Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Orange Butter Sauce

We eat this all the time. Everyone loves it. I enjoy roasted Brussels sprouts on their own, but this easy sauce definitely takes it up a notch and makes it something special! ...more

Today I Learned…

For some reason, I have been totally exhausted the last couple weeks. Maybe it has something to do with a toddler that keeps waking up crying in the middle of the night? Or nursing? ...more

Rehearse Desired Behavior

“No, No! DON’T. TAKE ....more

Don’t Go 50/50

Ten years ago, Ben and I attended a marriage conference as newlyweds, and there was one piece of advice that has stuck with us both after all these years: Don’t go 50/50. It’s marriage advice we’ve revisited again and again- for ourselves, with our small group for newlyweds, and with anybody else who...more

Cajun Chicken Alfredo (aka Penne with Sausage and Chicken in Cream Sauce)

Life’s been good. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately: These chocolate chip cookies are amazing. They come out chewy, buttery, savory-salty in a great way, gooey, chocolatey, crisped up just right… possibly...more

“I Have a Friend Who…”

This is the name of a super cute and simple game that my husband made up to play with my daughter when she had just turned two. It’s great for developing her visual skills, imagination, and fluency with colors. She’s able to get a lot of practice making deductions as well as using words to describe things....more

How to Move Past Small Talk

I recently got to spend some quality time with a couple of my best friends. Moms only. It was great ....more

Delicious Swiss Chard Recipe

This is a delicious Swiss chard recipe: soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, pine nuts, butter. Yum....more

What to Do with Family Photos

I have a problem. A photo problem. A way-too-many-photos-of-my-kids problem ....more

Baby Shower Activity: Make Memory Tiles!

It’s been a full weekend. It started out with roaring laughter late into the night (morning?) with some of my favorite people, and continued with a family brunch and then a baby shower with some old friends. I’m exhausted and my eyes are burning, but baby shower season (is there such a thing??) is upon us and I really wanted to share this simple but fun baby shower activity that I came up with! ...more