The Powerful Pair Share

Here is one of my best tools for teaching: The Pair Share. Most people learn well when they have a chance to verbally share and process new information. While it would be nice if they could...more

Best Ever Banana Bread

I love the way the whole house feels...more

Think Out Loud!

One of the best ways to learn from someone else is to...more

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

I’ve been eating this for breakfast for the last couple of weeks. Getting my probiotics in… some fruit, some protein, chia seeds… good stuff! I guess “pudding” makes it sound more like a dessert, but I definitely think of it as a yogurt....more

Hong Kong Milk Tea Recipe

I LOVE MILK TEA! I love cold Taiwan style milk tea AND hot Hong Kong style milk tea. As long as there is a strong tea flavor and it’s not too sweet, I love it ....more

Rewards in a Classroom

This one is for you teachers. Someone asked me to share more about how I used class points in my classroom, so here’s a post covering all the details...more

Creamy Zucchini and Garlic Soup Recipe (contains no cream!)

First of all, thank you for your responses in my last post. I felt like I just made a bunch of new friends, and now I want to visit y’all in Australia and the UK and throughout the U.S.! I really do appreciate that you’ve joined me here on this blog and I hope you […] ...more

Hi Readers! I Have Questions.

Hello Dear Readers! Three things! 1) Ack! ...more

Why Your Child Hates Reading (and How to Change That)

Reading is always a hot topic during parent-teacher conferences, and for good reason. In elementary school, students learn to read, so that for the rest of their lives, they can read to learn. If a student falls back here, almost every other subject will lag behind as they approach the upper grades ....more

Flaky and Moist Cream Scone Recipe

I have been a sucker for scones ever since my Auntie S. made...more