Heights Of Hidden Desires.

Every night, I lie awake in bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking of you. The way you embraced me, our hugs that lasted minutes in each other's arms. The way you would call at night till the wee hours of the morning and we would never get tired. We only said goodnight because we had to, and your morning text was what I would use to kick start my day. Your jokes had me randomly smilling in the middle of the day. It was beautiful,I was happy, but I had to let go, at least I thought I did. Every sleepless night that passes by, I regret pushing you away even more. ...more

It's Your Darkskin, my dear.

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It was only the other day that it hit me;I've just experienced a bad boy. I could n't understand why I was so frustrated but still expected more from him and to make things worse we weren't even dating, or were we? (Sigh) I just never knew what was up with this guy, but before I was hooked, I was able to realize that he'll never be forward with me and decided to let go, before I could tag myself the title "victim of a Badboy". It got me thinking,really what is it about them? And what do we mean exactly when we say "badboy"? ...more


It can happen to anyone...of course. Both male and female. But plus size girls are more prone to it than slimmer girls, and less appealing guys definitely take the trophy of being friendzoned as all the ladies fight and fall for the "badboys". This entry has,however more to do with my experience of being plus sized and how I think guys treat me due to this fact. To be honest, I have never been friendzoned or rejected. ...more

Size Discrimination Exists.

As a 19 year old plus size woman, I have experienced so much prejudice and judgement I cannot begin to summarise it in just one blog entry. Thank God I came across this website and hopefully I can gain more insight on how to handle this diminishing experiences as they come along because something tells me there's still way more to come. While I have learnt to cope with the different treatment that comes along with being my size some things are just too much and if I do not share, I might just blow up and suffer from what I like to call "temporary insanity"....more