8 Stress busting activities that can help calm your nerves

"Stress symptoms may be affecting your health, even though you might not realize it. You may think illness is to blame for that nagging headache, your frequent insomnia or your decreased productivity at work. But stress may actually be the culprit.” Stress Symptoms: Effects on your body and behavior. Mayo Clinic....more

Fumbling around in darkness

 Lately I've not felt like doing much. Not blogging. Not reading. Not writing.  Sometimes I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall. At other times I feel like I'm fumbling around in darkness.  I struggle with anger when I'm overwhelmed by hot flashes, creeping over me like microwave caressing leftovers.This is a post of many contradictions. But it reflects my inner turmoil....more

A Daughter's Wisdom

I was watching a DVD of Dr. Christiane Northrup's Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdon on FMTV.com the other day. Actually, I really do watch it almost every week. She is so insightful and very funny.  Anyway, in listening to her, even at age 50+, I felt I was listening to a mother speaking lovingly to her daughter....more

Super Juicing Me: Standing up to a Challenge

On Monday, June 2, I will begin my participation in two challenges; Writing 101 by WordPress and SuperJuiceMe 28 day detox program.  Yes, I will be consuming nothing but good, organic nutrients from June 2-29!...more

My Favourite Cookbook

This post is in response to NaBloPoMo's prompt: "Tell us about your favourite cookbook." I have fallen behind on my posts but trying to catch up this weekend....more

T. Never. I Aim to Play.

I don’t follow recipes. I read them, ponder them, then I go off and do my own thing. My cookbooks have clean pages because they are seldom, if ever used.  When I read recipes, I get bored halfway through.  I will read the title, “Yummy Carrot Muffins” and then go straight ahead and make muffins without the carrots.  What can I say. I am who I am....more

Someone at My Service or DIY

“Would you ever want a personal chef, or do you enjoy cooking your own meals?”It would be nice to have a personal chef every once in a while. But I think for me that would grow old fast.  Yes, having someone prepare a scrumptious meal when I come home tired and hungry after a long day would be really handy some days. However, I would have more fun preparing my own meals....more

If Wishes Were Horses and all Things Organic

So today, Nablopomo challenges us to “Tell us how you wish you ate if it’s different from your day-to-day reality.” ...more

Eat? Do I Really Eat?

I’m excited to join NaBloPoMo again. The theme for May is Nourish and the first post is “Tell us how you eat: do you sit down to three meals, eat several small meals, or grab a granola bar on the run?”...more

Dreams. Do they mean anything?

I dreamed one night that I saw a very beautiful bird in a cage.  It was a very strange dream in a very strange place.  I had no idea what it meant until my cousin called me to tell me that his niece was arrested for stabbing her mother's boyfriend. Apparently the bastard was beating her mother.  Was the dream just a dream or was it showing me what had happened to a distance relative? Did I see my cousin's niece in prison before I knew it actually happened? Who knows. I certainly don't....more