The Type of Comparison that's Good for Your Soul

Comparison is an ugly little beast. There’s a lot of time and energy wasted, pondering what someone else is doing. What her website looks like. What type of program she’s launching. What blog topics she writes about.And, I’m learning that there’s only one type of comparison that I want to take part in....more

6 Insanely Useful Tips for Running a Webinar

Don’t you hate when things don’t turn out as expected? The dress you bought online is way too small.The pricey restaurant you ate at served mediocre food.Your airplane was delayed two hours.The webinar that you attended didn’t deliver on what was promised. Umm….What??!! Yeah, you read that right…...more

How Much Info Should You REALLY include in your course?

You know that feeling you get after you’ve scarfed down the last piece of cheesecake at the buffet?Your belly is overly stuffed and you feel as though if someone pricked you with a pin, you’d explode. It felt so good as the warm, soft cake slid down your throat, but you knew your belly would hate you for the rest of the evening.We’ve all been there....more

4 Steps to Up Your Productivity Game + Worksheet

Ever have one of those moments…You’re staring at your computer, ready to start typing, but not exactly sure what you should be doing?You’re posed and ready with your fingers at the keyboard waiting for inspiration to hit.What pops into your mind when you plop down to start a project?Do you spend massive amounts of time figuring out where or how to start?...more

The Secret to Embracing Overwhelm

Birthdays are the perfect time for thought. I turned 34 on Saturday. No trumpets. No fancy cake. Just a lot of reflection....more
Barbarahughes  Wow! Congrats on 70!  Lists are always helpful. I've been using a lot of post-it ...more

2 Ridiculously Simple Steps to Understand Your Readers

How do I know what information my potential customers want in a course?This is one of the top questions I get from my readers. (And, the answer is quite simple.)And, it’s a super important question! What’s the point of creating a course that no one wants? You’ll give it all of your effort and time, only to put it out into the world and only hear…..crickets…...more

How to Make Your Worksheets Fillable

Now, we all know there are two schools of people:Those old schoolers (like moi) who want to print worksheets out and use their archaic pencils to write and brainstorm. And then there’s the others. We’ll call them the new schoolers, who don’t want to mess with printing or stray papers. They want to type their answers directly into the sheet....more

How To Make Videos From Your Presentation Slides (No Fancy Equipment Needed)

Perhaps you're a blogger who loves sharing information with her readers.You've got solid content on your website. But, what about other places you can promote your content? How about YouTube!?Yeah, you heard right. It's easy to put your content on presentation slides (Keynote or PowerPoint) and then turn them into HD video. ...more

How a Trip to Argentina Taught Me to Overcome Fear

The first day of this new year brought with it an unexpected lesson about the power of fear....more

Writing Stresses You Out? 4 Ways to Simplify the Process

Let’s be honest.Writing content for blogs and courses can be tough stuff. Yet, providing free content on your blog is how you get traffic. And, writing content for courses is how you provide value to your learners.But, there’s a problem. (And, it has nothing to do with you.)...more
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