Don’t Plan So Much

I think I’m about to contradict a lot of what I just said in my last post about...more

Backwards Planning

I came downstairs to find my mom watching my daughter and my niece playing at the sensory bin. It’s literally a bin full of dried beans, where kids can stick their hands in and grab and feel and push and scoop and play. (Pinterest it– it’s a thing.) Now, think about it for a moment ....more

Chocolate Eminence Cake

This is a celebration cake to make for somebody you really love. For me, that was my friend Lily, though I will say I made it for her pre-baby. Two days pre-baby, to be exact ....more

If You Had Two Hours…

I had fully intended to spend my afternoon type, type, typing away at my computer to get another post out by my self-imposed deadline of...more

Simple, Refreshing Appetizer!

We had just had our babygirl, and Danny and Akemi were so generous to drive an hour to visit with...more

Blanket Time for Babies and Toddlers

My husband is out of town this week, so I’ve got babygirl allll to myself. While I am blessed to have family and friends nearby to help out, there are still many, many hours to the day where it’s just me and her, so...more

Smoked Salmon and Egg Salad Tartines

This one is lookin’ mighty good for an Easter brunch. We’ve actually never had one, since we’re always at a long church service that morning… but if we did, this would be on the menu! Mm-mm ....more

How to Gain Two More Weeks of School (Without Working a Single Extra Day!)

I got to teach two extra weeks’ worth of material to my students without working a single extra day. Here’s my secret! One morning I walked out to bring my students into the classroom ....more

The Best Pizza. Ever.

This is not a recipe. This is a technique. One you should skim, try, and then thank me for later....more

Keep ‘Em on Their Toes

Students learn best when they are paying attention. Imagine how much your students would learn if all of your students always paid attention to all of your lessons! Inattention is a pervasive problem in schools, so finding a way to reign that in is key to helping your students learn the most ....more