travel stories edition pt. 1

Whenever I bump into someone I know while traveling, it always takes me by surprise. I mean how big is the world and the chances of bumping into someone on the other side of it, seems uncanny. Every time it happens, it makes me realize that traveling actually makes the world feel a little bit smaller ....more

a very merry christmas prayer {giveaway}

Well, I received the cutest board book recently, and because I'm such a sucker for these, I have to tell you all about it. As I read A Very Merry Christmas Prayer, my heart felt a little happy. South Africa is my home, but one thing I've had a hard time getting used to is Christmas when it's blazing hot outside ....more

parable treasury {giveaway}

Jesus used parables to teach us important truths. Why? Because parables tell stories, and stories reach the heart deeper than rules and laws do ....more

passion fruit mousse {recipe}

I love trying foods from all over the world. Recently, I asked my very great friend, Patricia, to teach me how to make passion fruit mousse, a delicious, light dessert from Brazil. SO good! ...more

i prayed for you {giveaway}

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Talking about the subject of adoption with children can be a difficult topic of conversation. I love that Tommy Nelson has some great children's books that emphasize, no matter how you entered a family...biologically or through are loved and wanted.I Prayed For You is a beautiful story of how Mama Bear emphasizes her love for Baby Bear and prays for him through every stage of life ....more

a horse party

Emma G's birthday fell right during school holiday this year. Several of her friends weren't going to be in town, so I suggested we wait to do a party until after school convened. Well, it took us a month, but last weekend we had the best horse party ever! ...more

adoption awareness month

Did you know that November is National Adoption Awareness Month? My views on adoption have grown and changed a bit over the years as we've worked in South Africa, but the one truth that I hold onto is this. Adoption is a beautiful God ordained act that must always stem from the love of Jesus ....more

my travel bucket list

Do you have places that, someday, you want to go to? Perhaps in the midst of life, parenting, and working, you just don't have the time to sit down and think about it. I recently took some time to actually write down my travel bucket list ....more

adding a pet to the family

“Can we get a dog?” “No!” This conversation replayed over and over like a broken record until one day I said, “Yes.” I don’t know who was more shocked at the change in answer…me, my husband, or my kids. It wasn’t a spur of the moment change. It was a simple thought process that brought me to that moment, and it went something like this.First, let me give a little bit of history ....more

raise your kids to be world travelers

I'm sharing my thoughts over at Petit Elefant on three easy things to do to help raise your kids to be world travelers, including the funny story of where my son wanted to go on his big trip when he turned thirteen. The world is his oyster! ...more