Celebrating the Mother Figures in My Life

I was lucky to have many mother figures present in my life when I was little. Each of these phenomenal women helped to make me the mother I am today. ...more

Dear Husband

 Dear Husband, ...more

Why Fifty Shades Is Not For Me

 “Mom, I don’t think women will like that movie, because he isn’t very nice,” stated my 12 year old son.I cannot think of a safe time to turn on the television these days. Fifty Shades of Grey seems to be everywhere. Even the Today Show did a live broadcast from an exclusive screening of the movie. When did porn become mainstream?...more
There is a huge, huge difference between consensual BDSM and abuse. What you describe here is ...more

Say His Name

I was only surfing the internet when grief came and sat down beside me last weekend.An innocent Google search brought me to the Wikipedia page of an actor that goes by the name, Ben.Bennett. His name is Bennett....more

The New Math of Conception - Mommy + Daddy + Mommy = Baby #WomensLives

 Today, I came across a post that asked, “Would you have an IVF baby with three parents?”Recently, The British House of Commons voted in favor of an amendment  which would allow IVF babies to be created using biological material from two women and one man in order to prevent genetic defects.Technically, 99.8% of the baby’s DNA would come from the mother and father. The other .2% would come from a mitochondrial donor. ...more

Murphy's Laws of Elementary School

 My kids have been back at school for almost 2 months now. It seems to be that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. When kids are involved, the result can be hilarious (even thought you might not think so at the time.)...more


Wake me up when October ends. I know those aren’t quite the lyrics we are accustomed to, but it is the sentiment I feel each year as the leaves start changing colors and the chill of October fills the air. October is the month I lost Elijah, and fittingly, October also marks Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. For an entire month, my Facebook feed is filled with blue and pink ribbons, reminding me not only of my loss, but of the many losses endured by so many all over the world....more

Muddy Puddles

Blame Peppa Pig, but my boy loves muddy puddles.I spotted the puddle the minute we walked onto the field. Linus’ eyes lit up, but he didn’t let on that he noticed it. Playing with his siblings, I saw his eyes dart over a few times. I imagine he was concocting a way to maneuver closer....more

Down The Drain

 There was a lot of crying today at the pediatrician's office. It wasn't caused by Linus getting his flu shot or Alice's throat culture.Josie flushed one of her favorite toys down the toilet. I don't usually allow the kids to bring toys to the doctor's office. Alice's temperature was nearing 104 and Josie had been playing with her Kawaii Crush doll all morning, so I decided to give in when they asked to bring something special to play with....more


There I stood, in the middle of Times Square, completely exposed.The backpack slung over my shoulder was the only coverage I had. Swinging the bag across the front of my body, I tried to figure out which was the better side to cover. ...more