Why a Catholic Converted to Christianity and Why the Two Are Not the Same

*** Published in Yahoo Associated Content.I was born and raised a Catholic, but converted to become a born-again Christian in 2002. No, the two are not the same. Both use the same Bible and claim the same Jesus as their God but there is one difference that separates them like day and night....more

A third-world immigrant ponders about poverty in America

Today I was a little peeved so I was afraid that my blogging words will be biting.  But like any other woman whose moods are swayed in a second after faced with a new thing, I now feel more thoughtful than irate....more

Top android apps for moms with toddlers

I was originally going to post in here the top Android apps for moms according to categories like  grocery shopping, Bible & devotions, journaling, and apps to entertain a toddler. However the last category alone contains already over seven different apps.  So I decided to create one blog per category.Entertaining and Educational Android apps for Tots...more

The online toddler

I am reading right now articles in The Online Mom about social networking, parents and their children.  Some of the articles’ titles, which you might be interested to read, are:...more

The secret to contentment

I wrote an article about how the apostle Paul learned the secret to contentment.  It may sound like I myself have found it, but that is far from it.  I am still striving to achieve it.  It just helps to mark a lesson learned by another.  By writing about it I put a mark on things that are utterly important but most likely still on top of my list of to do's and to be....more

Top 5 TV shows for my toddler

I believe that TV isn't that bad if used with good parental regulation. For younger kids, it is possible to utilize the TV for their growth and development. As parents who scrutinize all influences around your kids, what TV shows do you allow them to see?  I wrote in this article my top 5.  What are yours?...more

I'm a Christian Singles Examiner

I am married now but before all that came to be I was a struggling single in a Christian environment where the norm was to go against the norms.  My life then was a series of ups and downs with lots of going ins and outs to and from the Bible.  ...more