Why Being a Stay-at-Home Parent is Easier

 I think it is, in fact, easier to be a stay-at-home mom than a working mom.  There, I said it. Someone needed to, because really. I can say this because I have been a SAHM for 12 years, since my firstborn, my daughter, was three years old. I had my son two and a half years later....more

Why I'm Commenting on Blog Posts Less

Bloggers love getting comments on their posts. As long as they're not from ugly internet trolls or spammers, that is. I love them too, don't get me wrong. But here's the thing, another aspect of this blogging gig is the use of social media to tell people about our posts so they will get read in the first place. The social media platforms are busy, and different from one another. Twitter streams fly by right before our eyes, Facebook continues to change the rules on us and so many of us still don't fully get Google+.......more

10 Things On My Mind While My Husband is Hospitalized

My husband was recently in the hospital for nine days. He had two procedures, one leaving an 18 cm incision running down his chest, and several cocktails of antibiotics.I feel so badly for him becaue he hates being there. He doesn't get good sleep and he hardly eats.  And then there's what it's like for me as his wife and caregiver. Every time, there are many things running through my mind....more

10 Things a Blogger Does When She Loses Internet Access

My internet access was down for an entire day recently. I whined made some noise about it on social media.#FirstWorldProblemsI'm sorry, but THINGS SHOULD JUST WORK! Also, I'm a blogger. The web is kind of important to me, right? My online friends should just be happy they didn't have to hear as much of my angst as my husband did....more

7 Tips to Make Your Blog User Friendly

There are several things about the layout and appearance of a blog, as well as accessibility of social media following options, that I always take notice of when visiting other blogs. They are things that guide my own blog layout, so I obviously like them. Some of the following tips are my personal preference, others I've noticed on successful blogs, and then some I have taken under advisement from other credible sources. It makes sense to want readers to find your blog easy to navigate. The last thing you want is to have someone get frustrated and click away when something compelled them to come over in the first place. Besides, if you're not writing to be read and interacted with, why are you writing on the Internet? ...more
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10 Reasons I am Grateful for my Children

Sunday is Mother's Day here in this part of the world. It's a day when my children will act like sweet, cherubic little darlings, wait on me hand and foot, snuggle on demand and then leave me alone afterwards. I won't have to cook or clean or fold one piece of laundry, nor hunt down a lost shoe... beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! Wha?? blink, blink. Oh. I was dreaming. Dang. Pretty sure in the 13 years I've been a mom, Mother's Day has never been quite that idyllic....more

Who is a Caregiver?

There is this issue that has been bugging me for awhile. It is that I feel I am not seen as a caregiver to my husband. It seems that people think of caregivers only as those who tend to the elderly or children. I get a newsletter from the chain of clinics my family sees doctors at. In it I've seen a blurb about a support group for caregivers. Looking closer, I see that it is specifically for those who care for someone who has Alzheimer's....more

How Much TMI Can a Marriage Take?

In the beginning of a relationship we try to keep our bodily functions private so as not to come across as crude or unattractive in any way. Somewhere down the line we get comfortable. Really comfortable. We no longer close the door when using the toilet. We let farts go without giving it a second thought. Maybe we'll say something like, "Heehee, oops, excuse me." But then even the "excuse me"s stop. It turns into, "I can't help it!"s. Men adjust their junk, women reposition their bras....more

Because of Chronic Illness

Now that we're past the middle of the month I feel I can safely say February 2014 will probably go down in history as one of the cruddiest and most stressful for Mark and I.Technically, I suppose everything is really happening to my husband. Seems like everything that isn't a major medical crisis is afflicting him. But see, when you're married, the things that happen to your spouse, happen to you too....more