merry christmas

A day late, but I hope your festivities carry over into the weekend celebrating our Saviour's birth and enjoying time with family! ...more

traveling over the holidays?

Traveling over the holidays? My boy has you covered. A couple of years ago he wrote a killer airplane guide for first time travelers ....more

our kenya excursion

Last month Jeremy and I were able to travel to Kenya, taking some of our great friends with us. Have I ever mentioned how much I love East Africa? Well, I do, and it's always a privilege when I get to go back there ....more

How To Help Your Kids Choose Gifts For Their Siblings

God is pretty clear in the Bible when it comes to giving. Giving isn’t just a good idea that we should do when we feel like it. Giving is something that must be a lifestyle, a regular practice in our lives ....more

tips for last minute christmas shopping

How many of you have wrapped up your Christmas shopping and have everything packaged and ready to go under the tree? I currently don't fall into that category. We landed in Texas one week ago from S ....more

it's the end of the year

Time goes by faster the older you get, but seriously I don't know where 2015 has gone. It seems to have gone by faster than previous years. Perhaps it was the kids starting a new school and the busyness that school brings ....more

crater {giveaway}

I'm on this kick right now to watch movies with my kids that I watched when I was young. It's amazing how much the graphics have changed over the years, but that's a story for another time. We recently watched October Sky, a great little movie about a young boy who has a dream to build a rocket ....more

it's a feast of love

We have a tradition around here. Every October/November we don our best threads and our staff sit down to a feast served by our leadership team here at Ten Thousand Homes (aka Jeremy, myself, and a couple of others). We end the evening by celebrating each other’s talent in the form of a show ....more

travel stories edition pt. 1

Whenever I bump into someone I know while traveling, it always takes me by surprise. I mean how big is the world and the chances of bumping into someone on the other side of it, seems uncanny. Every time it happens, it makes me realize that traveling actually makes the world feel a little bit smaller ....more

a very merry christmas prayer {giveaway}

Well, I received the cutest board book recently, and because I'm such a sucker for these, I have to tell you all about it. As I read A Very Merry Christmas Prayer, my heart felt a little happy. South Africa is my home, but one thing I've had a hard time getting used to is Christmas when it's blazing hot outside ....more