How To Make Perfect Bacon In Your Oven

I am switching it up a little bit this week, people. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a recipe. Before you get too completely excited (or freaked out), I’m not actually posting a recipe today…I’m calling this one a kitchen hack ....more

Why is Wrinkle Cream So Expensive?

Do you remember the movie Stripes where Bill Murray’s character said “That’s the fact, Jack” in his hot mess version of Army drill?...more

Can We Stop With the Parenting Articles, Please?

Today’s guest is Susan Gilbert-Collins, author of “Starting from Scratch.”...more

New Year’s Resolutions Revisited

I wrote this post two months ago and came across it this morning as I was trying to figure out something good to share with my readers....more

Internet Trolls

The first story I ever wrote was called the “A Little Elf.” I told it to my mom who used to write down the funny stuff I said and the stories I’d tell. All of my early wisdom is in a spiral notebook in a box somewhere, getting ready for the highest bidder when I […] ...more

Compassion, Empathy and a Story About a Starfish

Adoption is part of my life. It has been a source of joy and...more

Why We Adopted from China

Two out of three children are adopted from China…at least that’s how it works in my family. We get asked a lot of questions about our adoptions but the most common question asked is this one: Often the “why China” question is followed with “and why not an American kid?”...more

Six Ways to Help Adopted Children Appreciate Their Roots

This is a guest post from my friend and fellow Blunt Mom...more

I Mooned the People of Liverpool

When it comes to modesty I fall somewhere between a go-go dancer and one of the Duggar girls....more

Am I The Problem? #LikeAGirl

If you ask someone to “run like a girl” you’re probably going to get a parody of awkward movements:...more