At the end of my Spring Break, I realized that my closet had gotten a bit out of control, to the point that I couldn't close the doors anymore....more

Happy Easter!

Happy, happy Easter!...more

Greetings from the

Greetings from the end of Spring Break!...more


I am so ready for warm weather....more

v9022 with a dash of Alabama Chanin

This post is entirely inspired by Liza Jane of liza jane sews. ...more

January in Review--all the plaid

2015 is shaping up to be a pretty busy year so far....more

rule breaker

Remember how I was wondering if I really had to give up white after Labor day?...more

teacher clothes

I'm pretty lucky to be in a profession that does not require that I dress in a narrow, specific sort of way....more

back to school

And....we made it through the first week of school....more

three new skirts

We are t-minus 12 days until Cara starts kindergarten, which means I have twelve days to get her first day of school dress finished up....more