Date Night at the Pedernales Cellars

I guess the title of this post would be better named “date day” but you know…that’s just not as catchy. We all see those articles written by women who trill about “putting their man first.”...more

Easy Halloween Grub From a Pinterest-Fearing Woman

I used to work with a woman I’ll call Evelyn from Alabama. Mostly, because her name was Evelyn and she was from Alabama. There is no protecting the innocent on this blog, people....more

Large Families: Here, there, and everywhere

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A Fly Will Poop On Your Lip…and other parenting lies

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That Sucks, Whoo Hoo Me!

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Five Things Infertifility Has Taught Me

The beauty of the blogosphere is the connections it brings....more

Ten Things That Make My Head Explode

“She’s high maintenance, good luck with that.” I have it on good authority that this was the advice my dad gave my husband on my wedding day. I can’t argue with this....more

To School They Go

At summer’s end my Facebook news feed was full of people complaining about the start of school. Complaining about school starting too early or not early enough....more

Boring $h!t & tuning out my man

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of tuning out your spouse or significant other....more

Ask Away Friday with Bev from Linkouture

Hello Friday! What in the Sam Hill took you so long?It seemed like you took forever this week! And really, who says “what in the...more