I'm Sorry That My Kid Hurt Your Kid

Dear Parent of a Child My Son Has Injured, Hi. I know our kids go to the same school and that we sometimes see each other at after-school pick up, but I'm hoping to avoid eye contact with you for a little while during this awkward recovery time. How is your daughter's face? (Or: How is your son's ankle?) Is her lip healing well? (Or: Is he able to walk without a limp yet?)...more
Thanks for your insights and tips, everyone! We have a meeting with the teacher and the ...more

Facing Off With Fear

Fear sucks the life out of any situation and is worthless to keep around you.  Fear debilitates you and limits your effectiveness in any situation.  Fear is not the same as being wise and cautious.  Fear is the thing that makes you want to curl up in a ball in the corner and go into emotional lock-down, where as being wise and cautious emboldens you to act smarter and make different choices.  Fear keeps you from making any choice at all.I often mix up the two, especially when it comes to my kids....more

Who's Telling My 5 Year Old She's Chubby?

My daughter and I have a little ritual that we do each weekday morning.We sit down together on the floor in front of some large floor-to ceiling mirrored closet doors and I fix her hair, then she sits next to me and watches as I put on my make up.Even if we end up doing her hair someplace else in the house, she doesn't want to miss Mommy's-Make-Up time....more

We Hosted a Sleepover for a Dozen 1st and 2nd Graders and Lived to Tell About it!

I love throwing parties and events.  I have been known to construct a killer model of the Star Wars “Star Destroyer” from bamboo and tin foil to use as a decoration for my son’s 5th birthday party.  I don’t really trend toward the ‘custom water bottle label’ or cute food signs, but I do appreciate people who do.  I just rarely have time to go that far and many of our guests are kid-sized, and I’ve learned that they really don’t care....more

My Mommy-Track Adventure: Part 1

My parents are both successful college graduates.  My father was a rocket scientist before he retired and my amazing mom got her Master’s from UCLA when I was 2.  She commuted at least 90 minutes and then dodged lots of parking tickets for her degree.  I have no memories of her studying or writing papers, but I do remember the microwave she received as a graduation present.  They used that thing up until 2008....more

Does Your Husband Read Your Blog?

Blogging is a delicious addiction that has been bringing me a lot of joy lately.I am still a blogging newbie with zero fancy sponsors and only three subscribers.  Surprisingly, none of these subscribers are related to me or live in the same house as me.I have read lots of good blog posts about getting over your site stats and lack of subscribers, and just do what you love: write.  I get that, but since my goal is to grow and be seen, I also tend to look at my stats a little too often....more

Excuse Me While I Balk: Raising Chickens Can’t Be Cool, Right?

 It seems having your own chicken coop and raising chickens for your family’s immediate egg-needs is the newest double-play in awesomeness. Not only are you a super-mom for providing a new pet-like animal into your child’s life, but you are also an eco-warrior for saving gas on those now non-existent grocery store trips for eggs....more

The "S-word" Is Not a Preschool Word (Even if Daddy Says It)

We attempt to watch what we say around them and make sure to mute the TV when they toddle into the living room after hours to ask for "just one more good night kiss." Yesterday while driving home from work/school/daycare, I was attempting to foster a sense of family time by asking my five-year-old diva how her day went. She proceeded to dish about how another little girl had said "the S-word" at preschool. My six-year-old responded, "You mean the word that dad always says? "Bull s-word?"...more
No green light here. Growing up we weren't allowed to say " geeze or gosh" even because it was ...more