Pumpkin Pancake Recipe

There’s a reason these pumpkin pancakes have 2k fans on allrecipes.com. A very good reason. Even though I just posted a recipe for whole wheat blueberry pancakes, these are actually my favorite type of pancakes to make! ...more

Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancake Recipe


Busy Box #3: Velcro Craft Sticks

Encourage open-ended play and fun with these simple craft sticks and some velcro! I made these for one of my daughter’s busy boxes and I’m pretty sure that as she gets older, she’ll enjoy creating all sorts of fun shapes from it. In addition to simply playing with it, I already have some geometry lessons planned, from teaching basic shapes to regular shapes to congruent shapes to understanding the nuances between the different types of quadrilaterals… all using these sticks! ...more

One Good Thing

It’s been...more

The Messy Things in Life


Busy Box #2: Pushing Pom Poms

A while back, I made five busy boxes for my toddler. One for each weekday: The boxes are basically clear plastic shoe boxes that have a special set of activities and toys to keep her occupied while she quietly sits on a blanket (aka Blanket Time. If you’ve never tried it, you must ....more

The Home Stretch

He’s coming. In <6 weeks. I’m excited! ...more

Best Bible Reading App!!!

If you have ever attempted, are attempting, or have considered attempting to read ANY PART OF THE BIBLE, EVER, YOU MUST READ THIS POST. I have something REALLY REALLY REALLY COOL AND EXCITING TO SHARE WITH YOU!!! YES ....more

The Extraordinary Power of Two Simple Words

She walked up to me, hands cupped and eyes bright, “Yes, please!” “Here ya go,” I said, pouring in a handful of Goldfish. “Thank you!” she chirped, and scampered off to recess. The next student approached, hands cupped in a similar fashion ....more

How to Raise a “Good Eater”

I’m scared to write this post. Because I’m have a terrible feeling that as soon as I hit publish, my daughter will suddenly decide that she hates everything and anything I try to feed her… And that I will be eating my words even as they are flying out to you in cyberspace. I also don’t want to get into mommy wars here ....more