Back and Forth

“Mommy, are you Munchkin’s real mom?” I paused, mid-pass with the iron. I don’t iron often, but I’ve been trying to remember to iron a bit more frequently. The boys’ dress shirts always prove the most challenging to de-wrinkle, though as they continue to grow, it feels a bit easier ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Tired Brothers

The night before, BigBrother opened the door to the second bedroom in our suite well after he should have fallen asleep. In fact, I should have already climbed in bed and headed off to Snoozetown as well. “I can’t sleeeeeep,” he whined at me ....more

That’s Not How Any of This Works

“Mommy, can Munchkin live with us now?” He stood just outside the master bedroom in our suite at the hotel just miles from his sister’s house. His big brown eyes looked at me with no hint of mischief. Instead they oozed absolute sincerity ....more

Announcing BlogHer Food '15 and the Call for Ideas

Today we are excited to announce the BlogHer Food '15: Experts Among Us conference! ...more
I am trying to work out details on this but have what is probably a silly question.  It says the ...more

Cooler Than You

She’s been playing guitar and singing with School of Rock for quite some time. After my important life-lesson on 90s music, she chose The Best of the 90s show this fall. She performed in the show today ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with 50 Degrees

I’m a parent. I have lots of rules. Some make sense ....more

5 Reasons to Use WordSwag

I've been adding text to images since the days of Paint. What felt difficult in Photoshop is now easier than ever with a handy app called WordSwag. The app will cost you $3.99, but it will be the best $3.99 you've ever spent. The ease of use, fun options, and general "shiny" of the app make it the most favorite app on my phone right now. ...more
Very cool! One of my goals is to give up on photoshop ( so frustrating! ) and learn some easier ...more

Embrace the Hill Again

I’m still not training just yet, so I’m still running what I want to run. And the other day, I wanted to run hills. Which is crazy, right? ...more

January Dandelions

It’s no secret I love dandelions. I’m still working on my dandelion tattoo, but I like incorporating dandelions into both my jewelry and wardrobe. They remind me that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; that what one views a weed, another views as a precious flower ....more

Should Your Children Walk Home Alone? CPS Says No

Should fear of Child Protective Services taking our children affect the everyday decisions of parents? Danielle and Alexander Meitiv, parents in Silver Spring, Maryland, now find themselves under investigation by CPS for allowing their children, ages ten and six, to walk one mile home from a park. ...more
This seems really extreme. My friends and I should have had our parents referred to CPS many ...more