party (within 4 weeks) for my son to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah....more