The Black Boot

photography by Greg Proctor// post processing by Jennifer Jean-Pierre Black and White will never, ever be out of style and will always be a standard in my closet. I actually had all intentions of pairing this with a plaid shirt but unfortunately my dirty clothes hamper seems to have kidnapped all of my work appropriate plaid. I have noticed that black booties and boots are going to be a pretty popular trend for F/W and I am pretty geeked about it ....more

Fashion Police Baltimore

photography by Greg Proctor/ post processing by Jennifer Jean-Pierre I am slowly easing out of my funk and starting to get back to my happy place. I refuse and will not allow anyone to steal my sunshine and well, I have a lot of cheer to bring to the world! I realized that karma has no expiration date and in the end, good will prevail ....more

Pandora's Box

"I don't ignore the evil in this world, nor am I oblivious to its turmoil, but I choose to exude light and love because only that can fight darkness. I can't preach peace while taking a life any more than you can breathe without a tank underwater, the end result is death... either physical or spiritual ....more

Why I Love H&M

This year the September issues of the various fashion magazines did not do much to tickle my fashion fancy that is until I opened up my Vogue. Vogue rarely makes me want to do any sort of fashion tribal dances but this time around, I was couture twerking (in my head of course) with every flip of the page. The H&M spread was so very well done that I wanted to purchase everything and style them exactly the same way with a touch of Comme Coco spice....more

Jany Tomba: Haitians in Fashion

IloveJANY from Fernando Teixeira on Vimeo. I am a proud Haitian woman. I may be "mixed" with alot but at the end of the day I am a proud Haitian woman point blank period ....more

Blood on the Leaves

Yes!!! It's Fall! Ok so maybe in DC and Baltimore, the weather the last 2 days did not give us any indication that Autumn was upon us but I am resolute in the fact that my favorite season is here and I fully intend on dressing accordingly ....more

Brown Girls Blogging

Blogging while Brown. There is a whole movement behind this concept and really, should there be? Like anything in life, why oh why should it matter about the color of your skin, it should be about the strength of your character right? ...more

Macro Photography and Rings

I never thought I was a jewelry nut until I was cleaning off my dresser the other day and realized I have trinkets galore. Although I do own alot, everything I have can tell you a great story. From my rings to my bangles, each piece is intricate and has a strong history ....more

Baltimore and My Ravens

The Ravens, the reigning Superbowl Champs, played...more

Graveyard Shift

Evolution is a part of life. Change is a part of life. A blog is a glimpse of life and mine is constantly shifting as I mature and grow as a person ....more