Booze Baking: Pink Champagne Cake


How NaBloPoMo Feels... in 16 Pictures

This month is the largest National Blog Posting Month. If you are wondering what it is like to do NaBloPoMo, here's an explanation in 16 pictures. ...more
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#MicroblogMonday Some Thoughts on Feminism


Things That Really ARE All in Your Head


Everyday Parenting: An Interview with Emily K.

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Everyday Parenting: An Interview with Amanda W.

This post is part of a three part launch to my new, ongoing series “Everyday Parenting”. I'm starting this series because I am intrigued about how different people approach and handle parenting....more

Help! I'm Boring Myself With My Blog Posts

I have several partially written drafts of posts, but I can’t seem to make any of them make sense. They start out okay, and the core ideas are good, but the execution keeps eluding me. At some point they all seem to break down into incoherent ramblings that fail to relate back to the main idea I am trying to convey. I want to keep my writing tight, interesting, and entertaining. Instead I am wandering about like I am the kid in a Family Circus cartoon. Is this my own personal form of writer’s block? I’m not blocked from writing, but I am blocked from writing well? If so, how should I proceed? ...more
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In Flanders Fields: A Poem About Life


Waiting for Good Snow