Things Will Fall Apart...And Then What?

Every morning after I successfully drag my feet to our kitchen to prepare breakfast, one of the first things I see are the ant traps sitting in one corner of our counter top. They've been there for months. We had a minor ant attack in the summer, as if the heat alone wasn't enough to remind me that we do live in the South ....more

Unexpected Ways the 2016 Election Results Have Made Me a Better Parent

We've all heard it, spoken it, thought about it, macerated it before digesting it so really it's nothing new: Social Media make people unhappy. And this past week made this reality even more pronounced than ever for most of us (roughly 62M Americans at least) as we struggle to make sense of the 2016 elections....more

Our Divided States of America: What Now?

I don't particularly like getting political on this space but there is nothing else for me to say today or for the rest of the week other than #*&^$$%^(^()_:>>?<)*^$###!! Expletives in every version imaginable. To say that I'm saddened and frightened by all this is an understatement ....more

I'm an Introvert and I'm Done Apologizing for It

Ever since I read this HuffPost Parenting blog a few months ago, I've been trying to be consistent with my son in asking him how he's been kind, brave, or how he thinks he failed during the day. The answers don't always come very easy and that's where its value lies. I find myself encouraging him to think hard and not take anything for granted ....more

My Personal Momsanity Scale

My son just recently got over an illness and it's been a wretched past week for our family. I can only say 'illness' instead of being more specific because no one ever came up with a definitive diagnosis. He was seen by two doctors and just like me, all we can label are the symptoms for which he received medication....more

The Day Donald Trump Made Me Grow Up

I had just met up with a good friend at the mall and we said our goodbyes at the bus stop. I knew I had about a 30-minute commute ahead and didn't want to be so late going home. I boarded the bus and was happy that there were a lot of open seats for me to choose from ....more

What Matters Most in Death

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