ghost boy {giveaway}

Can you imagine going from one day being a healthy, happy child to being trapped inside your own body as it slowly reduced itself to a vegetable state? That's what happened to Martin Pistorius, aka the "ghost boy." He came home from school one day complaining of a sore throat and within a year, he couldn't talk, walk, or move at all. For ten years, Martin lived his life in a wheelchair spending his life at care centers watching his family lose all hope for a full recovery ....more

document it

I like to take photos. That's no secret, but there's actually reasons why behind my insanity. Join me over at Petit Elefant as I share the two reasons why I value documenting your travels and anything, actually, with your camera ....more

the early readers bible {giveaway}

There's something so special about a new Bible. The crispness of the pages, the smell of new, and the way the cover hasn't given way yet to wear and just beckons for someone to pick it up and make it their own. There's a lot of great kid's Bibles out there ....more

10 easy ways to celebrate earth day

Earth Day is tomorrow! Do you celebrate Earth Day? We've done different things over the years to celebrate and appreciate God's beautiful creation.I'm over at Tommy Nelson sharing 10 easy ways to help us pause and appreciate God's creation ....more

god bless my boo boo {giveaway}

I've got another great board book giveaway today! Soft padded cover, cute illustrations, it's got all that, but I especially love the topic. All young kids experience boo boos ....more

mommy loves you so much! {giveaway}

My kids are long past the age of board books, but I still love them. They're just so simple and sweet! Mommy Love You So Much! ...more

quick blip

Well, here I am sitting at London Heathrow's Terminal 5 waiting for a flight back to South Africa. I made a quick blip to the states to attend a conference, and by quick blip I mean 6 days in country. It was madness, but we had to leave the kids in South Africa, so I didn't want to be gone too long.My quietness around here is attributed to that ....more

banana braai 101

I hope the photos have done the talking here. Banana braais are one of the best things ever (food wise) that I've learned living in South Africa. It's super easy and super fun, and you can tailor it to your health preferences! ...more


Several weeks before his birthday, Joshua casually mentioned how, one day, he would like a surprise birthday party. My little brain got to ticking and I realized that this year would be perfect. He was turning thirteen, which is huge AND him and Jeremy were going to be gone the whole week leading up to his birthday ....more


This photo makes me laugh every time. Today my oldest turns thirteen. Thirteen! ...more