RIP Erma Bombeck

April 22, 2014 marks the 18th anniversary of Erma Bombeck’s death, but her words live on in the hearts of everyone she touched with her gentle, yet hilarious musings on motherhood, family life, marriage and all things domestic....more

How to Raise a Man

My son is going to be a man of the modern age. At a minimum, he’s going to have to vacuum twice as often as his dad does and four times more than either of his grandfathers ever have. And that may still not be good enough to get him an actual wife, assuming they still have those by the time he’s grown.But what I REALLY want to know is how to raise a baby boy to grow up to FEEL LIKE A MAN?After further research, I discovered that I’m not the only one asking this question....more

The Toymoon is Over Already?!

  You’d think 6 days after Christmas my son would still be playing with his toys. They are NEW toys after all.You’d think he’d still be in the euphoric throws of his toymoon. I mean, the plastic is still off-gassing. The glue’s even still tacky – despite the trip from China. Now, the batteries are dead, but don’t get me started on that!...more
Pecked2DeathByChckns My son is still playing with the box his Legos came in and some wrapping ...more

Mom Took Christmas When She Died

I am not like my mother. She adored Christmas and everything about it with every sparkly red and green blood cell in her body.In the two years since she died, I’ve decided that I don’t like Christmas very much. Maybe Mom took Christmas with her when she died. Either way, without her, Christmas just isn’t the same....more

Funny Santa Photos With Even Funnier Captions

Ahhh, the obligatory Santa photo. It’s been around as long as the fat man himself. Or, er, the camera anyway. Thousands of downright hilarious Santa photo bloopers have been around just as long too. They now reside online of course, so Mom and Dad can sit down on the eve of Christmas with a tall glass of egg nog and enjoy a good laugh before the serious business of Christmas begins....more

10 Christmas Gifts Toddler Moms (and Dads) Would Kill For

I took a poll and the results are in. (Drum roll, please!) Moms and dads of toddlers everywhere have spoken! They don’t want perfume or socks! They don’t need coffee pots (actually they do) or tool sets! They don’t care about gift cards!!...more