Awesome Banana Mango Spinach Smoothie

There is nothing as good as a fresh smoothie in the morning or after a workout! Smoothies are a great way to stay healthy because you get so many essential nutrients in one drink when done right. I love a good smoothie for this reason and for the great flavor. My Awesome Banana Mango Spinach Smoothie is not only a nutritional smoothie, but a delicious smoothie as well!...more

Healthy Zucchini Spaghetti with Tomato Basil Sauce

Zucchini spaghetti is a great way to stay healthy and have your “pasta”, too. I love the versatility of zucchini spaghetti and with a veggie spiralizer, it couldn’t be easier. There are several ways to make zucchini spaghetti, but since I bought my veggie spiralizer, I couldn’t imagine making this dish any other way. Since I had some fresh tomatoes to use, I decided to make Healthy Zucchini Spaghetti with Tomato Basil Sauce for dinner, and it was absolutely delicious and definitely healthy!...more

Awesome Apple-Delicious Apple Recipes

The fall is a great time for apple recipes! Families love to go apple picking in the fall, only to return home and start digging out the favorite family apple recipes to make. My family is no different from everyone else. We, too, loved to take the children apple picking every fall and sure enough, when we arrived home we pulled out our favorite family apple recipes to bake. The one other thing we have done over the years is to add to those apple recipes with new ones we created or found along the way. The Awesome Apple-Delicious Recipes are just a few of our favorites!...more

A True Gem, Sole’s Italian Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

While visiting Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we came across a true gem while eating out! Sole’s Italian Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is one of those rare finds on the Grand Strand. There are so many restaurants to choose from, but Sole’s Italian Restaurant is not just any restaurant....more

NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina

When visiting our son in Charlotte, North Carolina, we visited the NASCAR Hall of Fame. The NASCAR Hall of Fame was on both my husband’s and son’s to do list, so it was time. Many people worldwide enjoy the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, better known as NASCAR. The NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a must see for anyone who is a fan, especially for those that have attended any of the NASCAR races....more

Apple Strawberry Crumb Cobbler

Looking for an easy apple recipe? Apple cobbler is one of the easiest recipes I can think of for when I want an apple recipe that’s easy and delicious. A cobbler, by definition, is filling a baking dish with fruit or some sort of filling and then covering that filling with a batter of some sort, one biscuit or more biscuits, or a kind of pie crust topping before being baked....more

Fresh Homemade Margherita Pizza

Homemade pizza is the best! One reason for this is because you choose your own toppings and exactly how much of each you want. In our home, homemade pizza is a crusty pizza. It is not really thin slice, but it isn't over thick either. You get to decide that as well when you make your own homemade pizza...thick or thin! So why order out? Well, sometimes it's quicker, especially if you have a pizza seller you like, but why order out when time isn't a factor?...more

Peach Cucumber Salsa with Grilled Chicken

I’ve been reading a lot lately about various fruit salsas served over grilled meats and fish. Since I had some peaches available and English cucumbers, I decided I would go ahead and see what kind of fruit salsa I could come up with for grilled chicken. We grill chicken a lot and a fruit salsa sounded like a good way to change it up a bit. That’s how I came up with my Peach Cucumber Salsa with Grilled Chicken, and we loved it!...more

Delicious Baked Oatmeal with Peaches

Family members having been asking for a fast breakfast idea lately and although baked oatmeal is not fast, it can be done ahead and reheated later when you’re ready to eat. Just reheat a square of baked oatmeal in a matter of seconds in the microwave in the morning. Add some fresh fruit to go along with that and baked oatmeal makes a great way to start your day with very little effort. My Delicious Baked Oatmeal with Peaches is healthy as well as a great tasting way to start your day!...more

Delicious Homemade Hot Hot Hot Sauce

In our home, we love hot sauce and spicy recipes! When I was growing up in our Italian household, it was not unusual to see my father or mother putting hot sauce or hot peppers on a wide variety of foods. The hotter the sauce the better sauce was my father’s opinion. So I guess my love of spicy food comes to me naturally. Adding hot peppers or hot sauce to a dish, almost always makes a meal taste better for me. That’s why I decided to make my own Delicious Homemade Hot Hot Hot Sauce!...more
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