180-Plus Recipes for Cinco de Mayo: Fish Tacos, Shredded Beef Enchiladas and Margaritas Galore!

Cinco de Mayo is coming up, so there’s no excuse not to put together a festive meal for friends and family. ...more

6 Homemade Spins on the Shamrock Shake

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and for many of us, that means it’s Shamrock Shake season. If you’re too embarrassed to hit the McDonald’s drive-through—you may have food blogger cred to maintain, after all—we’ve rounded up six recipes to help you get your fix. From boozy to healthy, BlogHer’s food bloggers have you covered. There are even recipes for Shamrock Shake-inspired cupcakes and a layer cake. ...more
That looks delicious! I love the shake that McD's does..oh yumminess! :)more

11 Healthy Smoothies to Kick Off the New Year

Now that the holidays are over, we can get back to eating more mindfully. And for many of us, that includes eating more—lots more—fruits and vegetables. So break out the blender and get set with this list of smoothies to ring in your new year the healthy way. ...more
Thanks for including my hot smoothie Jane :-) Great roundup!more

5 Recipes for Leftover Halloween Candy

The Halloween Hangover is upon us. Now that all the trick-or-treaters are gone—or maybe you just helped yourself to your kid’s stash—what will you do with all that Halloween candy? A few of our favorite ideas include Peanut Butter Snickers Pie, Butterfinger Cookies and more. Image: Courtesy of Averie Cooks ...more
I entertain a very healthy sweet tooth and these are all delectable!more

Mummies, Ghosts, and More: 5 Spooky Homemade Halloween Treats

Sweet treats can get downright scary as Halloween approaches, and BlogHer food bloggers do not disappoint, with their gorgeous and ghoulish creations. Here are five of our favorites. Image: Courtesy of Cookies and Cups ...more
Heh. I bet it was! - Denisemore

15 Grilling Recipes for Your Labor Day Cookout

Labor Day marks the end of summer—and the weekend many of us host a blowout cookout for all our friends. Here are a ton of great recipe ideas to send off grilling season with a bang. BURGERS Image: Tracey’s Culinary Adventures ...more
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Eat Red, White and Blue With 7 Fourth of July Recipes

It’s that patriotic time of year, and the BlogHer Food community has turned out tons of delicious recipes that celebrate the red, white, and blue. Gussy up your Fourth of July table with a few of these red-, white- and blue-themed recipes. ...more
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5 Blogs for Memorial Day Grilling Ideas

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5 Festive Easter Treats: Hot Cross Buns, Cupcakes and More!

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7 Irresistibly Fresh Spring Recipes to Try Right Now

Spring is finally here, which means you can say goodbye to kale and hello to asparagus, peas, and strawberries. Here are seven deliciously light, green-and-springy recipes from around the BlogHer network that celebrate the season. ...more
I love anything with strawberries this time of year!more