Holiday house walk 2015 day 4!!

The week so far has been amazing, but there is even more holiday goodness!!! And our surprise Instagram house! The post Holiday house walk 2015 day 4!! ...more

my experience using a Cricut Explore Air for the first time

Hi guys. I wanted to share my first time user experience using the Cricut Explore Air™ machine. In teaming up with Cricut and Balsam Hill recently, I had the opportunity to try one and I was amazed ....more

Santa chalkboard printable and gift tags

I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving weekend! It seems like it’s gone so fast! I have...more

Snowflake poinsettias

Happy snow day and snowflake poinsettias! We just got our first snow of the year and it was a big one! In fact, on Friday, I set this little tree up on our deck ....more

New items in the shop including cute holiday leggings!!

Hi everyone!I’ve been crazy busy doing holiday shows and we got snow yesterday. I don’t know if I should say yay or yuck! I have some fun new stuff in the shop, including some really cute holiday leggings! ...more

DIY metal quilled-paper inspired garland and wreath

You would think I would be more embarrassed to ask my friends and neighbors for their old toilet paper rolls for a paper-quilled inspired garland, but I’m not. I have no shame. I just had an idea I was so excited about that even though I have three girls, and go though about a pack of toilet paper a week, it wasn’t fast enough in the time frame that I needed ....more

Faux fireplace bookshelf

In a house full of book lovers, there is never enough shelf space. Even though I know digital books save space, there is still something about cracking the spine of a new book open wide for a fresh adventure, or even just the smell of paper an ink. The problem with a love affair of literature, is that your collection can grow quite rapidly ....more

crafty holiday house templates

You can make these crafty holiday houses with foam core and sharpies! I’ve added two templates to make a crafty holiday house from yesterday. That way if you want to try to make these sweet, little, houses for yourself you can! ...more

hand-made foam core sharpie DIY Holiday houses

You know that white board they sell at the craft store that the kids use for all of their craft and school projects that they tell about the night before they are due? It just happens to make a great project base for adults too! After seeing all of these cute hand drawn houses around the net last year, I decided to make a few of theses DIY holiday houses for my battery-operated candles (only!) ....more

Rustic woodland wreath

Hi everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three. I’m so happy to be back sharing another project with you all ....more