Let's Talk Toddler Fashion

Okay, let me get this out of the way first. This is NOT a toddler fashion blog. I don’t gel my kid’s hair or dress him in ironic bow ties and suspenders.I go for cute and comfy. {Which is kind of my theory on grown up fashion and home decorating too.} I don’t really like the clothes to look too “babyish” and prefer stuff that Travis or I would wear, shrunken down to kid size....more

Maybe I Can Pretend They are Halloween Decorations?

As with pretty much every morning that I’m leaving the house for work, I had my hands full with my purse, my lunch bag, Jack, some ‘tow truck snacks’ that he was munching on, my keys and my phone.I shut the door behind us and swung around on my front porch to see THIS.Blegh. SO MANY SPIDER WEBS! KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!...more

A Bathroom Mini Disaster: Ignoring it Didn't Work

You know how sometimes you see something and you think, “OH CRAP… that’s going to be a pain in my butt” so you ignore it for a while?Well, don’t do that when it comes to bathroom leaking stuff. Really. Don’t.One day while scrub-a-dub-dub-ing in the shower, I looked up and saw that the area of paint right above the shower insert was kind of bubbling. I don’t know if this is the first day it happened, or the fact that I actually had my contacts in and could SEE that made me notice it....more

My September Stitch Fix: Happy Birthday to ME!

Oh my goodness, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this Stitch Fix delivery FOREVER! My schedule got all discombobulated in July when I got a ‘do over’ Fix. Since I ended up buying every darn thing in the box, I figured I should skip my August fix and just have one come for me in September… on what happens to be my birthday week....more
Denise I kept the sleeveless top and jacket, but passed on the pants. They just didn't look as ...more

Goodbye Paci

It seems as if another step of Jack growing up has sneaked up on me.When Jack was born early, he immediately showed a preference to a specific kind of pacifier – the soothie that was given to him in the NICU.As all smart parents do, I immediately ran out and bought a half-dozen of them to have handy around the house. As ALL infants seem to do, he would spit it out only to flail around with his little hands unable to put it back in again....more

Making Over 2 Thrift Store Lamps

The better title for this post would have been: Making over 2 Thrift Store Lamps, Googling “Why doesn’t my lampshade fit my lamp”, “How do I make my lampshade fit my lamp”, “What the heck is a Slip Uno Adapter” and “How do I know what kind of fitter is on my lampshade”… then finally finding something at Home Depot to MAKE IT WORK Tim Gunn-style.That might have been a teensy bit of overkill though…It all started with these:...more

Adding New Fall TV Shows to the Returning Favorites On My Tivo

I love TV. I don’t understand how people can live without a television, because I love the feeling of getting lost in a show and yelling at the characters. I get invested in the storylines and am super sad over the summer when there is NOTHING new to watch besides a million episodes of House Hunters. New Fall TV Show "Red Band Society" Image: FOX Current Favorites To give you an idea of what I like, here’s what my current Tivo list looks like: ...more
JoulesDellinger Melissa Ford I think it starts on September.  Maybe end of September?  You can ...more

The August MissionCute Box: My New Favorite?!

You know how I like a fun surprise gift in the mail? I mean, who DOESN’T when as a grown-up most of your mail is bills, coupons to places you don’t go, and junk you don’t even open?...more

One Year of Ollie

Ollie (aka Ollivander Rutledge Dellinger) had his one year adoption anniversary with us a couple weeks ago. We’re not really sure when he was born, but the vet estimated that he was about one and a half when we adopted him. To keep it simple, I decided that Ollie and Jack share a birthday… so they are both 2 ½ now.Hope Jack doesn’t get a complex about it. Or Ollie. Because frankly the dog is a bit of a diva and it would be JUST like him to get a complex over sharing his birthday.I guess the most important thing to say is: Ollie is not Potter....more

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Okay, I Did It

I really thought the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was dying down.Celebrities did it. Bloggers did it. A ton of people in my Facebook feed did it.There was uproar FOR it. There was uproar AGAINST it.Over $53.3 Million was raised for The ALS Association, compared to $2.2 million during the same time period last year....more