Left Handed

Josie tried to convince the aide at Religious Education that she wrote with her left hand.With 35 years teaching experience behind her, she could not be swayed. Josie is clearly right handed. My girl let her stubborn streak show as she argued, “My teachers make me use my left hand at school.”...more

8 Lessons Learned From Jem and the Holograms

 “Showtime, Synergy!”...more

DIY Crayon Lipstick


4 Easy (and Freezable) Breakfast Hacks

Breakfast has to be the the most challenging meal of the day over at my house. No one can ever agree on what they want to eat. There have been mornings when some of my kids are clamoring for a hot meal while I can barely get the others to eat a handful of dry cereal....more

Dear Kindergarten Teacher

I am sorry to report that my son will be absent on the first day of school this year.You may not realize it, but his name is glaringly absent from your current roster.I walked by your classroom door just the other day and took note that his name wasn't carefully written inside a bright red apple taped around your window.He will never sit at a desk or hang his backpack on a hook.On that first day of school, which is coming upon me so quickly, I won't be walking him to the bus stop and crying tears as he drives away....more

Trapper Keeper

 It's back to school shopping time.When I was in grammar school, I remember heading out to the office supply store with a few very important items on my mind -- Hello Kitty pencils, Lisa Frank folders, and of course, a Trapper Keeper. There were so many to choose from, but I finally decided one with rainbow colored hearts floating through the sky.I couldn't wait until the first day of school so I could see which Trapper my best friend picked out....more

Supply Lists

 The supply list asks for 6 packages of sharpened #2 Ticonderoga pencils with erasers (shared) Yes, Ticonderoga is in bold print to emphasize the brand name.Supply lists send me into a panic since our financial situation shifted. Back to school season has my stomach in knots.About I week ago I dug out the lists and started taking inventory. Always on the lookout for a sale,I picked up a few things here and there over the course of the summer. I mean, who can say no to 25 cent notebooks?...more


 “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”-William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night Dream This kid of mine, she wants to fly....more


 Last week, I traveled down to Manhattan to attend BlogHer 15. The past few years I watched from the sidelines (aka Twitter) and participated from home. I was especially sad to miss last year’s conference since I won a PhOTY. This is probably the longest I have been away from the kids in a very long time, plus, I haven’t stayed in a hotel in over 10 years. I hope this is just the beginning of a new chapter in my life....more


 Introvert or wallflower?I will often describe myself as a shy extrovert. Does that even exist?I seek out social occasions, but tend to hang out on the sidelines. Wallflower seems to fit me,but the term reminds me of the awkward girl with braces and glasses hugging the wall waiting for a boy to ask her to dance.I love going to the amusement park, but won’t set foot on a ride. I have been on dozens of roller coasters in my lifetime, and I do not enjoy them.So why do I still get excited when the carnival comes to town?...more