Doll house renovation

It was a crazy weekend with the Washingston street market! But such a great time.It was a really busy sale and it was so much fun to meet all of...more

Interview with Dagmar Obert from Balsam Hill: Holiday decorating ideas

Hi everyone! I am really excited to share this interview with you! It’s Dagmar Obert, one of the designers for Balsam Hill! ...more

Hand-drawn recycled cardboard stars

Only 5 Fridays left! I have to be honest, I can’t believe it’s clicking my so fast. As a part of the last 5 Fridays until Christmas! ...more

Vintage book stack Christmas tree

Hello everybody! This is Alice W. from Thoughts from Alice and I am thrilled to be back with you today ....more

Creatively Christmas is back in stock!

I am excited to announce that Creatively Christmas is Back in stock on Amazon! Just in time for holiday decorating and fun project making for all skill levels! The post Creatively Christmas is back in stock! ...more

Snowman printable with clipboard DIY photo display

I love an easy photo display project. I am that person who takes 1,000 pictures of her kids and then they sit on my hard drive.I really need to print them all off one day or at least make albums. Digital photography has really made me lazy that way ....more

Seven years of Christmas tree decorating

One of the fun things about being...more

Easy stenciled holiday chalkboard art

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DIY Flokati rug chair cover

This is the post where you turn to your best friend and either say “Holy cow! That’s really fun and cool!” or you go “Holy cow. Rizzo has lost it!” Let me explain ....more

Fun Foxy Christmas printable

Hi everyone! I have a fun Christmas printable for you today! I was playing with my markers and thought it would be fun to make a pattern and image that you could print out as scrapbook paper,wrapping paper or even tags for personal use ....more