trusting god

Trusting God is not always easy, and sometimes it's hard to remember, in the midst of difficult moments, to include our kids in the process. I'll never forget when we invited our kids into trusting God for a vehicle. The prayers got kind of crazy, but it was such a privilege to include them in it ....more

aladdin trouble

A few weeks ago, the Senior Primary (grades 4-8) at the kid's school put on an amazing production of Aladdin Trouble. It was the story of Aladdin but with an African flair to it. Joshua was one of the suitors trying to win the heart of Princess Jasmine ....more

in transit

Remember that whirlwind trip I took last month to the states? I can't remember if I mentioned in this space, but I flew 24 hours to spend six days in Texas and then flew 24 hours home. I don't recommend it ....more

mother's day

I'm a little late in posting about Mother's Day, but I don't want to skip the shout out to my awesome family for making me feel loved and special. I really didn't have a lot of aspirations. I just wanted to take a break from all the regular duties of cooking, cleaning, etc ....more

channing o banning {giveaway}

Have you heard of the Channing O' Banning series? I just recently found out about it and love them! Emma G and I have been reading a couple of chapters a night ....more


When I was a wee teenager in high school, I frequently babysat for my 8th grade science teacher. She had all sorts of "pets" in her house, one of those being a snake. I'll never forget the day it got out, and I told her boys that they better find it and put it back ....more

duck commander devotions for kids {giveaway}

Any Duck Dynasty fans out there? I love how this show combines humor with down to earth, Jesus loving family values. We love it! ...more

ghost boy {giveaway}

Can you imagine going from one day being a healthy, happy child to being trapped inside your own body as it slowly reduced itself to a vegetable state? That's what happened to Martin Pistorius, aka the "ghost boy." He came home from school one day complaining of a sore throat and within a year, he couldn't talk, walk, or move at all. For ten years, Martin lived his life in a wheelchair spending his life at care centers watching his family lose all hope for a full recovery ....more

document it

I like to take photos. That's no secret, but there's actually reasons why behind my insanity. Join me over at Petit Elefant as I share the two reasons why I value documenting your travels and anything, actually, with your camera ....more

the early readers bible {giveaway}

There's something so special about a new Bible. The crispness of the pages, the smell of new, and the way the cover hasn't given way yet to wear and just beckons for someone to pick it up and make it their own. There's a lot of great kid's Bibles out there ....more