How Should You React When Your Children Kiss Each Other?

It all started when the girls came downstairs with a guilty-ish look on their pixie faces. I'm praying that they will always carry such transparency in their eyes, but I'm not hopeful. "What'd you guys do?" Eden {5} looked at Ellie {7} for a cue, then back at me and simply smiled. Ellie didn't miss a beat and said with a bone straight face, "Nothing." ...more
I have no problem with it. When I was a little girl and even a teen, I did the same thing with ...more

Stop Misusing Social Media by Following These Easy Steps

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels on social media? You publish a post and then think that it's time to get to work sharing it all over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +? We hope that the traffic comes in and our numbers go up and our audience is engaged.  But we also feel tired and more often than not as if we're talking to a wall. It's time to rethink social media. ...more
Thanks for this post Julie! I think I read it back in March when I first started blogging, but ...more

We're Thinking About Social Media All Wrong

As bloggers, we live for traffic and comments. We hope our content goes viral. We slave over our words and hope that the following we've amassed on social media will be enough to spread it across the web.Most of us think of our blog as the cog in the center of the wheel. Our social media profiles all lead to it. "All roads lead to Rome right?"Wrong....more

Christmas Shopping Finished Early

I just finished Christmas shopping. That was easy. We gave the kids a choice ....more

The Depression is a Good Sign

Never thought I’d put the word “depression” and “good” in the same sentence. But I’ve been mentally ill long enough to know when the low dips in my mood are a sign of health. It means an acute crisis has past ....more

The 9 TV Personalities That I Want

Television is so unrealistic. It’s filled with people who are notoriously melodramatic and superhuman. Which is why it makes perfect sense that I would look up to my favorite TV characters and wish I was more like them ....more

Fabulous Blogging Giveaway!

Somewhere in the midst of this autumn, I celebrated Fabulous Blogging’s one year anniversary. Thank you to all of you who have entrusted me with your blogs and websites! I have found something I love to do and hope that my tutorials continue to help you take your sites to the next level ....more

And the Two Shall Become One Flesh…

Our culture is sexually confused. On the one hand, we have hyper-sexualized females plastered all over the television, Internet, and in magazines. We idolize skinny, and every song on the radio and primetime...more

Pumpkins and Apples

No words really. Just pictures. Life is very up and down, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying a fall day in the pumpkin patch and apple orchard ....more

A Beautiful Slice of Humanity

I have something to say that isn’t sad, depressing, and dark. I have something I want the world to hear. Two days ago, I began privately blogging via email because the stuff I had to say was too raw and honest for just anyone to read ....more