Our Weekend in Pictures, plus some...

First, I signed up for a tent at the Mashpee Commons Fall Farmers Market every Sunday starting on the 21st through October. I'm so excited about it, and have been working like crazy to replenish my inventory and figure out how to display them. I'm going to be selling my landscape portraits there, so if you're local, come say 'Hi'! ...more

Letting go of toxic people : After the dust has setteled.

After the situation with my mother that happened back in March, but really that has gone on my entire life, we've had a clean break since late winter. It's a break that has happened before, but was always temporary. Not only was this time significant enough to be permanent, but I feel like this time brought about a new level of understanding and healing that I never experienced before ....more


The other night I was brushing Anna's hair after a bath and a very long day. As much as I love her hair, it tangles like you wouldn't believe. No matter how much product we use, there's a minor amount of discomfort when combing through it, accompanied by a major amount of dramatics ....more

This and That

Are you blog readers bracing yourself for the influx of 'OMGFall' posts that are coming? I was dreading them last week, but I'm onboard now. Waking up on September 1st is always a little exciting, because it is the best month of the year ....more

Dear Anna, some things you should know on your birthday.

Did you know that you introduced yourself as "Anna Elsa Queen" to people for most of this past year, and you were completely serious?That Disney Land was mentioned 0 times, but going to "Grandma's Texas house" was a daily request.That you're still a naked child, and we have to bribe and threaten you to put clothes on when people come over.That you wear high water sweatpants, with wild, uncombed, curly hair, and chocolate on your shirt, and still light up the room more than anyone else there. That the most common thing strangers say about you is "she's such a leader", and we know it's not just because you're bossy.That you have the best hair I've ever seen. That sometimes you wake up first and come down and stare at me until I open my eyes, even if I intentionally wait several minutes ....more

The New School Year and my passionate opinion on school uniforms.

The first day of school is upon us. Praise Jesus Christ and all that is holy! There's nothing but dry eyes and celebration in the 'O' house ....more

My First Time. Critics welcome!

I already feel nostalgic about these. Someday I'll either look back and be embarrassed by my work, or laugh at the fact that I thought I could be a portrait photographer way back when. I feel a little discouraged after the experience, because I see how far I have to go ....more

I finally took the plunge

And here's where my epic pessimism comes in.Remember how I've been talking about pursuing photography with a little more determination? Mhmm....more

Anna Jane, age 4.

My little wild child. So much energy, so much personality, so much determination. She's a force to be reckoned with, and we make a daily effort to harness her strong personality without discouraging her from being the little leader that she tends to be ....more

Oar Decor

We're on the never-ending quest to decorate another temporary home without spending any money. We start when we move in, and I usually feel good about it a few months before it's time to transfer again. Such is life as a military wife ....more