3 Blogging Lessons I Learned from My Failed Blogs

I have had 5 blogs -- yes, 5 -- since the 90’s. My current one is the only one that survived. But with those closed blogs, there were lessons I learned that I didn't repeat with the next site, and I am here to share a few of them. Every day I learn something new with my website and blog. ...more
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6 Quick Tips on Promoting Your Blog Using Facebook

In my post “3 Important Blogging Lessons You Need to Know”, I talk about how your blog will never be complete....more

Case Study: 50 Shades of Marketing Brilliance

Case Study: 50 Shades of Marketing Brilliance I admit it, I am on the 50 Shades of Grey bandwagon and I am looking forward to the movie being released in February 2015. I am not here to talk about the book, because really who hasn’t read it or has an inkling of what it is about? I am here to talk about the 50 shades of marketing brilliance that is going into promoting the first movie.Right now July 23, 2014, we are about 7 months out from the movie release date and there already is hysteria in the air....more

How To Name Your Blog

I have started a few blogs. For me, the hardest thing is the first phase of building your blog and that is finding the perfect name for it.The name you choose represents your blog identity. It is the first impression many people will have of your blog and your writing....more

How To Use Buffer For Your Business or Blog

If you have paid attention lately, you will have noticed I have given away many tips, tricks and treats in my JO Social Branding blog. This post is no different. Quite a few times I have mentioned my love of Buffer. If you recall, I talked about this platform in my previous posts:When is THE RIGHT Time to Post to Social Media?...more

5 Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

As bloggers, we spend a lot of time hovering over our keyboards, trying to come up with the right words and keep our sentences free of grammatical errors.  We slim down our content to make it easy to read and try not to bore our audience. Once we are happy with our masterpiece, which often feels as if it could go through one more round of edits, we hit “publish.” That's a lot of work for one little post. But what happens next? In other words, are you using social media to the best of your ability to extend the life of that blog post? ...more
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Why I Killed My Social Media Accounts

Yes you heard me right. I purposely killed off my social media accounts. Well just a few of them. One day I opened my eyes and realized that I was doing exactly what I tell my clients NOT to do:“Don’t over extend yourself on social media.”...more

Understanding Your Value

For a very long time I have struggled with the imitators, the copycats, and the coat-tail riders. It would aggravate me that individuals could not be themselves but rather copy others and imitate their way of life....more

Social Media Is a Never-Ending Carnival Ride

I recently read a Tweet implying, “Social media has the word social in it for a reason.” This is true. Social Media is all about socializing or engaging with your audience. Whether you are on Facebook to stay updated with friends and family for personal reasons, or if you are a business reaching out to virtual customers – Both ways you have a captive audience and they are following you for a reason. They want to “speak” with you and you need to speak back....more
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What is a Meme And What It Means For Your Blog

Recently I had a coffee with a friend and before we even took our first sip of java she said, “I need to ask you a question. What is a Meme?” My answer to her was, “You know what it is, but you just didn’t know it had a name.”...more
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