How to Train Your Kids to Start their Homework. On Their Own.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your child came home from school, and then started on their homework in a timely manner… without you having to remind them? With the start of the new school year, this is the perfect time for some tips on how to train...more

A Very Juicy Story

Last week, my friend Kevin dropped off several bottles of juices for me to try– what a treat! I felt so spoiled, and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that we were...more

Uber Fresh Juice and a Giveaway ($79 value)

California Dreamin’ I live in California....more

Mango Coconut Drink Recipe

I’ve been waiting ALL SUMMER...more

First Day of School

Today, I miss my classroom. I miss welcoming your children and teaching them and learning about them and loving them. I miss pulling into my parking spot, the sun freshly risen that apple skin hour sipping...more

A Simple Game to Keep Students in a Straight Line

If you lead a group of kids anywhere, they usually walk in clumps. This is fine if we’re trekking about on a field trip or headed out to the playground, but when we need to go from point A to point B in an efficient, orderly way, we need lines. I always liked my students […] ...more

Make Your Own Math Menu! (+Giveaway!)

It seems like just a couple weeks ago I was talking about summer boredom and math games… but look! I just published the last of the fun math game series, and already the beginning of the school year is upon us. So ....more

“Yesterday, I was Brave…”

When I first started teaching, I had a student-teaching...more

Math Game: Low Score

Here is a game that involves fractions, memory-strengthening, and a litttttle bit of gambling (…sort of… not really). It takes a little more explanation in the beginning than say, the game of 99, but once you get the hang of it, it’s very simple. Although this is recommended for grades 4-6, if your child understands […] ...more

How to Apologize Properly

Does the title sound familiar? Chances are you originally found my blog after reading my piece on teaching kids how to apologize. I’m pretty sure that’s how Verily Magazine found me, after which they asked me to write a version of apologies...more