Single Mom Budget Crisis

Month after month, it goes like this:...more
Yup except for the spousal support as I have never been married. Face palm.more

My Unflattering Truth

This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but my truth. It’s also free therapy for me and maybe you too.To catch-up new readers here’s the gist:I was married for 7 years, we separated 8 months ago, and I have two kids from that marriage. I was unhappy for several years before we separated and, yes, we talked about it, went to counseling, read books, and on and on and on....more

The Consolation Prizes of My Divorce

My day began with a long, hot, uninterrupted shower. I listened to Weekend Edition on the radio and heard every word. I put on make-up and earrings and a cute outfit. I rode my bike, alone, downtown, to meet a friend for breakfast. We sat in the sunshine and ate breakfast for 2 hours. Then I rode my bike back home, alone. I didn't stop to fix someone's helmet or shriek "stay on the right side!" 93 times, or pull a 60 lbs of kid and trailer behind me....more

Wanna See a Magic Trick?

I can make my kids disappear with these magic words: "Do you want to help me clean up or go play by yourself?" I do this trick a lot because I'm the kind of mom who thinks boredom is good for kids. Creativity, problem solving skills and imagination are built by boredom. Here are some highlights from their recent bouts of boredom....When all else fails, get a hose......more

A Public Service Announcement on Bad Advice

Check this out......more

A Memo to My Kids

Dear Goofus and Doodlebug,...more

I'm That Guy

You know the kind of single guy who is average looking and nice enough (you're friends) but also sort of a jerk (you wouldn't set him up with a woman you respect) because he only w...more
@AllThoseThingsILove Oh yeah, I would like to do some very bad things to Mr. Ferguson. I dated ...more

Let's Play "Find the Penis!"

There. If that title doesn't bring in the pervies, nothing will. Actually, I'm already bringing in the pervies just fine....more

Smart-Stoopid is the New Skinny-Fat

Skinny-fat.  You've heard the term?  It's when you fit into your skinny jeans but you barely have enough muscle to pull them up over your tiny rear end....more

Maybe I'm Not the Marrying Kind?

Part of separation is figuring out if I want to be married at all, to anyone, ever....more