my crazy airplane story

Have you ever heard those crazy stories of people stowing away on airplanes? Didn't a kid make it to Hawaii once or something like that? Obviously he didn't have a ticket ....more

who's caring for the carers?

Why, hello, friends. Hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday. I don't know why I'm feeling particularly chipper today ....more

teaching children to be a good friend

My kids started a new school (that reminds me that I need to post about that!), so when I sat down to write a post about teaching my children to be a good friend, I kept thinking about how helpful that would be for kids having to navigate new territory. It's quite simple, I think, this being a good friend business. I believe it's boiled down to love ....more

my karate kid

Joshua LOVES karate. I've never seen him work as hard at something as he does karate. He's up to green belt now! ...more


If you had only one day to spend in a city like Dublin, what would you do? You might remember my post about our one day in Dublin. I'm also sharing about it over at Petit Elefant ....more

don't you let your children hold snakes?

Over the Christmas holidays, we had the pleasure of hosting Jeremy's parents and youngest brother for a couple of weeks. One of those weeks we spent in Durbin at the beach. It's still hard for my Northern Hemisphere mind to wrap itself around a beach holiday during Christmas, but it's what you do here in S ....more


We really do live in a beautiful country. Despite that, I've always found it extremely difficult to associate potholes with a thing of beauty. I grew up in a town where there might have been more potholes than people ....more

love feast 2014

This post is, like, so last year. It actually is. But remember that two or three month hiatus when I wasn't around? ...more

price family in action :: kenya

Still reflecting on our Kenya trip and thankful that we got to as a family. These are the moments that I'm amazed by God's goodness, that we get the privilege to go and love on kids all over the world. As a Mama, I can't tell you how great it is to see your kids loving like Jesus would ....more

tree branch shoe rack

I am in a de-clutter, organize my house mode. This is where my family needs to watch out, because chances are, I will 1. throw something away, 2 ....more