Birthday Party Retrospective

I just finished packing 24 little goodie bags for the boys’ birthday party tomorrow. I’m hoping 24 is enough. When you do the dual-birthday-party, you end up with double the kids in one party ....more

Little Feet

These little feet belong to my eldest nephew. They’re very busy little feet. He’s almost two-and-a-half years old, and oh, he’s a busy little dude and adorable to boot ....more

Family Portrait, 2014

No bribery this year. “We’re going to take our family pictures today.” “Okay.” Everyone got ready in the clothes I laid out for them, carefully selected over a few weeks as I collected random pieces and put them together. Once ready, everyone tromped outside, did exactly what I said, and in less than 10 minutes, we were back inside, slipping into comfy clothes ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Three-Year Gap

For exactly one week, they look like they’re three years apart. On paper. The birth certificate variety ....more

11 Unique Frozen Gift Ideas for All Ages

You probably accompanied a little Elsa while trick-or-treating. Or maybe the only song you've heard in the past year is "Let It Go." Or maybe you great people with your name and then say, "And I like warm hugs." Whatever the case and whomever the Frozen lover on your gift list, this guide contains unique items sure to surprise and melt hearts. Let's forego the big box stores and see what our independent, craftsy, awesome sellers have to offer our ice queen lovers....more
Thank you so much for listing my Anna Hat, I saw this and it has made my day- I enjoy creating ...more

On Cake

When BigBrother was about to turn one, eight years ago, I asked a question in an online parenting group. You see, I felt strongly about my firstborn son not eating certain things. Boxed cake ranked high for all kinds of reasons at the time, none of which contained any buzzwords like high fructose corn syrup or gluten or any such thing just yet ....more

You Are Nine, and You Are You

BigBrother, Today you are nine. I have known you for nine years, longer if you count the time during which you rolled and kicked within my belly. I have watched you grow, daily, for one year shy of a decade ....more

Sunday Links: November 16, 2014

Lots to share this week. A combination between #NaBloPoMo and people writing and sharing great things, my list of great reads is a bit long, but worth it. Please read and enjoy ....more

All He Wants for Christmas Is His…

…teeth, in general. In fact, that other top front tooth is wiggly. (Gag.) So maybe it isn’t that he wants his teeth for Christmas, but instead, he wants to lose his teeth for Christmas ....more

The Things You Learn in the Principal’s Office

We sat side by side this morning, waiting to see the principal. My mind drifted from thought to thought. I thought about work ....more