My November Stitch Fix: Comfy + Casual

The weather outside isn’t frightful yet, but I’m already feeling the urge to snuggle up under a fuzzy blanket, drink some hot cocoa and nibble on some snickerdoodles. After over two dozen Stitch Fix boxes, I’m doing quite well on work-appropriate clothes. However, I’ve recently realized that my weekend casual wear could really use some upgrading....more

4 Ways to Wear Olive Colored Pants

I feel like everyone owns at least a pair or two of colored jeans at this point, right? However, if you're anything like me, you get stuck in a rut of wearing the exact same outfit with them over and over again. To help us all branch out, I’ve come up with four different ways you can wear olive colored pants. Outfit #1: A casual t-shirt and a pop of color ...more
All very cute! Now I want olive colored pants!more

6 of the Hottest Boot Styles for Fall 2015

Now that the temperatures are dropping, many of us are starting to pack away our open-toed sandals and start reaching for our boots. To be honest, as much as I love the summer, by the time October rolls around I’m ready to switch up my wardrobe....more

My October Stitch Fix: Help Me Decide!

You know when the weather is changing from summer to winter (because in Maryland, we basically get 9 days of fall) and suddenly nothing in your closet looks good on you?...more
S4CDebbie feedingjoy Once they send you the 'your fix is on it's way' email there will be a link ...more

5 Tips for Selling Your Clothes on Facebook

You probably read the title of this post and said, "WHHHHHAAATTTT?" because you had no idea that you could sell clothes on Facebook. Yeah, me neither! I just found out a couple months ago, and my mind was blown! ...more
Think about what is in the background of your photos. Tidy up!more

Hersheypark in the Dark Starts Today!

If you are looking for something awesome to do with your family this weekend, you need to check out the Hersheypark in the Dark event in Hershey, PA.The event runs for just three weekends, starting today. You can go October 16 – 18, October 23 – 25, or October 30 – November 1.Our family has gone for the last couple years and we LOVE spending our Halloween at Hershey....more

3 Steps to Snagging Frye Boots for a Steal

For years I obsessed over Frye boots. I’d see a pair and my insides would get all melty over the real leather and classic styling. However, they were absolutely not in my price range. I’d try to convince myself that the cheaper knock-offs were just as good, but I still really wanted my very own pair of Fryes. Well, last year I figured out how to get my first pair of actual Frye boots for a steal, so I wanted to share my favorite tips with you! ...more
Lisa Thomson Thank you so much! I'm so glad you found my post helpful. =)more

Getting More Wear Out of Your Clothes: Office-to-Weekend Styling

As much as I love clothing and buying new clothes, I’m also relatively thrifty. I mean, if I’m going to splurge on a fantastic blouse, I need to be sure that I wear it enough that the ‘cost per wear’ works out to be in the reasonable threshold.When I try on a new item to determine if it will be moving into my closet, I always attempt to style it in a  couple different ways – ideally, I like to come up with a look for the office and one for weekends. Here’s a peek at a couple looks I’ve tried that may help you find new outfits in your own closet....more

Get Out of a Style Rut With These Four Pairs of Printed Shoes

As easy as it is to throw on a black or brown pair of shoes in the morning, it adds a little extra kick when you mix in a fun printed version instead. Check out a few of my favorite printed shoes for you to try out this fall!#1: Polka Dotted Slip-Ons ...more
@MommyPowers-Lynda Thorn  That's what I hear from all the Tieks lovers! =)more

My September Stitch Fix: A Sassy Birthday Fix

September is totally one of my favorite months. The combination of the whole back-to-school excitement in the air, a hint of pumpkin spice everything, and my September birthday all work together to make me a happy lady.I purposefully planned my September Stitch Fix delivery to come a little earlier in the month so that I could treat myself for my birthday. I booked a babysitter for Saturday and can’t wait to spend the day with my husband, family and close friends at a nearby wine festival....more
Blue shirt! You need the blue shirt!more