#Loveyourneighbor design house

Hi Everyone! The #Loveyourneighbor design house...more

Repurposed glass lamp shade into DIY terrarium cloche

I’ve been scouring the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for goodies for the design house. In the lighting section I came across some of those old lead glass pendant lights that were so popular in the 60’s-80’s....more

Flower and bird printable

I have a bird printable for you today. I was playing with collaging...more

Easy chair makeover and the design house

The #loveyourneighbor design house is coming up quickly. I am excited because I’ve decided to have a lot of fun with the design. I am going fun, and eclectic and a bit quirky ....more

A song for Saturday..Life is beautiful

I just wanted to share a little music with you this weekend. I love this song by the The Afters “Life is beautiful” and I thought you would too! This is a great weekend, beautiful paint some furniture, cruise around with the top down song ....more

A touch of mint color trend in the home

Are you ready for a rerun of updated 80’s pastels? They’re coming! I’ve been watching spring fashion trends and home and mint plays a huge roll ....more

#Loveyourneighbor design house progress

I have some quick snaps...more

A look at some fav homes from Fixer Upper with Joanna Gaines

Are you a Fixer Upper watcher? I love Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper for many reasons. First of all, she started as one of us ....more

The “I love us” story and a sweet vintage wood sign craft

In 17-ish years of marriage, never thought auto-correct would lead to one of our most romantic moments. Most of the time our texts back and forth look like this: Or this: But I received a text from Hubby...more

Beautiful, brighter skin while I sleep

I had the opportunity to try the new Garnier Ultra-Lift® Miracle Sleeping Cream™ Anti-Age + Anti-Fatigue Night Cream. I am willing to try anything that works while I sleep. As I am getting older, I am definitely noticing changes in my skin ....more