Easy Onion Appetizers

If you’re looking for a quick and easy appetizer or something to take to a...more

Nine unconventional things of Thankful

This is the time of year where we see a lot of stuff on social media about things we’re thankful for. Heartfelt, feel-good posts about being grateful for family, community, prosperity and health. So, this isn’t one of those kind of posts, K? ...more


I love shopping....more

Jill at 48 – The Bucket List

I’m not going to live forever. You might be reading this and thinking “duh” but those six words are hard to type. Like many people, I don’t like to think about my own mortality ....more

Adoption Isn’t Trendy

DepositPhoto Trendy. Hip. The “in thing.” The word trendy can describe what you drive, what you wear, or how you take your coffee ....more

Old noodles, swear words, and Grandad’s wisdom

I’ve been on the receiving end of lots of advice during my forty-something years. Some unsolicited, some ignored. But some of that advice has stuck with me ....more

Life with a lucky fin – Limb differences

When my husband...more

Fall Whoo Hoos

Whoo hoo, fall is here! Actually, fall really isn’t here…I live in sunny San Antonio and we’re still wearing shorts and opening our windows to catch a bit of breeze. It’s really funny to watch the climatized San Antonians bundle up when the temps hit the low eighties, though ....more

The Target Effect – Adoption Tales from the Checkout Line

November is National Adoption Month....more

What I’m reading right now and a cool give-a-way

Have you ever heard anyone say “I don’t see color?” I call BS, because yes, yes you do....more