Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon: Getting Over the Quitting Feeling

Oh hey. It’s quitting time. Or rather, it’s the point in time during a training cycle when I say, “I’m never running again.” In fact, I went back through RunKeeper to a year ago today when I was training for the 2014 Pittsburgh Marathon ....more

March Stitch Fix: HOME RUN!

Okay. Little League season just started this week, so the “Home Run” analogy comes from the overwhelming excitement about baseball. But yes, this was another Perfect Stitch Fix ....more


I am not overly sentimental when it comes to keeping things. In my dating years, I did not hang on to movie stubs or concert tickets or mementos from first dates or anniversaries. I attempted to keep a rose now and again, hanging it upside down to dry ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with The Farm

We spent Saturday on The Farm with cousins and grandparents, with hills and trees, with the creek and rocks, with the woods and sticks. It was a good day. The fresh air, the fun with family, the bit of relaxation ....more

Break the Routine

The boys stayed after school for a club meeting, so we didn’t pick them up until 4:30. They changed out of their picture day clothes—repurposed Easter clothes—and into jeans and comfy shirts. They told us about their days, about the homework they needed to complete, about the fun at the after-school program as we drove off on a weeknight adventure ....more

Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon: Using RunKeeper to Create Custom Workouts

This is where I admit I feel kinda dumb. I’ve been using RunKeeper since I started running after my back procedure in August 2012. I’ve shared how choosing a non-RunKeeper training plan leaves me to my own devices, measuring, and in-run math for things like speedwork, strides, and the like ....more


Each night after we finish up our bedtime routine, the boys decide whether they want to read independently for awhile or not. LittleBrother chooses to read five days out of seven; sometimes being seven is exhausting and he just wants to get to sleep. BigBrother always reads ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Kisses

Not even staged. The weather turned warm, and so we descended on the front yard after dinner. I clutched my phone in one hand and a half full mug of coffee I nursed ever so slowly; I mostly held it to keep my hand warm ....more

20 Spring Fashion Finds for Your Running Wardrobe

As the temperatures continue to warm up, runners who spent some of the winter season indoors on treadmills or cross-training get excited to return to the wild outdoors. The spring season does more than allow us back outside, of course. It brings sunshine, flowers, and a desire to brighten up our wardrobes too. ...more
Good intel on some places to buy running clothes! I might have to check out Jillian Michaels at ...more

Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon: Take Care of Yourself

As runners, we push a lot of boundaries. We set goals. We meet goals ....more