Simple DIY Magnetic Chore Chart for Toddlers with Free Printable Template!

I’m super excited to share this printable with you! I’ve created a customizable chore chart to help your toddler or preschooler gain independence in getting herself ready at the start and end of each day. She simply looks at the picture, follows the activity, then flips up the magnetic flap to to mark off each accomplishment ....more

“Hurricane” Furikake Chex Mix Recipe

Oh man, it’s January 10, and I think I forgot to say HAPPY NEW YEAR last week! HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT ONE! Are you a resolutions kind of person? ...more

Brilliant Trick to Get 20 Minute Congee with GREAT Consistency!

Brrr it’s been cold here lately, and on chilly days like this, there’s nothing better than a hot bowl of congee to warm you up! Congee, or “jook,” is the Chinese equivalent to porridge. It’s the ultimate Chinese comfort food, and every Chinese kid has grown up eating this for breakfast or sometimes lunch ....more

How to Calm a Crying Toddler

When she was a baby, all I had to do was poke a cool toy in front of her face and she was distracted from her crying. As she hit the early toddler years, I found that offering a little snack was my easy out when I was desperate: Crying child: “WAHHHHH!!!” Mother: “Here, have a Cheerio.” Child: *nom nom nom* But as she neared three, I found it increasingly difficult to calm my toddler when she was in the crying-so-hard-she’s-gasping-for-air stage. HAVE A CHEERIO ....more

Microwave Salted Caramel Recipe

My friend David posted a recipe for salted caramel cream cheese brownies last week. They are completely over the top. I mean, brownies ....more

Treasuring the Lasts

Little did I know when I picked her up and out of her crib this morning, it would be the last. The last time I would walk into her room to see her standing there, patiently waiting for me. The last time she’d be cozy in her blue sleepsack, fluffy and as squeezable as a teddy bear ....more

Very busy doing nothing

I’ve been very busy doing nothing in a land of sunshine and beaches :]....more

Five Essential Items to Contain the Mess in an Art Studio

Have any of you taken the leap and started an art space for your child? I was so happy to hear that my brother and sister in law went out and stocked up on art supplies after seeing my post! I’d love to see pictures of your child’s work or photos of your space if you’ve done it, too! ...more

Don’t Make Eye Contact with Your Students

I attended a training for Sunday school teachers this past weekend, and came across the most unexpected piece of advice:...more

My New Hobby: Brush Lettering!

A couple months ago, I picked up a new hobby: brush lettering! I was inspired after seeing my friend Marilyn post these amazing pieces of...more