Hang Your Peeps Love on the Wall With This Woven Craft

Nothing says Easter like Peeps candy. Even if you have never tasted the hot pink sugar-coated goodness of these little marshmallow bunnies, you are familiar with them. ...more

Here Are Your DIY Blogger Cliff's Notes From SXSW!

One of the things I learned early on as a crafter and entrepreneur is that business is business no matter what you are selling. ...more

Make Your Kids Some Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk

A wise friend with older children once told me that each spring she fills her Easter baskets with outdoor summer fun toys. ...more

How to Make Cute Yarn-Wrapped Easter Egg Dioramas

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How to Make a DIY St. Patrick's Day Beard Mug

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DIY Scrapbooking Paper Projects That Have Nothing To Do With Scrapbooking

I'm a scrapper and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Have you taken a gander at scrapbooking paper and accessories recently? Ya, I know I was surprised at the hip super cuteness myself. The best thing about all the fun paper, wood chips, badges, and bling is that they don't have to be used in a scrapbook. Even if you have no interest in genealogy, that does not mean you won't enjoy these clever projects using scrapbook paper. ...more
So cute, I can't wait to make a few vases for spring -- If spring ever comes to the Midwest this ...more

How to Make Mardi Gras King Cake Ornaments

This year I am determined to try myriad new crafting mediums. Sculpey clay has always been on my short version of this list. ...more

10 DIY Ways to Set the Mood for Love This Valentine's Day

Setting the mood for love does not necessarily mean dimming the lights and cranking up the Barry White. Sometimes it means decorating a pink tree or switching out some throw pillows. ...more
These are all great ideas!  Thanks for featuring my soap!more

How to Make This Easy Needle-Felted Heart Banner for Valentine's Day

Needle felting is one of those crafts that seems really daunting, but is actually very easy. If you can poke something with a needle, you can do needle felting. My first adventure into needle felting was inspired by some wool hearts I had left over from another Valentine's Day project. I just knew I could repurpose them into something new and cute. ...more

5 Secrets to Storing Holiday Decor Today to Make Next December a Snap

When you have as much holiday decor as I do, you can't put it all away in a day. It takes a week, maybe, if I pack carefully and put things away in a neat and organized fashion. This, my friends, is the trick to making your life easier next November or December, when you pull it all out again. ...more
So true! Neatly organizing and labeling Christmas ornaments is key! One year I was lazy when ...more