Sanity-Saving After School Snack: HORMEL® REV® Wraps

As these boys get older, I’ve noticed two things happening: 1) They get busier with everything from organized sports to time with friends. 2) They eat more all the time. The boys’ baseball schedules kept us so busy earlier this summer, and I struggled to keep up with meals (and laundry, but maybe that’s an entirely different post) ....more

Training for the Columbus Marathon: Slow It Down

So, it’s hot outside. Or, it’s so hot outside. Because it’s summer ....more

Summer Poem: Summer Heat

Summer Heat Lacy weed, white topped and waving, blooming all over, next to, on the road. Do you notice? Do you stop, stare, admire, pick? ...more

So. Football.

I’ve been writing this post in my head for weeks. For weeks, I keep coming up blank. Or rather, instead of blank, I have too many feelings, too much to say ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Compassion

Sometimes these brothers me little lessons about compassion. Scene: A day of boys arguing followed by a “didn’t I just tell you to keep your bodies to yourself” and a red mark on a cheekbone followed by a taking away of an object. After I took away non-said object and sent one kid to his room, the other kid—the one with the red mark—broke into sobs ....more

#HatfieldChickens Update: We Have Eggs!

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated you on our six chickens. First off, they do finally have names. As we started our flock with two each of Golden Comet, Buff Orpington, and Barred Rock, they were initially impossible to tell apart ....more

Training for the Columbus Marathon: Can Runners Use 4-7-8 Breathing to Train for a Race?

It’s no secret that I live with anxiety. Currently, things are mostly under check and I feel pretty darn relaxed, calm, and, well, happy. This is not to say I don’t have mild panic attacks on the regular or that I still sometimes get side-swiped by some idle anxiety-car on any random day ....more


I’ve been making lists lately. Every day, I pull out my newest little notebook, the size I like most for lists, and write out the things I’d like to accomplish before the day’s end. There’s a lot of laundry, dinner making, and dusting ....more

July Stitch Fix: Summery Tops Galore!

For my July Stitch Fix, I asked for summery tops and, as always, a dress. I wanted some more casual options as I mentioned in a recent post. I got exactly what I wanted, and I’m so thrilled ....more

Slow Down: A Summer Poem

Slow down. Pick berries. Swipe at mosquitoes ....more