Choose To Be Healed. Choose To Be Happy. Wait on God. Your Breakthrough is Coming!

Good morning! Cancel every assignment. Let victory in our voices be heard. Tell every manner of sickness and disease by his stripes we’re healed. Rejoice!...more

Thank God For Your Life. There’s Someone Somewhere Fighting Harder Just to Live

There’s someone somewhere fighting for, holding on to dear life. No matter how difficult it may seem, be thankful for your life. Good morning!...more

Hurt People Hurt People. Misery Loves Company. Don’t Let the Struggle of Someone Who’s Miserable Become Your Burden

Woke up with a heavy heart yesterday. Sometimes I don’t understand why people do what they do or choose the words they say. Only to kill the spirit of another just because they think it’s acceptable to be, who they are in their refusal to change who they are....more

Won’t God Do It! If He brings You To It, He Will See You Through It. Have Faith. He Will Do It!

Every day we wake to see the sun rise, its God saying to us, I’m not done. There’s still work to do. You’re on assignment. God chose you....more

September Pain Awareness Month 2014 – Let’s Go All Out to Make It One of the Best Ever!

Tomorrow many across the nation will participate in September Pain Awareness Month....more

Psalm 37:25 “I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread.” Trust God. He Knows What He’s Doing

A journey is like pockets of carefully calculated air we breathe. We meet with crossroads of uncertainty, never knowing where it will lead. It’s all in God’s timing indeed....more

Join Me – I’m Dressed in Red Today; Covered by the Blood of Jesus!

I’m dressed in red today. On fire for the Lord; covered by the blood of Jesus. God, you can do anything but fail. Your purpose will prevail....more

Please Stop the Gun Violence and the Killings – Ferguson and Others, We’re Praying for Healing

Words cannot explain what I am feeling today. I am going off subject today....more

Prayer Warriors Please Pray for the Nation. Angels Go To Work on Behalf of the Nation!

The nation is hurting. Many have lost a loved one. We may not have known them, but we’re praying for everyone. Prayer warriors, intercede, touch and agree in prayer for the nation....more