9 Things You Only Notice When You Become a Parent

I don’t usually do lists, but I just kept noticing these things and thought,...more

DIY Girl’s Hair Clip Holder

Anyone who has had a baby girl has had someone, at some point, compliment her on her cute baby...more

Pear and Almond Tart Recipe

Day 1: A package arrives at the door. It is a lovely congratulatory gift set including lush and sweet Harry and David pears from Ben’s boss! Ben: OOH you can make your pear tart! ...more

Displaying Kid’s Art on the Wall: DIY Gallery Wall

My quest for the perfect art display solution began about half a year ago, when my child glued this masterpiece...more

The Father’s Heart


Inclusive Education

Wendy is not only one of my best friends, but she is one of the most passionate and hard-working educators I know. I’ve known her for nearly two decades, and I can’t believe I didn’t pick her brain on one of the topics closest to her heart until now! Now, you all get to hear her perspective and learn from her experience as a special education teacher ....more

How to Be an Awesome In-Law

So in case you missed my Monday post, BABY BOY IS HERE! He’s doing well! I’m doing well! ...more

DIY Carseat Canopy

HE’S HERE! And he’s a delight! And we are doing well!! ...more

Soup Roundup!

It’s officially autumn and even though it’s still hitting the 90’s here, I’ve decided it is definitely soup-making time again! Who am I kidding, I make soup all summer, too. It’s just such a delicious way to get in those veggies! ...more

Celebrating Every Win

Hello Readers! It is my pleasure to introduce my friend Rosalie Yu, a good friend and fellow educator! Rosalie worked at a childcare center for multiple years, then taught 4th-6th grade before moving on to her...more