Grandchildren are One of God’s Greatest Gifts – Treasure Every Moment with Them

Over a few weeks ago, my youngest grandson celebrated his 2nd birthday and I couldn’t help but have the family help me put together a collection of what I felt were great moments to commemorate his life in expression of the joy he has brought us over the years. This video is my way of saying, “Happy birthday Michai! I love you!”...more

Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Me! God Set Me Free. Celebrate with Me – Glory!

As I sat in pure silence the other day, a bit sadden after reflecting on the events that changed my life forever ten years ago that day, I tried to collect my thoughts. It marked the beginning of insurmountable challenges I would face as a result of unexpected changes in my life that left me helpless and hurting. Remembering a time when I lost control of what I thought was a stable life and there was nothing I could do about it. I felt I suffered not to live, but only to die from the discomfort, agony, and pain in my body. I thought my life was over....more

We All Bleed the Same Blood. The Color Doesn’t Change. God is No Respecter of Persons – He Loves Us All the Same

I had the pleasure of watching and listening to what I thought was a powerful, thought-provoking video by Kaleo, one of my dearest friend’s son that spoke volumes to my heart. I had to share this beautiful message so that others may hear and be moved as I was, which ultimately will compel us to act and make a difference in this world. I also ask that you please feel free to share....more

Here’s a Little Morning Glory To Start Your Day. Be Blessed. Make It a Great Day!

Morning Glory!Life can be difficult. Every day is s struggle. Count it all joy. God is merciful....more

Don’t Complain to God How Big Your Problems Are – Start Telling Your Problems How Big Your God Is!

Everyone has problems. None of us are exempt. Many of us will complain more than we should, when we should be thanking God more, no matter the problem....more

Domestic Violence is NEVER Okay! Janay Rice, Kayla Dwyer, and Others We’re Praying for You

I tried to avoid speaking on this subject matter because of my own personal struggle with domestic abuse and violence having lived with and experienced it over the years, but something just would not let me keep quiet....more

Choose To Be Healed. Choose To Be Happy. Wait on God. Your Breakthrough is Coming!

Good morning! Cancel every assignment. Let victory in our voices be heard. Tell every manner of sickness and disease by his stripes we’re healed. Rejoice!...more

Thank God For Your Life. There’s Someone Somewhere Fighting Harder Just to Live

There’s someone somewhere fighting for, holding on to dear life. No matter how difficult it may seem, be thankful for your life. Good morning!...more

Hurt People Hurt People. Misery Loves Company. Don’t Let the Struggle of Someone Who’s Miserable Become Your Burden

Woke up with a heavy heart yesterday. Sometimes I don’t understand why people do what they do or choose the words they say. Only to kill the spirit of another just because they think it’s acceptable to be, who they are in their refusal to change who they are....more