How We Survive the After-School Rush (+a Giveaway)

Let me tell you a little about Wednesdays and Thursdays in our family right now. They’re awful. They’re rushed ....more

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: 13! THIRTEEN!

The Columbus Marathon is in 20 days. TWENTY DAYS. I have three weeks left to train for the half marathon, or really, two weeks and six days because OMG ....more

Sunday Links: September 28, 2014

I read lots of amazing things this week. Much more than I have time to list here, but here are a few of my favorites. Of note: This was a pretty visual week ....more

An Afternoon with Bagel Bites

Let me tell you a little about Wednesdays and Thursdays in our family right now. They're awful. They're rushed. I don't really like being rushed, but I also don't like sitting in the house with nothing to do ever, so we do things. Right now our thing is soccer. Practice for BigBrother is on Wednesday evening. Practice for LittleBrother is on Thursday evening. Both at 5:00....more

Stop Complaining, She Said

Sometimes I think my Pastor preaches directly at me. At first, I thought she was just going after the kids last Sunday when she started out her children’s message by asking the kids if they ever whined or complained. I watched as LittleBrother’s eyes got wide with honesty ....more

I Found Myself in Mothering, in Motherhood

Fall makes me reflect a little more on motherhood than any other time of the year. Maybe it's how the cooler temperatures remind me of my pregnancies with their long sleeved, empire waisted tops that never seemed to quite cover my basketball shaped belly. Maybe it's how we're so busy with soccer and back-to-school nights and pumpkin patches and trying to fit anything and everything into the calendar before the weather keeps us inside—together—until the spring thaw arrives. Whatever the cause of my reflection, the realization always washes over me that I found myself through the act of mothering. ...more
Yes! Me, too.more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Goofy Grins

I needed to take a photo, but first I had to set up the shot. They did this. I’ve been watching them lately, as they spend time together before school and after school, on the weekends and when we’re out and about doing the things we do as a family ....more

Growing Like a Weed

Does anyone remember the Infinite Sadness of LittleBrother this past May when he couldn’t ride the roller coasters at Cedar Point because he was less than a quarter inch shorter than the 48-inch requirement? It was a sad day in Happy Town, let me tell you. While BigBrother and my husband were off riding the coasters, I walked LittleBrother to Camp Snoopy, bought him extra snacks, and tried my hardest to make a little boy feel better about not being tall enough ....more

Where’s the Family Planning with EngenderHealth (+Giveaway)

I’m passionate about a number of things. Good coffee, bed times, running, mental health, and women having the information and care they need when it comes to their own bodies. The latter of those comes from my first pregnancy, an unplanned pregnancy that ended up endangering both my life and the life of my unborn child ....more

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: 12! TWELVE!

The Columbus Marathon is in 26 days (OMG). I have four weeks left to train for the half marathon (OMG) as I just finished my 12th week of training. Uhm ....more