Perpetual Likers & Abusive Hashtaggers – The People of Facebook

If you’re connected to Facebook, odds are you’re connected to at least one person that annoys you. ...more

Back Across the Pond - Thoughts on Leaving England

I’ve lived in England for almost four years. Today, I’m writing at my dining room table instead of my usual corner of the family room (my normal practice is to write while keeping one eye on what everyone else is doing, which is my standard disclaimer for anything I write that might suck). I’m displaced because today is moving day. I’m surrounded by chaos and packing crates, watching two moving dudes named LeRoy and Steve touch everything I own....more

Two Reasons I'm Not Mother of the Year

No one sets out to be a sucky mom or dad but sometimes, it happens.  Recording and sharing parenting fails serves a couple of different purposes, besides giving me something to write about on my blog.It lets other people know that they’re not the only ones out there making mistakes.  Sometimes I feel like I’m the only parent on the planet getting it all wrong but I know I’m not the only mom on the block who flounders sometimes.  I know I’m not the only one who has frequent “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing” moments....more

Random Parenting Fails, 2nd Edition

No one sets out to be a sucky mom or dad but sometimes, it happens....more

Mythbusters, Twin Style

If you’ve been around my blog for a minute, you know I have twin towers of four-year-old terror....more

You can’t prepare for motherhood

I’m excited to introduce my guest blogger,...more

Choosing Love – a Post Adoption Story

The struggle to bond with an adopted child or difficulty feeling love are hard things to talk or write about....more

Peace Out, England

I am usually a black and white kind of person....more

Letting go, losing and saying no after international adoption

I’d like to introduce my friend Beka....more